Tournament Point Ranking in YU-GI-OH Online 2

July 25, 2007

Tournament Point Ranking (TP Ranking for short) is a completely system of rankings where Duelists fight for the top spot by collecting points by taking part in various Yu-Gi-Oh! ONLINE events.

The calendar year will be divided into 3 seasons and your Ranking will be worked out based on your performance over the course of each season.

In each event player will receive Tournament Point more or less depending on event they play.

Duelist Trial Event

You get 10 TP for each win you don’t get TP when you lose.

Gunslinger Event

The longer the winning streak, the more TP’s you will be awarded per win.+2 Point for each continueous winning.


First win 10 after that +50 point for each winning streak.


1st win 500 TP after that+500 per win

TP Ranking Presents

1. Presents for Total TP won

  • Players who win required amounts of TP will be awarded presents regardless of their Rankings!!
  • If you have won 100 TP or more by the end of the season, you will be awarded 1 card of your choice.
    * Cards awarded exclude certain cards such as the CHAMPIONSHIP winner’s cards. Please note that these are also virtual cards only for use with Yu-Gi-Oh! ONLINE.
    * These cards can not be traded.
  • If your TP total is 500 or more at the end of the Season, you will get a Black Duel Disk along with your prize card!




* The Black Duel Disk is an avatar item and therefore, can not be traded.
* These cards can not be traded.

2. Presents for the top 1,000 TP Ranked Duelists

    * Cards awarded exclude certain cards such as the CHAMPIONSHIP winner’s cards. Please note that these are also virtual cards only for use with Yu-Gi-Oh! ONLINE.
    * These cards can be traded.


* Make sure you claim your prize cards by the end of next season!

* When you log in, you will be prompted to a screen where you will choose your card(s)

* If you fail to claim your card by the time shown, you will forfeit your right to the prize.

    Warning! IMPORTANT

    A Duelist inappropriately trying to obtain TP’s will be subject to harsh penalties. Please refer to the below list for some examples.

    1. Duelists (alone or in colaboration with other Duelists) using multiple accounts to fix Duels and win TP’s.

    2. Duelists exploiting bugs in the game to win.

    3. Duelists attempting to trade wins for cards etc. Penalties will be imposed on the relevant parties if statements even hinting a trade of this nature is made in the game.

    4. Duelists who act in breach of the code of conduct spelt out in the Terms of Sercvice, Operation Policy.



Previous YU-GI-OH Online Championship Spring 2007

July 25, 2007

Konami Seperate it to 2 Phase 1st is Preliminaries Phase know as Preliminary Tournaments, Last is Final Tournament.Championship Event hold on Domino City World Lobby.

Tournament Details

The quest to find the Greatest Duelist has now begun.The “Yu-Gi-Oh! ONLINE CHAMPIONSHIP SUMMER 2007” ! !With excitement from the previous “Winter 2006” CHAMPIONSHIP still in the air, we are glad to announce the coming of another CHAMPIONSHIP event!! The one that makes it through all the gruelling Duels will be crowned the “King of Duelists” !, It’s what you see at Main Site

Championship Preliminary Tournaments

< How it works >

During the Preliminaries Phase, 16 Preliminary Tournaments will be held with the winner of each one winning a place in the Final Tournament as a “QUALIFIER”.

  1. The Entry Draw will take place 10 minutes after Lobbies open.
  2. If a Player has made an Entry Reservation, but fails to show up at the time when the Entry Draw starts, his/her place will be put in to the Draw. This means that a Player with no Reservation may be Entered into the Tournament if he/she is in the Lobby at that time.

< Entry Criteria >Players whose number of total Duels are 250 or more.

< How to take part >To enter a Preliminary Tournament, please make a reservation via the Official Homepage. If you fit the entry criteria and there are still places available when you enter the lobby, you may be able to take part by being chosen in an Entry Draw.
* The set criteria are that you have completed 250 or more Duels and that you have 10 or more DUELPASS points left.There are two ways to enter the Preliminary Tournaments. You can either make a reservation via the web, or be chosen in a tournament day draw.
1. All Duels in the Preliminary Tournaments will be Single Duels.
2. Each Preliminary Tournament will consist of 512 players.
3. Players can either reserve a place in the Preliminary Tournaments via web in advance, or enter a draw on tournament day itself to obtain a place. Those who reserved a place in advance will be given precedence over players who enter the draw. A player can make one reservation per Preliminary Tournament. Once the ongoing Preliminary Tournament finishes, entry reservations can be made for the next one.Reservations will be taken on a first come first served basis.
4. Duels in the Preliminary Tournaments will cost 1 DUELPASS point like any other Duel and players will draw cards from normal packs
5. To enter the tournament, players must have a minimum of 10 DUELPASS points left at the time when Preliminary Tournaments begin.
6. Players who win in their group and make it to the Final Round will be given the title of “QUALIFIER”.
7. Only players who have completed a minimum of 250 Duels can enter the event.
8. Although players are limited to 1 entry reservation per group, they can enter for multiple Preliminary Tournaments.

When the time comes TV Screen on your room will change and you will see Entry Criteria.

There will also be prizes for all duelist that took part in Preliminary Tournament.For everyone who enter this tournement will get Red Duel Disk nomatter you win or lose , even you lose at the first game you still get it


When you go to Championship Lobby you will see this screen, you will start from the bottom and go to the top for each win you get, You can know where you are by clicking on Shining Spot on Tournament Map.

