Level List

August 10, 2007

In YU-GI-OH Online Player have a different Level depending on Score They have, In The Past There is only 8 LV .Level and score reset to 0 at each month several month later before YU-GI-OH Online change to YU-GI-OH Online Duel Evolution Konami change from 8 Level to 30 Level.Now There is 30 LV for Player each LV require an amount of score.

In YU-GI-OH Online some Uniform Player will receive when LV reach a condition like.

Osiris Red Uniform : Receive from the start

Ra Yellow Uniform : Receive when LV reach 10

Obelisk Blue Uniform : Receive when LV reach 20

Domino Highschool Uniform : Recive from the start

Score List for Each Level

Level 02 – 0-49 (difference 50)
Level 03 – 50-149 (difference 100)
Level 04 – 150-299 (difference 150)
Level 05 – 300-499 (difference 200)
Level 06 – 500-799 (difference 300)
Level 07 – 800-1199 (difference 400)
Level 08 – 1200-1700 (difference 500)
Level 09 – 1700-2399 (difference 700)
Level 10 – 2400-3299 (difference 900)
Level 11 – 3300-4499 (difference 1100)
Level 12 – 4500-5999 (difference 1500)
Level 13 – 6000-7999 (difference 2000)
Level 14 – 8000-10499 (difference 2500)
Level 15 – 10500-13499 (difference 3000)
Level 16 – 13500-17499 (difference 4000)
Level 17 – 17500-22499 (difference 5000)
Level 18 – 22500-29499 (difference 7000)
Level 19 – 29500-39999 (Guess: 29500-39999, difference 10500?, 29500 min level confirmed)
(Note: I want to re-verify 29500 but I’m 99% sure this is true)

Level 20 – 40000,54984 (Guess: 40000-54999, difference 15000, 40000 min level confirmed)
Level 21 – 55686,74999 (Guess: 55000-74999, difference 20000, 74999 max level confirmed)
Level 22 – 75000,104725 (Guess: 75000-104999, difference 30000, 75000 min level confirmed)
Level 23 – 105141,148189 (Guess: 105000-144999?, difference 40000?)
Level 24 – 150080,189228
Level 25 – 200049,265377
Level 26 – 284807,292704
Level 27 – 400002,473823
Level 28 – 494879,495711

How you earn points from duels (work in progress):
Win: 40pts
Win against opponent at least one level higher than you: +7 bonus (this is per duel)
Win for a match: +1 bonus (only if opponent is a higher level than you)
Win against opponent at least 4 levels higher than you: +1 bonus (only 1 bonus per duel/match)
Loss against lower level: -16pts (still investigating…)
Loss against same level: -1pt (per duel, still investigating…)
Loss against 1-3 levels higher than you: -1 (per match)
Loss against 4 levels higher than you: 0 (per match)

So, for instance if you’re level 17 and you win a match against a level 21, here is how the score is compiled:
2x(40+7)+1+1 = 96 pts (if the duel was against a level 18,19, or 20 it would be 95 pts instead of 96)

If you just duel a single against someone who is one level higher than you and you win, you get 47 points (40 plus the 7 bonus points; it would be 48 if your opponent were 4 levels higher than you are)

If you duel against someone the same level as you are lower and you win the match, it’s only 80 points total as you do not get the bonuses.

The only exception to this is a single win against opponent at least 4 levels lower than you: 32pts, but winning a match will still net you 80 (I’m still researching it as it is a bit strange, but I have confirmed it does happen)

Credit from music_guru

For Someone who want to see LV30 Player, LV30 Player didn’t get anything special from Konami.

Credit : Alice and Jakarade

About LV from my experience It’s seem like High Level Player have more chance to get rare/good cards from opening pack and if you make a same deck but one with high Level one with low level It seem like High LV Player have more chance to get a better hand when start (I’m not sure about it).

Tournament Point Ranking Prize Card

August 10, 2007

In the end of each season player can exchange Tournament Point to Card/Cards depening on How much Tournament Point Ranking, After login it will force you to select prize card even you disconnect if you didn’t finish select Prize Card you will force to do it.First time it is choosing Prize Card for Top 1000 Duelist (You can Trade it) after that for 100 TP (Can’t Trade it)

If you are Top 1000 TP Ranking Duelist you can choose your cards depending on How much your Rank on TP Ranking (Cards you choose can trade)

After that it will prompt you again to select prize cards for having 100 TP

During Spring 2007 Konami made an error, Gilford The Legend and Skull Zoma next Gunslinger Cards at that time are available to select before it’s out, after that no future cards available for select.

You can select some YOC Cards (YU-GI-OH Online Championship Cards) usually Top 16/Top 8 YOC Cards you can select (YOC Cards are really rarecards usually on top at Japanese Cards Rate, Player have a chance to get YOC cards only at this time)

You can see Ban/Restrict Cards by looking on icon at the right.

Every Gunslinger/Duelist Trial Cards/Packs Cards are available.

After selecting card click on continue it will asking you to confirm this selecting this card click yes to continue you will get it.

*You can’t Choose Some YOC (Normally Cards for Top 4-Winner), Exclusive Prize for No.1 Duelist of each season, Shop Cards (MP Cards), Secret Normal such as Thunder Kids, Haniwa, White Dolphin, Duel Pass Cards.

After That if you have 500 Tournament Point or more you will get Avatar Item Black Duel Disk (Duel Disk is an Avatar Item Can’t Trade it).

There is also an Exclusive Prize Card for No.1 Tournament Point Ranking in each season for First and Second Season = Master of Dragon Soldier

Third Season = Testament of The Arcane Lord

Fouth Season = Armament of the Lethal Lords

Fifth Season = King of Destruction – Xexex

From : http://www.yugioh-online.net/top/english/tp-ranking/index.html

You can see Which YOC Cards you can select with Tournament Point Ranking at http://www.geocities.jp/yugiohonlinepart000008/tpr.html