Future Avatar/New Outfit/Uniform

Konami already add This outfit/Uniform in Data of this game but They aren’t release it yet.I am sure in the Future all this Avatar will put into this game because they already show it in YU-GI-OH Online TV Commercial not only uniform New Hair Style also in Data of this game,Hope they will release it soon.

Male Uniform

Tracksuit Red

Tracksuit Green

Tracksuit Yellow

Black Suit

Academy Tracksuit

Female Punk Clothes

Punk Red

Punk Yellow

Punk Blue

Female Black Suit

Female Academy Tracksuit

Avatar Problem during 6/26/2007 at That time there is an Avatar Problem Konami Said

We reported earlier that some users may have noticed that their player avatars were equipped with parts which are currently unavailable in the game and that trying to login with such players would result in an error message being displayed.

For those who wanna see what is it here it is

Credit From Cloud Nine Blog


6 Responses to Future Avatar/New Outfit/Uniform

  1. emperormaster says:

    ยอดไปเลยคู่หู (รับ font ไทยได้ไหมนี่)

  2. ALMIR says:

    this is very nice just continue like that KONAMI this game is cool i cant wait to play this game

  3. kerkland says:

    i wish they make more coths becasue im start to get bored with the same coths every day i have every outfit but oblisk stuff and most of the dueldisk but the colths i have all lol wish they make more black long coats and more kooler dueldisk and make usa for better then japan !!!!!! they get everything for free ~!!!!!!!

  4. Angelo says:

    hi, where can i get a duel pass???

  5. titit says:

    i’m now downloading the game!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    i hate shane

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