July Event Schedule

July 5, 2007

Friday 6/2007 – Sunday Duelist Trial Start.

Cards in This Event is Divine Sword Phoenix Blade and Silent Swordman L.V.7

Friday 13/2007-15/2007 GS time

Cards in this event is Warrior Lady of The Wasteland and Red Eyes Darkness Dragon

Friday 20-22/2007 have Duelist Trial Cards in this Event is Union Attack and Mind Control

Saturday 21 Duel Pass The Lost Guardian Release

you can see what are in it at
http://www.geocities.jp/yugiohonlinepart000001/dp04.html http://www.duelcity.com/cardlocation.php?pack=Duelpass+The+Lost+Guardian

Friday on 27-29/2007 have GS Cards in this event is Owner’s Seal and Dark Ruler Vandalgyon

About This Blog and Purpose of this Blog

July 5, 2007

This Blog is an another Version of my Thai Blog SpiritofSword but it’s in English Language.I am writing this in response to the large number of requests from the players and many reason such as My bandwidth at photobucket account in Thai site will reach a limit soon if you guys still visit my Thai Blog, There is more reason than that because now there is no site dediacate or put a deep information about this game so I will start it.

For Those who curios about me who am I and Where I got an information from I will answer you righ now.

I am Thai being a player in this game don’t have anything relate to konami or Japanese.Some of you may know me if you playing this game since it’s start.

I am ChaosValkyrie but with circumstance My Account got freeze by konami (I don’t want to told you about it) but it will not stop me from playing this game I creat a new account and play with it Start from Zero with help from Jakarade.

All information in this blog aren’t 100% correct I maybe miss or wrong about something but I will edit it as soon as I know it’s wrong and information about yu-gi-oh online news and update are coming from Japanse Site/Blog/community sometime they maybe wrong don’t blame me.hope you guys will enjoy this blog.I will start from Latest News and update and will complete an old information later.This Blog will focus on news and update I will not doing much about Deck Recipe because now I am a part of writer in Thailand best deck database blog.It’s Gondora’s blog a secret Blog focusing on Deck Recipe.He teach me a lot of tip and technic to translate japanese word and a lot about yugioh so I respect him and his blog I willn’t doing about Deck Recipe.

My english isn’t very good please forgive me about bad grammar.Normally in one week I have 4day freetime Monday-Thursday.Friday-Sunday I going to study I can’t update this blog much on friday-sunday.if someone willing to help me contact me by this E-mail spiritofswordeternal@hotmail.com