YU-GI-OH Online System and Event In The Past

System and All Event in YU-GI-OH Online (In The Past)

1.Mileage System : Mileage is a Point you receive when you put Duel Pass Code or you buy Duel Pass with your credit card.for Duel Passs Code you got 1 Mileage Point,USB Duel Pass got 3 Mileage Point,Duel Pass 150/Credit Purchase you got 5 Mileage Point.

You can Exchange your Mileage Point for Card you choose Since the update to Duel Evolution, mileage exchange has not been available. However, the amount of mileage the player owns is still retained by the system, and Konami confirm on YU-GI-OH Online Main Site Mileage Exchange will be restored in the future.If you look on YU-GI-OH Online Main Site for now you will not see it but if you are at that time after Beta Test You will see They promise Mileage will be available soon.Mileage is not a rumour.

2.Tournament Point Ranking : Tournament Point Ranking (TP Ranking for short) is a completely system of rankings where Duelists fight for the top spot by collecting points by taking part in various Yu-Gi-Oh! ONLINE events.

The calendar year will be divided into 3 seasons and your Ranking will be worked out based on your performance over the course of each season.

At The End of each Season You can get Card depending on How Much Tournament Point you have.* Cards awarded exclude certain cards such as the CHAMPIONSHIP winner’s cards (Cards for Quarter-Finalists and Qualifiers you can get it with this). Please note that these are also virtual cards only for use with Yu-Gi-Oh! ONLINE.* These cards can be traded.

Top Mileage Point Cards like Ring of Destruction,Duel Pass,USB,Duel Pass Promo,Exclusive Prize Card for No.1 Duel List of Season you can’t get it with this

For Duelist who have most Tournament Point Ranking in each season will receive Special Exclusive Prize Card 1st and 2nd Season It’s Master of Dragon Soldier.

3.YU-GI-OH Online Main Event : There is 3 Main Event in This Game.

First It is Gunslinger Event

Gunslinger Event is a continueous Winning Event when you win you will get 1 star and card if you win it again or more you will get more Star.The more you win you will get more Rare Cards.Rarest Card in this event is 6-7 win cards.if you win over 7 win, Card you get will random from 1 win-7 win card.

if you lose you will lose all star you get and start it over again

It’s Single duel and have limited time 2 hour for each round.This Event is switch over with Duelist Trial.If There is a Pack release those week will not have Gunslinger Event.You will not know what Cards is 5-7 win GS Cards before this Event is Finish

Second it is Duelist Trial Event

Duelist Trial Event is Collecting Winning Event.You will not lose your star and start over again when you lose.Each round have 3 hour limit.When you win more than 7 Win, Card you get will start from 1 Win-7 Win Card again.

This Event is switch with Gunslinger in each month and will not stop even a Pack Release in those week.You will know What Cards are in This Event by looking at Main site

Third is Championship Event

It’s a Biggest YU-GI-OH Online Event.In 1 year will have this event 3 times seperate by season like Championship Summer,Championship Winter,Championship Spring.

There is a Preliminaries Phase, 16 Preliminary Tournaments will be held with the winner of each one winning a place in the Final Tournament as a “QUALIFIER”.Each Preliminary Tournament will consist of 512 players. To enter a Preliminary Tournament, You need to make a reservation via the Official Homepage before.Even you lose during Preliminary you can make a reservation on the next round and compete again, Even you win or lose you can open Pack.

All Duels in the Preliminary Tournaments will be Single Duels and have a Time Limit.The One who make time run out will lose.

After 16 Preliminary Tournaments is finish.16 Qualifiers will compete again in Final Tournament.The Duels in the Final Tournament will be Match Duels.

Prize Cards will be issued to all Duelists who make it to the FINAL TOURNAMENT.
Note: Duelists can not freely choose the Prize Cards.

  • The WINNER will be awarded 5 cards!
  • The FINALIST will be awarded 4 cards!
  • Semi-Finalists will be awarded 3 cards!
  • Quarter-Finalists will be awarded 2 cards!
  • Qualifiers will be awarded 1 card!

For the Runner-up and the Winner, the title of “Y.O.C. FINALIST” and “Y.O.C. WINNER” will be awarded respectively.

4.Special Events : Special Event will hold to celebrate when something happen like 1 million user ID creat.

1st Special Event I call it All Pack Event after 1 year had pass They let player can open all packs within 1-2 week (Can’t remember Exactly) yes you can open Discontinued Pack as well.

2nd Special Event is Anniversay Trial 50 Event.They Celebrate it after 1 year had pass.It’s a same like Duelist Trial but have 50 Win cards.You will not lose your star when you lose

Gunslinger Cards are in this Event .

If you win Over 50 Win Cards you get will random from 1-50 Win Cards.This Event was hold on 2006.04/24 12:00 – 2006.05/01 12:00.There is also new card in this event it is Kuriboh Alternate Art

3rd Special Event is Practice Lobby openning : when number of User ID in this game passes 1 Million.They celebrate it again by open Practice Lobby.

Duel in This Practice Lobby is free of charge but it have a limited time.In one day it open 3 time each time 2 hour,You can’t open pack in this lobby.

This is all System and Events in Old YU-GI-OH Online

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