In Preliminary Tournament nomatter how far you go and other Prelimenary Round will using this Background seem like battle Ship at night.

and there is some fog/cloud flying around

When Preliminary Tournament in Each Round Finish Izono will declare winner name

and told you This Preliminary Round is finish.

Championship Final Tournament
1. The Duels in the Final Tournament will be Match Duels.
2. It will take the form of a knock-out tournament between the 16 QUALIFIERS.
3. In the Final Tournament, the Duels will be free of charge.
4. Prize Cards will be issued to all Duelists who make it to the FINAL TOURNAMENT.
Note: Duelists can not freely choose the Prize Cards.
* The WINNER will be awarded 5 cards!
* The FINALIST will be awarded 4 cards!
* Semi-Finalists will be awarded 3 cards!
* Quarter-Finalists will be awarded 2 cards!
* Qualifiers will be awarded 1 card!
5. Cards will be given out after the Tournament.
6. For the Runner-up and the Winner, the title of “Y.O.C. FINALIST” and “Y.O.C. WINNER” will be awarded respectively.

Konami Seperate Player into 2 Group

All Duel is Match Duel so Player can use side deck That make Burn Deck and OTK Deck gone and Qualifiers will get Silver Duel Disk.

Before Final Round of this Championship, Duel in This Final Tournament using this 2 Background mix up together

When combine 2 Background together it’s look like this

When it reach Final Round It look like this,The one who enter Final Round in This Championship is Ryon113 from Japan and Brightblader from German.

Using 2 Background mix-up together


When Final Round Finish

after that Izono will call Kaiba Seto to have a few words to All Duelist

When Kaiba finish his word it will cut to Izono

After that if you wait for awhile you can see Duel Log from Final Round.Championship winner will get Gold Duel Disk along with Prize Cards.

Player who make it to Final Tournament will get

I will not posting about popular cards and Qualifiers Deck because you can see it with Duel Logs now.

Evolved Duelist Trial and Gunslinger Event

July 25, 2007

In YU-GI-OH Online Duel Evolution Duelist Trial and Gunslinger Event have something different and better from before.

Duelist Trial is Collecting Winning Event.You will not lose your star and start over again when you lose.Each round have 4 hour limit.They reduced Win to get Special Cards from 6-7 win to 4-5 win and remove single cards you get from 1-3 win but you can open Pack instead.This Event hold on Duel Academy World Lobby.When it start this icon will appear you can click it to go to Duelist Trial Lobby,Duel in this lobby is Single Duel.

and switch with Gunslinger in each month and will not stop even a Pack Release in those week.You will know What Cards are in This Event and timing of This Event by looking at Main site


  • In the 4 hour DUELIST TRIAL, cards are awarded in accordance to your total number of wins (In the past only 3 hour per round)
  • The more wins you get, the more cards you will be awarded for each duel won. Every 4th and 5th Duel will bring you a Special Card!
  • Also, after your 6th win, you will be able to choose your cards from even more packs ( you can open All Pack include Discontinued pack after your 6 win in DT).


  • You can not carry over your win total from one “DUELIST TRIAL” to another held at a different time.
  • Unlike normal Lobbies, you will not see the name of your opponent when being matched up.
  • Even if a Duel overruns the scheduled finish time, the result would count as long as it finishes within 60 minutes and you will be awarded a Card. However, if it runs any longer, the Duel will be deemed a non-result. In this case, no DUELPASS Points are deducted and no Card will be won.
    Please note that the Cards awarded in this event are Virtual Cards and not Physical Cards.
  • In “DUELIST TRIAL”, DUELPASS points are consumed in the same way as any other Duel. You will not be able to Duel unless you have DUELPASS points.
  • If you Disconnect before obtaining your Card after the Duel, then Log-in again, you will be given the Loser’s Card.

Gunslinger is a continueous Winning Event when you win you will get 1 star and can open Pack.If you win it again or more you will get more Star.The more you win you can get more Cards in Pack.There is a Special Card in this event every 6-7 win continueous winning But if you lose you will lose all Star you collect and Start from 1 Star again.Duel is this lobby is single duel.This Event hold on Domino City World Server.When it start this icon will appear you can click it to go to Gunslinger Lobby,Duel in this lobby is Single Duel , You can check your time and special cards at Main Site.


  • In the 3 hour GUNSLINGER, you will be awarded cards in accordance to how many Duels you win in a row.
  • The longer your winning streak, the more cards you will get for a win.
    Every 6th and 7th win will bring you a Special Card!


  • Your winning streak will not be carried over from one GUNSLINGER event to another being held at a different time.
  • Unlike normal lobbies, the name of your opponent will not be shown.
  • Any Duel that has overrun the scheduled finish time will count as long as it finishes within 60 minutes.
    If not, the Duel will be a non-result. No cards will be issued and no DUELPASS points will be spent.
  • Any cards you will obtain in these events are Virtual cards which can only be used in Yu-Gi-Oh! ONLINE.
  • Like any other Duel, a Duel during the “GUNSLINGER” event costs 1DUELPASS point.
    You will not be able to participate without DUELPASS points.
  • If you in any way get disconnected from the server before claiming your card, you will be awarded it when you log in again.

You can’t open Discontinued Pack in this event you can open only Available Packs.