Patch From Konami on 6 July 2007 (Today)

July 6, 2007

Patch 21 mb today other than fixing a bug.They add something in Data of this game

Here it is

This Screen use when you got Item such as Duel Disk, New Uniform, Deck Recipe from NPC.


Before Becoming YU-GI-OH Online Duel Evolution

July 6, 2007

YU-GI-OH Online is an online PC game released in December 2004 by Konami based on the YU-GI-OH Trading Card Game. It was first distributed with the Febuary 2005 issue of the U.S. Shonen Jump. In the game, players can chat, duel, and trade cards with each other.

During December 2004-31 March 2005 It’s a Beta Test Period that let anyone can play it with no cost in This Beta Test also have a Special Event call GM Event.This Event allow player have a Chance to duel with GM in Japanese lobby.Nomatter you win or lose you can open a Special Pack.It seperate between Winner and Loser GM Pack but you will get cards that aren’t release at that time.

Here is Special Pack in GM Event

Anyway when Beta Test end all cards and record of player are reset but you will get an Gift Cards depending on Total Duel you play in Beta Test.This game official launch on 11 April 2005, After official launch Konami fixing a bug and improve something like make it run faster,Let player can trade card up to 10 cards [in the past you can trade maximum 4 cards at each trade].They also add an Event [Duelist Trial,Gunslinger,Championship ] into this game also Add Mileage System.

After one year have past They Celebrate it by let player can open all pack and have Anniversary Trial 50Event that let player can have a chance to get GS Cards and there is also new card in this event it is Kuriboh Alternate Art They also add Beginner’s pack into this game too.

After that when number of User ID in this game reach 1 Million.They celebrate it again by open Practice Lobby.

Duel in This Practice Lobby is free of charge but it have a limited time.In one day it open 3 time each time 2 hour,You can’t open pack in this lobby.

In 11 December 2006 YU-GI-OH Online Stop a Service for update and Major change.

A major update called “Duel Evolution” They change a Title of this game to YU-GI-OH Onine Duel Evolution.You can also call it YU-GI-OH Online 2,It’s a same game.

YU-GI-OH Online Duel Evolution was recently released that changed many aspects of the game. Players now have their own avatars and can explore portions of Domino City from the original Yu-Gi-Oh series and the Duel Academy from the Yu-Gi-Oh GX series. The dueling screen and the deck editor have also been redesigned and improved.

After major change.Beta Test begin on 15 December 2006 and end on 9 January 2007 same like before all cards and record of player will be reset when official launch.They Start a Service on 11 January 2007.This game are using Duel Pass system like before and when this game launch you can’t go back to play old YU-GI-OH Online.They also give present to old player too.Old Player can choose any cards From Pack 1-30 and add to his/her account depending on how much Total duel you play before beta test.

As for a New Player if you purchase Duel Pass during 11 January-10 Febuary 2007 and total duel in your account not above 10 you can choose 10 cards from pack 1-30.

They also give 3 Structure Deck to Player who you put Duel Pass Code in this game

YU-GI-OH Online Duel Evolution Promote it will have a CPU Opponent in V-Jump and Mileage system will be available soon and Now it’s available New System Introduce is CPU Opponent known as NPC and Mileage System got major change now you can buy cards, opening packs, buy Suit/uniform in Card Store.

From!_Online and from My Experience/data I am collecting


Future Avatar/New Outfit/Uniform

July 6, 2007

Konami already add This outfit/Uniform in Data of this game but They aren’t release it yet.I am sure in the Future all this Avatar will put into this game because they already show it in YU-GI-OH Online TV Commercial not only uniform New Hair Style also in Data of this game,Hope they will release it soon.

Male Uniform

Tracksuit Red

Tracksuit Green

Tracksuit Yellow

Black Suit

Academy Tracksuit

Female Punk Clothes

Punk Red

Punk Yellow

Punk Blue

Female Black Suit

Female Academy Tracksuit

Avatar Problem during 6/26/2007 at That time there is an Avatar Problem Konami Said

We reported earlier that some users may have noticed that their player avatars were equipped with parts which are currently unavailable in the game and that trying to login with such players would result in an error message being displayed.

For those who wanna see what is it here it is

Credit From Cloud Nine Blog