Strange Uniform/Suit?

After Championship First round a few hours later It have a Patch so look like NPC are back but still can’t duel them.Some Player have This Uniform.

Credit From Burn Executioner Blog

Credit From Kakuma Blog

Credit From GMFriends Blog

Credit From YU-GI-OH Fande Forum

This one I got it from Theo

Credit From Shinji116 Blog

Credit From Hanma Baki Blog, Sioto’s Blog

Credit From YGO Fande Forum

Confirming of This Outfit I got it now It’s not a rumour or Bug.NDS World Championship 2007 Qualifiers get Special Duel Pass when they put that code in this game They get 82% of Total Cards release now 3 of each (these free cards are not tradable). Also 1000 duel points are given freely along with this uniform/suit.

a few words from Pojo Member gamepaul “Yugioh online is really fun because that passcode they gave the people that played in worlds lets you start out with a cooler outfit than everyone and enough points to play forever pretty much. The best part is you start out with over 80% of the cards unlocked which includes most of the staples when everyone else has crappy cards lol.

So It’s Special Duel Pass for NDS World Championship 2007 Qualifiers they start out with 82% of Total Cards Release now (All copies times 3) and This Outfit/Uniform isn’t Duel King/Duel Queen Uniform/Suit It’s NDS Qualifiers Uniform/Suit.

Credit from LordPegasusSigma

Credit from Jakarade

Thing you get/didn’t get with Special Duel Pass Code

– 100% of all Booster Pack Cards available in the Game x3 (1 – 43, all Beginner Packs, no Milleage Cards like “Ring”, no DP Promos like “Green Gadget”, etc.)

– 100% of all GUNSLINGER/TRIAL Cards x3 (except the current one but incl. “Exodia” x3, etc.)

– New Outfits

– 1000 (thousand) Duel Points

– Get YOC Cards that you can choose in the end of each season with Tournament Point x3 (like 3 Riryoku 3 Twin –headed beast 3 Sword of Dragon Soul 3 Acid Trap Hole…)

– You didn’t get a New Duel Disk/Mileage Cards/Duel Pass/Duel Pass Promo Cards/Loser Cards like Thunder Kid/Haniwa,YOC Cards that can’t choose at the end of each season/Exclusive Prize Card for No.1 Duelist of each season with this duel pass.

– Those Suit call QUALIFIER’s Robe

Credit from : LordPegasusSigma and Jakarade (All Info are confirm now)

Kevin2003 : Niblet provided me a screenprint where he asked gamerpaul (one of the qualifiers) all the questions we had. So its confirmed that cards are not tradable and the duelpass points awarded are 1000 . All the cards they are giving cover 82% of all released card with 3 copies of each card. Gamerpaul metioned that all qualifiers got this code

Spirit of Sword : Thanks for posting this while I ‘m not free more pics was add now.NDS Qualifiers got 3 of each cards from Booster and Gunslinger/Duelist Trial and a few YOC Cards that can choose with TP and Top 16 NDS World Championship 2007 Winner got Special Duel Pass so It’s only 16 people now having this Uniform/suit/outfit.

NDS Qualifiers Suit/Uniform Qualifier’s Robe change a design from this design

To This Design

I got some of their names in games

16.Don’t Know

36 Responses to Strange Uniform/Suit?

  1. DarkAussie says:

    The last post from theo was taken in beginners lobby A(english) But at lv1.Although they where lv1 they had monachs,hydrogeddons n so on.
    This one has me stumped

  2. spiritofsword says:

    Confirming info out now read this post again.

  3. CMPunk says:

    I have 4 screen shots of them and they told me how they got the stuff, and this is true.

  4. DarkAussie says:

    Ok i see it n0w cheers

  5. spiritofsword says:

    Thanks for confirming.If you see him around can you ask him did he get 3 YOC (YU-GI-OH Online Championship) Cards also?

    If NDS World Championship 2007 Qualifiers got 3 of YOC also, They become Top Player Instantly.

  6. Kevin2003 says:

    hope not that would be a little too much. however i dont think they be able to trade the cards seeing as it was a gift.

