Japanese Cards Rate

August 16, 2007

Japanese Cards Rate is a Rate Chart from Japanese Player to see which card is rarer, How rare it is.They update it often and change a Rate when New Cards come.

News Card Rate at 2007/11/15 19:19:01

【SS】Championship Cards >Teva>Watapon>Riryoku>Maximum Six>Dark Ruler Vandalgyon
【S】The Tricky>Haniwa、Thunder Kids、Skull Zoma, Soul Taker>White Dolphin >Dark Paladin >Exodia Necross
【A】USA Promo Red Eyes Black Dragon Green Background>Blue Eyes Shining Dragon>Dark Dreadroute>Theinen The Great Sphinx>Emes The Infinity>Red Eyes Darkness Dragon>Vampire Genesis>Gilford The Legend>Alkana Knight Joker
【B】Dark Magician’s Tome of Black Magic>Warrior Lady of The Wasteland>Legendary Fiend、Owner’s Seal、Tricky’s Magic 4、Calamity of The Wicked、Rigras Leever, Pyramid of The Light, Stauch Defender、Sebek’s Blessing、Familiar Knight 、Chimera The Flying Mythical Beast、Overpowering Eye>Blood Sucker、Triage
【C】MP100 Cards=Fiend’s Sanctuary>Dark Necrofear>GS5Win Alternate Art、VJ Promo Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon
【D】Corpse of Yata-Garasu>Strike Ninja>Shield Crash>Nightmares Steelcage、Goblin Zombie、Crush Card Virus、Foolish Burial>Gadget Set
【E】Summon Priest、Kuriboh Trial 50、Magician’s Valkyrie、Gale Dogra、D.D. Scout Plane、Cold Wave、Marshmallon、Mask of Restrict、Lord of Dragon, Toon Dark Magician Girl >Dark Ruler Hades、Command Knight
【F】Interdimensional Matter Transporter、D.D.Warrior Lady、Magical Mallet、Terrorking Archfiend、Prohibition
Metal Reflect Slime、D.D. Assailant、Shrink、Thestalos The Firestorm Monarch、Five God Dragon>Dark Scorpian Meanae The Thorn>Dark Magician Girl、Just Desserts、Inferno Reckless Summon>Destiny Board、Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys>Gorz The Emissary of Darkness、Time Wizard、Soul Exchange>The Legendary Fisherman, Chimeratech Overdragon、Amazoness Sword Woman、Amazoness Archers, Card Trader、Enemy Controller、Great Maju Garzett、Stealth Bird、Insect Princess、Blade Knight 、Banisher of Radience、Cyber Dragon、Zaborg The Thunder Monarch、Trap Dustshoot、Mobius The Frost Monarch、Fuhma Shuriken、Dark Master – Zorc、Des Koala、Magical Dimension、Blue Eyes White Dragon、Hydrogeddon、D.D.Crow、Lava Golem、Monster Gate、Des Wombat、Reckless Greed、Birthright、Rziza The Storm Monarch、Freed The Brave Wanderer、XYZ Dragon Cannon、Sapphire Pegasus、Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon、D-Hero Diamong Dude、Upstart Goblin、Kinetic Soldier、Meteor of Destruction、Good Goblin Housekeeping、Mirage Knight、Exodia The Forbidden One、Nightmare Wheel、Cyber Shield、Macro Cosmos、D.D. Survivor

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38 :名も無き冒険者:2007/11/15(木) 19:19:01 ID:icR3+pXd

ピラミッド、強敵、セベク、キマイラ 、ファミナイ、魔眼>サッカー、方舟
【G】メタリフ、アサイ、収縮、炎帝、FGD>ミーネ>BMG、自得、暴走>ウィジャ、ネフ>ゴーズ、時魔、クロソ>フィッシャー 【微レア】キメラ、アマ剣、AA トレーダー、エネコン、偉大、ステルス、インプリ、ブレナイ 、閃光、サイドラ、バインド、雷帝、ダスト、氷帝、風魔手裏剣、ゾーク、コアラ、ディメマ、白龍、ゲドン、クロウ、ラヴァ、モンゲ、ゲドン、ウォンバット、無謀、正統、風帝、フリード、XYZ、サファイアP、完グレ 究極、ダイアモンドガイ、成金、サイファー、デスメテオ、やりくり、ミラナイ、胴体、車輪、ボンテージ、マクロ、生還者


USA Promo Red Eyes Black Dragon Green Background is Special Duel Pass bundle with Shonen Jump May Edition during 2005/4/28

and This Duel Pass also bundle with YU-GI-OH Duel Monster Beginners Pack 2005

You got 30 Duel Point with Special Card Red Eyes Black Dragon Green Background

V-Jump Promo is Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon Duel Pass bundle with V-Jump November Edition during 2005/9/21

You got 10 Duel Point with Special Card Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon

Even it’s a Rate Chart don’t strict with it too much, just trade for what you and other want it’s ok.

Loser’s Card and Secret Normal

August 16, 2007

Everytime when you lose in event like Gunslinger/Duelist Trial, Card you get is normal monster card that will random everytime you lose.In each season there is different loser’s card and there is 1 card in loser pack that’s Extremely Rare usually at 4-5 at Japanese Card Rate I call it Secret Normal.

First Season Spring 2007 It’s Thunder Kid

Other cards in Loser’s Pack can see it at http://www.geocities.jp/yugiohonlinepart000007/make01.html

Second Season Summer 2007 It’s Haniwa

Other cards in Loser’s Pack http://www.geocities.jp/yugiohonlinepart000007/make02.html

Third Season Winter 2007 (This Season) It’s White Dolphin

Other cards in Loser’s Pack in This Season http://www.geocities.jp/yugiohonlinepart000007/make03.html

It’s seem like Konami will make 1 Secret Normal in each season and it’s very rare card hard to get it even you lose a lot but if you aren’t collector this cards mean nothing to you.

I update Link now there is more useful link seperate by Category more Online Card List also (JPN language).