Duel Pass Legend Ojamaster

July 28, 2007

Duel Pass Legend Ojamaster release on 2007/20/10

You will get Legend Ojamaster Deck when you first put DP Code for the first time.This Duel Pass is a new series Designates Anime Character so It’s Manjyome Thunder Deck They change from 30 Pack per Box to 15 Pack per Box, This Duel Pass Combine from Ojama+Dragon Type Cards.

Structure Deck : Legend Ojamaster

Ojama Green x2
Ojama Yellow x2
Ojama Black x2
Divine Dragon Ragnarok x2
Luster Dragon
Lord of Dragon
King of The Swamp
Armed Dragon LV3 x2
Armed Dragon LV5 x2
Armed Dragon LV7
Masked Dragon x2
Snipe Hunter
The Dark – Hex-Sealed Fusion

The Flute of Summoning Dragon
Stamping Destruction
Creature Swap
Lightning Vortex
Ojama Delta Hurricane!!
Level Up!
Dragon’s Mirror
Level Modulation
Ojamagic x2
Pot of Avarice
Level Down!?

Solemn Judgment
Widespread Ruin
Raigeki Break
Ojama Trio

Fusion Deck
Ojama King
King Dragun


6 Cards after first put code are confirm now It’s card from Duelist Pack Manjoume+Premium Pack 7, Here it is…

First 5 Cards coming from Duelist Pack Manjoume Pack Last Card coming from Premium Pack 7 Does it mean from now on Duel Pass will follow Character Deck? Next Duel Pass is Dinosaur’s Roar.

Legend Ojamaster Expantion Pack

Monster (5)
Ojama Yellow
Ojama Green
Ojama Black
Armed Dragon L.V.7
The Dark Hex-Sealed Fusion

Spell (4)
Card Trader
Stamping Destruction
Dragon’s Mirror
Fusion Gate

Trap (1)
Dragon’s Rage


Patch From Konami on 27 July 2007

July 28, 2007

Patch in this day add a lot of thing into this game First it is CPU Opponent. Tenjoin Asuka and Kaiba Seto are in game now.You can see him/her on Card Store at Duel Academy and inside Kaiba Corporation Building but You can’t Duel with CPU now.

They add TV Screen pictures that will show you CPU Duel is Available (not in game yet)

There is 12 CPU Opponents from picture they will show in TV Screen.

CPU Domino City

Mutoh Yugi or Atemu

Mazaki Anzu

Kaiba Seto




CPU Duel Academy

Yuki Judai

Manjoume Thunder

CPU Tenjoin Asuka





They Add Blue Duel Disk It seem like this is for anyone who compete in Championship Summer 2007 like Red Duel Disk in Previous Championship.


Change NDS Qualifiers Uniform from old design to This Design

TV Screen at your room change now to Championship Summer 2007 Reservation

Now it show Description on Structure Deck

Show Ban/Restrict Cards in Deck Construction Screen

Now It’s show Cards Missing if you load a deck that have forbidden cards or Cards you don’t have it.

CPU Opponent will release soon maybe next week or when Force of The Breaker come out, I am sure it will come out with New outfit/Uniform.Maybe it will come out before Mileage and from What I saw maybe it’s not free dueling with CPU because they may award you some Cards or Bonus cards/Deck/New Outfit/Suit/Uniform.