  7. SlateVorseGemini says:

    ioffer all what ihave to get one like that code

  8. spiritofsword says:

    Do you guys think it’s fair? We play this game so long to complete collection and lose a lot of money on it but for now NDS World Championship 2007 Qualifiers got it nearly or complete collection from winning Tournament from Other YU-GI-OH Game?

    for me It’s not fair YU-GI-OH Online have Championship Event why don’t konami award a winner like that, Why gave Nearly/Perfect Account to Winner from other game? (don’t serious about it just something I want to say.)

  9. majorkong says:

    I don’t think its fair, the DS game has nothing to do with the online game.
    I hope the cards are untradeble.
    Konami is supporting RMT by making bad decisions again, because i think a lot of these accounts are going to be sold.

  10. WalkInLove says:

    This is not Fair for every one wh0 played YGO for long time . Even a new player like me ! Stupid KONAMI T_T

  11. Sythus says:

    i saw that black suit guy… level 2 GMDestinyChamp…24 wins 0 loss… that was crazy.. in german lobby… well just posting wat i saw. thanks


  12. spiritofsword says:

    more pics was add now include GMDesitnyChamp pics.I can’t translate german but it’s look like Zerzaro from German YGO Fande Forum got Special Duel Pass and using GMDestinyChamp Account.

    I got some of their names in games
    14-16 don’t know

  13. visidabiggangsta says:

    can we get the black suit too??

  14. spiritofsword says:

    maybe in the future but right now only 16 people can get it.All Info are confirm now read this post again.

  15. almir4 says:

    dammit and with KONAMI this is not fair we play this game for long time and this is not fair fair fair i hate that other people got that LV 20 account and i think all cards dont forget to we are spend a lot of money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT FAIR NOT FAIR NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. FacelessBastard says:

    This isn´t fair, but this is the Konami Tactic…..They just wanna have the money they dont think about the Players spending over 100€ or $ for DP Codes, they see the money so they do unfair things, like this with the DS Qualifier thing…….!!!!!! Coz they know if ppl play DS and Online they even earning more money……..

    UNFAIR KLONAMI ENTERTAINMENT (Klo = toilette) i still play YGO Online but i would like to meet an Klonami Member to scream on him, or punsh some1 form up there….*grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*

  17. RomanJaden says:

    I know a guy called kingofgames and there was a numver after but i forgot it and he had that black suit.

  18. yousefgx says:

    how can i get that code? is it putted in the DS game?…please i need an answer

  19. ALMIR4 says:

    lol i want one of these codes

  20. spiritofsword says:

    Special Duel Pass code only given to NDS Qualifiers from YU-GI-OH World Championship 2007 Tournament only 16 people got that code now.

    Now with World Championship 2008 if they hold YU-GI-OH World Championship 2008 Tournament in the future maybe Special Duel Pass Code will appear again.

  21. ronskull says:

    Spirit i have a question, how any of us can enter to one of this events if we already have the game.

  22. spiritofsword says:

    Don’t know about it I knew only Konami hosted tournaments in the United States, Japan and Europe, using the Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship Tournament 2007 video game for Nintendo DS and 16 Qualifiers from World Championship Tournament 2007 got that code.

    For more Information can read it at (I am sure your answer are in this)

  23. ronskull says:

    thanks :).

  24. […] people are used to so my money is on it being there again this year to read more about it go here there are many events for yugioh that many countries cant really be part of as its not properly […]

  25. AizenSousuke2007 says:

    iTS NOT FAIR I WANT THAT SUIT AND stuff please konami i wish u make us get the the suit plezz

  26. DarkMasterDaku says:

    Thats messed up i’ve been look for that suit and ifind out i can’t get it
    thats so flippin lame

  27. xXLustXx says:

    Wow that outfit looks really awesome and by the way…Congratulations to all the guys that got it I bet you guys flipped out when you got it lols.

  28. kerkland says:

    man lol i wish i had the coat it looks awesome but i got a question are they gonna set up a nother chapionship lol for yugioh wc 2008 lol i want ton o becasue i beat mine wc 2008 10 times and i wanna enter a tourment

  29. YUGIBABY says:


  30. zoradom says:

    ill bribe them for that code

  31. zoradom says:


  32. Anonymous says:

    y want to enter

  33. Roy29 says:

    The damnedest thing you ever saw! ,

  34. arbias17 says:

    16. is Light95

  35. wczasy says:

    Wow!, this was a top quality post. In explanation I’d like to compose like this too – taking time and real effort to make a nice article… but what can I say… I keep putting it off and never seem to get something finished

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