Today when Championship Time come…

Today when Championship time come They Show on TV Screen NPC Duel is now, but it doesn’t have I wait until Championship Preliminary first round finish but still nothing.Maybe Konami doing something wrong to show us about NPC before it release.NPC will coming soon (After Championship 1st round finish they remove NPC on TV Screen).

About Championship It’s same like Previous Championship when you login into the game you will see TV Screen showing you about Championship and NPC

When you go to Championship Lobby You need to wait 8 minutes

After waiting 8 minutes They don’t let me play (I make a reservation on 1st round),Don’t know why they cancel my reservation.

When It Finish Izono will declare winner name and End of 1st Round Preliminary

Player who compete in this Championship will receive Blue Duel Disk


2 Responses to Today when Championship Time come…

  1. source0 says:

    If you look into the data\tv\tv_cpu01 directory you will see the ‘npc’ characters shown above in their full.

    However, I believe the characters you do know will be the npcs that duel, the other ‘avatars’ are examples of how the new shop can further customise your own character – further supporting npcs duels will link to shop rewards !

    For example, the suited person shown above is in the avatar files, however, in the npc files the character you duel against looks more like ‘roland’ ? you see during yoc.

    agree/disagree ?

  2. source0 says:

    oh, i just noticed;
    ALL the characters im calling ‘npcs’ are facing right in the above pictures.
    ALL the characters im calling ‘avatar customisations’ are facing left in the above pictures !

    I think Im onto a good theory here 🙂

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