Tournament Point Ranking Prize Card

In the end of each season player can exchange Tournament Point to Card/Cards depening on How much Tournament Point Ranking, After login it will force you to select prize card even you disconnect if you didn’t finish select Prize Card you will force to do it.First time it is choosing Prize Card for Top 1000 Duelist (You can Trade it) after that for 100 TP (Can’t Trade it)

If you are Top 1000 TP Ranking Duelist you can choose your cards depending on How much your Rank on TP Ranking (Cards you choose can trade)

After that it will prompt you again to select prize cards for having 100 TP

During Spring 2007 Konami made an error, Gilford The Legend and Skull Zoma next Gunslinger Cards at that time are available to select before it’s out, after that no future cards available for select.

You can select some YOC Cards (YU-GI-OH Online Championship Cards) usually Top 16/Top 8 YOC Cards you can select (YOC Cards are really rarecards usually on top at Japanese Cards Rate, Player have a chance to get YOC cards only at this time)

You can see Ban/Restrict Cards by looking on icon at the right.

Every Gunslinger/Duelist Trial Cards/Packs Cards are available.

After selecting card click on continue it will asking you to confirm this selecting this card click yes to continue you will get it.

*You can’t Choose Some YOC (Normally Cards for Top 4-Winner), Exclusive Prize for No.1 Duelist of each season, Shop Cards (MP Cards), Secret Normal such as Thunder Kids, Haniwa, White Dolphin, Duel Pass Cards.

After That if you have 500 Tournament Point or more you will get Avatar Item Black Duel Disk (Duel Disk is an Avatar Item Can’t Trade it).

There is also an Exclusive Prize Card for No.1 Tournament Point Ranking in each season for First and Second Season = Master of Dragon Soldier

Third Season = Testament of The Arcane Lord

Fouth Season = Armament of the Lethal Lords

Fifth Season = King of Destruction – Xexex

From :

You can see Which YOC Cards you can select with Tournament Point Ranking at


10 Responses to Tournament Point Ranking Prize Card

  1. RomanJaden says:

    Does this mean I can select ring of destruction?

  2. spiritofsword says:

    Mileage/Duel Pass/Duel Pass Promo/Exclusive Prize Card for no1 duelist of season/some YOC you can’t select so you can’t select Ring of Destruction.

  3. Molocth says:

    Ive just cracked the 500 tp mark, so I’ll get my free card and my new avatar part.

    I dont see much point going much further – I doubt ill get anywhere in the real rankings

    One thing I am curious about tho is, when does the tp seasons start/end ?

  4. spiritofsword says:

    This season start on 2007/5/25 and will end on 2007/9/13

  5. RomanJaden says:

    Thank you spirit so does this mean I can pick any gs cards?

  6. spiritofsword says:

    yes Every GS/DT/Booster Cards you can select.

  7. RomanJaden says:

    u know any card worth more than strike? ( not ring)

  8. source0 says:

    I guess its a bit of a pressure choice ‘pick now or else’ !
    So you should have some idea of what card you would like before the day ?

    Any suggestions, what are you thinking of choosing spirit/anyone else ??

  9. spiritofsword says:

    You should think about it before that day but you can see and select other card in that day also, It’s drag and drop card you want at the right screen to center of the screen.

    Don’t forget to notice Ban/Restrict with this screen.

    I will wait to see NPC before thinking about what to choose.

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