What is Duel Pass

July 13, 2007

To duel, players must spend Duelpass points. It costs 1 Duelpass point for 1 duel. Duelpass points are obtained by purchasing Duelpasses. Purchasing a Duelpass gains the player 30 Duelpass Points, 1 card in the game, and 1 Mileage (that players can exchange for cards For now every duel pass code you put on the game you got 10 MP per 1 DP code Konami change itfrom 1 MP to 10 MP when Card Shop available in YU-GI-OH Online). There are currently 5 Types of Duelpasses.

The First Type of Duelpass is the Duel Pass card.

The Duelpass card is a card sold at retail stores that has a code printed on it under a silver covering. This code is worth 1 Duelpass. The YuGiOh card gained from this type of Duelpass is stated on the Duelpass card. Because only the code is needed, and not the card, this type of duelpass is often available on E-bay with no shipping cost and from Other Online Shop/Stores.It’s 300 Yen in JPN and single Duel Passs have 30 Duel Point get 1 Mileage Point for each one.

Duel Pass Card Have 2 Type

First Type is Phase Duel Pass.

When you put Duel Pass Code in this game you get 1 Card that print on it.It’s use in Old YU-GI-OH Online and still work with YU-GI-OH Online Duel Evolution (A DUELPASS has no expiry date and DUELPASS from any phase can be used in the game as long as “Yu-Gi-Oh! ONLINE” remains in service.)

Second Type of Duel Pass is Structure Deck Duel Pass.

When YU-GI-OH Online Evolve into YU-GI-OH Online Duel Evolution Duel Pass also evolve. When you first put Duel Pass code on your ID on the first time you will get a Structure Deck (You can’t trade Cards in Structure Deck you got), After that when you put Duel Pass code again in your ID for second time or more you will get 1 Single Card randomly from 6 Cards, Single Cards you get you can trade it.

Now There are 5 Structure Deck Duel Pass Available

E-Hero Evolution Deck Duel Pass

Spellcaster’s Unity Duel Pass

The Lost Guardian Duel Pass

Legend Ojamaster Duel Pass

Dinosaur’s Roar Duel Pass

The Second Type of Duelpass is the Duelpass 150 also known as Credit Duel Pass, available on Konami’s Official Site.This is an online purchase that is equivalent to 5 Duel Passes (150 Duelpass points 5 Mileage Points). The 5 cards gained from this type of Duel Pass are chosen randomly from old discontinued Pack. At one point, sale of the Duel Pass 150 was suspended in the United States due to fraud, but since the release of Duel Evolution, the Duelpass 150 is available in the United States again.

Third Type of Duel Pass is USB Duelpass Key

The USB Duelpass Key is equivalent to 3 Duel Passes (90 Duelpass points 3 Mileage Point , For Now After Card Shop Available you got 30 MP for each USB Duel Pass code you put in the game). It is a USB device that is sold in retail stores in the United States, such as Toys “R” Us and Target. It works like a standard USB Flash Drive, except it only contains the information necessary to transfer game credits to your account. A CD-ROM with the full version of the game is included in the packaging for the USB Duelpass Key. The flashdrive itself has only 128K or so of memory, unusable for anything but the duel pass credits. The 3 cards gained from this type of duelpass are chosen randomly from a set. The USB Duelpass Key is sold only in the United States and Mexico. Players in other locations must get duelpasses from one of the other methods or buy them from a third party.More information about this you can go to see at http://www.yugioh-online.net/usb/index.html

Fouth Type of Duel Pass is SMS Duel Pass This is a New Payment System for for Yu-Gi-Oh!™ ONLINE DUEL EVOLUTION. It’s SMS based payment system that allows players of Yu-Gi-Oh! ONLINE DUEL EVOLUTION to buy DUELPASS Points with their mobile phone.

UK, French, German and Spanish users can now text“DP” and will be sent a DUELPASS SMS message with their DUELPASS code by return. The code is entered into the game and adds 15 DUELPASS Points to a player’s account for 15 duels of online play.

The system is extremely fast and convenient to use, and also very affordable: In the UK, price is£1.00 plus standard text fee. In Germany, a DUELPASS SMS costs 1.49 Euro plus standard text fee. In France and Spain, price is only 1.50 Euro and 1.38 Euro respectively (all prices including VAT, no subscription).

For More Information about SMS Duel Pass can read it at http://www.yugioh-online.net/top/english-gb/duelpass/dpsms.html

Last Type of Duel Pass is Web Money Duel Pass

This Type of Duel Pass available only in Japan, You buy a Card that have Virtual Point in it (Username and Password include) when you buy DP it will charge from Point you have. Webmoney Payment is popular Payment System for Online Game in Japan, You can get more point with Credit Card.

Cards you get from Webmoney DP will random from Discontinued Pack same with Duel Pass 150, Only Japanese Player can use it even your country flag is Japan you can’t purchase DP, It seem like Konami check where you live.

If you know Japanese and live in Japan you can follow this step from http://www.geocities.jp/yugiohonlinepart000001/dpk.html to order Duel Pass from Konami Style.

Credit From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yu-Gi-Oh!_Online and from My Experience


YU-GI-OH Online Championship Summer 2007

July 13, 2007

It’s coming.Now you can make a reservation at http://www.yugioh-online.net/top/english/event/cs-summer2007/index.html

Today Patch was Add D-mail now only Mileage and CPU left hope to see it soon.