Strange Uniform/Suit?

August 1, 2007

After Championship First round a few hours later It have a Patch so look like NPC are back but still can’t duel them.Some Player have This Uniform.

Credit From Burn Executioner Blog

Credit From Kakuma Blog

Credit From GMFriends Blog

Credit From YU-GI-OH Fande Forum

This one I got it from Theo

Credit From Shinji116 Blog

Credit From Hanma Baki Blog, Sioto’s Blog

Credit From YGO Fande Forum

Confirming of This Outfit I got it now It’s not a rumour or Bug.NDS World Championship 2007 Qualifiers get Special Duel Pass when they put that code in this game They get 82% of Total Cards release now 3 of each (these free cards are not tradable). Also 1000 duel points are given freely along with this uniform/suit.

a few words from Pojo Member gamepaul “Yugioh online is really fun because that passcode they gave the people that played in worlds lets you start out with a cooler outfit than everyone and enough points to play forever pretty much. The best part is you start out with over 80% of the cards unlocked which includes most of the staples when everyone else has crappy cards lol.

So It’s Special Duel Pass for NDS World Championship 2007 Qualifiers they start out with 82% of Total Cards Release now (All copies times 3) and This Outfit/Uniform isn’t Duel King/Duel Queen Uniform/Suit It’s NDS Qualifiers Uniform/Suit.

Credit from LordPegasusSigma

Credit from Jakarade

Thing you get/didn’t get with Special Duel Pass Code

– 100% of all Booster Pack Cards available in the Game x3 (1 – 43, all Beginner Packs, no Milleage Cards like “Ring”, no DP Promos like “Green Gadget”, etc.)

– 100% of all GUNSLINGER/TRIAL Cards x3 (except the current one but incl. “Exodia” x3, etc.)

– New Outfits

– 1000 (thousand) Duel Points

– Get YOC Cards that you can choose in the end of each season with Tournament Point x3 (like 3 Riryoku 3 Twin –headed beast 3 Sword of Dragon Soul 3 Acid Trap Hole…)

– You didn’t get a New Duel Disk/Mileage Cards/Duel Pass/Duel Pass Promo Cards/Loser Cards like Thunder Kid/Haniwa,YOC Cards that can’t choose at the end of each season/Exclusive Prize Card for No.1 Duelist of each season with this duel pass.

– Those Suit call QUALIFIER’s Robe

Credit from : LordPegasusSigma and Jakarade (All Info are confirm now)

Kevin2003 : Niblet provided me a screenprint where he asked gamerpaul (one of the qualifiers) all the questions we had. So its confirmed that cards are not tradable and the duelpass points awarded are 1000 . All the cards they are giving cover 82% of all released card with 3 copies of each card. Gamerpaul metioned that all qualifiers got this code

Spirit of Sword : Thanks for posting this while I ‘m not free more pics was add now.NDS Qualifiers got 3 of each cards from Booster and Gunslinger/Duelist Trial and a few YOC Cards that can choose with TP and Top 16 NDS World Championship 2007 Winner got Special Duel Pass so It’s only 16 people now having this Uniform/suit/outfit.

NDS Qualifiers Suit/Uniform Qualifier’s Robe change a design from this design

To This Design

I got some of their names in games

16.Don’t Know

Fake Cards New Art

August 1, 2007

This Cards I Scan from Fake Cards I bought in Thailand and edit it to be Online Cards.I post it once long time ago at Madhackers Board.There is more picture but now I found only this (I have many DVD/CD don’t know which CD/DVD I backup my data)

I will post more pics when I found it or when I buy a new Fake Cards at Thailand ,If anyone have Fake Cards New Art and want to share you can share it with me.

Today when Championship Time come…

August 1, 2007

Today when Championship time come They Show on TV Screen NPC Duel is now, but it doesn’t have I wait until Championship Preliminary first round finish but still nothing.Maybe Konami doing something wrong to show us about NPC before it release.NPC will coming soon (After Championship 1st round finish they remove NPC on TV Screen).

About Championship It’s same like Previous Championship when you login into the game you will see TV Screen showing you about Championship and NPC

When you go to Championship Lobby You need to wait 8 minutes

After waiting 8 minutes They don’t let me play (I make a reservation on 1st round),Don’t know why they cancel my reservation.

When It Finish Izono will declare winner name and End of 1st Round Preliminary

Player who compete in this Championship will receive Blue Duel Disk

August Event Schedule

August 1, 2007

Friday 3/2007-Sunday Mind Control Duelist Trial Start for 2nd time

Friday 10/2007-Sunday Vandalgyon Gunslinger Start again

Friday 17/2007 OCG Force of The Breaker release

and Duelist Trial Start until Sunday Cards in this Event is Mutant HighBrain and Holy Knight Ishzark

Tuesday 21/2007 V-Jump 10/2007 release Real Life Next Ban List also coming with this V-Jump.

Friday 24/2007 Gunslinger Start till Sunday Cards in this event is Overpowering Eyes and Dark Dreadroute

Hope They will put more detail on CPU Opponent/Mileage in This month V-Jump

Friday 31/2007-2 September Duelist Trial Ishzark start again.