Patch From Konami on 17 August 2007

Patch today add a new uniform White Uniform into data (a same uniform Marufuji Ryo and Tenjoin Fubuki have)

Add a Backgound image,Icon,Button in Card Shop


Kame’s Card Shop


Academy Card Shop

Add NPC profile


The alternative personality that Yugi Muto shares his body with as a result of him completing the “Millenium Puzzle”.On taking control, it alters Yugi’s physical appearance even down to his facial expressions. As a duelist, his abilities are unmatched and he was crowned the “King of Duels” on winning the Battle City Tournament.His deck is built around the “Dark Magician” card and is very versatile enabling him to deal with all sorts of opponents. The exact identity of this alternative personality appears to lead to Ancient Egypt…


Yugi’s friend from childhood. She dreams of going to New York and becoming a dancer. She has no real aspirations to become an accomplished duelist, but was good enough to convincingly beat Joey Wheeler while he was a relative novice to dueling.She is said to have feelings towards Yami Yugi…


President of the Kaiba Corporation while still attending High School. Kaiba and Yugi are the greatest of rivals; taking on each other in the most heated of Duels.Kaiba’s favourite strategy is to construct a power deck around 3 “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” cards with which he likes to completely obliterate his opponents.



A member of the Kaiba Corporation who officiated and refereed the Battle City Tournament. A disciplined individual, with a very stern outlook, but a complete push-over for Seto Kaiba and his brother Mokuba who hold the position of President and Vice-President of the Kaiba Corporation.


A 3rd year duelist at the Duel Academy.Despite being placed in the lowest ranked dormitory “Slifer Red”, he is a duelist of very high calibre. His bright personality and luck in card draws have pulled him through many trials and travailations in the past.Jaden also has the power to see the spirit that exists in every card.His deck is a combination of the “Elemental-HERO” and “Neo Spacian” decks.Favourite quote: “Got ya!!”


A 3rd year Obelisk Blue duelist.Her unmatched beauty has led to her being branded the “Queen of Obelisk Blue”. She has a strong male following, but seems completely unaware of this.She likes to use a deck built around “Cyber Girl” cards and is also an elite duelist as her “Obelisk Blue” status confirms.


A 3rd year duelist at the Duel academy. He like, Jaden, is also placed in the “Slifer Red Dormitories”.Before that, He was an elite Duelist placed in the “Obelisk Blue Dormitories”, but left the Academy once after being defeated by Jaden and Bastion Misawa.Chazz on his return was a far better duelist than he was at the time he left.His deck is built around the “Ojama Trio” card which he acquired during the time he attended the “North Academy” and it also features cards such as “Armed Dragon” and the “V to Z” cards. Chazz also tends to alter his deck from duel to duel.He too, like Jaden, posses the power to see the spirit that exists in each card.

They add NPC duel result Screen 

There is 12 NPC but right now only have 7 profiles.They add the quots of each NPC also.

Yugi: “This card is telling me that… it wants to be with you. Take it. One day, it might just become your partner.”
“Could you take care of this for me? It’s my… most treasured card…”
Kaiba: “Hm Your grit and determination does surprise me. Whether it was for luck or any other reason, the truth remains that you still fluked a win out of me. I guess that’s worthy of praise! Now, here’s your prize. Take it!”
Kaiba: “Hm Your grit and determination does surprise me. It doesn’t change the truth that you are a third rate Duelist, but I’ll accept that you have guts. Now, here’s your prize. Take it!”
“I know you are a much better duelist than this! Don’t disappoint me! …Here. Take this. Just come back stronger next time!”
Tea: “You really blew me away there… Oh well… Let’s duel again! I’ll make sure that I’ll win next time! By the way… @@s. Thanks for dueling with me! Here. Have this! It’s a little token of our friendship!” (@@S is a substitute for your name)
Jaden: “You really are some duelist! Nothing can give me more joy than taking on the very best! I guess this is my lucky day! Oh yeah! Here, have it! It’s like a lucky charm! I hope you really like it!”
Jaden: “You really are some duelist! I can’t believe it! You whooped my Hero cards! Oh! Yeah! I was thinking about giving you this… I hope you don’t mind… I really want you to have this. @@s.”
Chazz: “I didn’t expect you to do so well. Well, here’s your prize. …Take it.”
“Here! Take your prize! You better thank me for it!”
“Fine, I’ll accept this defeat. I can’t believe that I got turned over so easily. I guess I’m just nowhere near as good as my brother. …Oh! I almost forgot. Take this…” (The preceeding text looks more like alexis, but this line looks more like syrus?)
“You really got me there. … @@s. Here’s a little something. You will accept it won’t you? …Erm…Yes, that’s it. This is from my brother Atticus. …He wanted you to have this. …Don’t get any funny ideas! This is from my brother! Not from me! Got it!? … …stupid.”
“Here…have it. You going to take it or what? …!…!! Well…Yes, yes… It’s a present from me! You got any problems with that!? Just shut up and take it! Then put it away!

Credit : source0

It seem like Card Shop/Mileage and CPU will coming soon, Duel with NPC may not free because it seem like you will get cards after you win them.

Card Shop may open when They discontinue all old pack in ygo online 1 wait until 307 discontinue while Tactical Evolution come out.maybe Beginner’s Pack 4-5 or Expert Pack will come out after 307 gone too.You may have another currency to buy pack in Card Shop and it seem like you can buy Avatar Item too.

NPC may come out after this YOC finish because it seem like you will get some cards from NPC and if it’s come here at this time a lot of player will busy finding cards to use at YOC.

12 Responses to Patch From Konami on 17 August 2007

  1. Molocth says:

    some of the places where the npcs will appear is already reserved, there are spots on the world that you cant walk through and something invisible stops you.

  2. spiritofsword says:

    Thanks for your information I update this post now.I would like to see invisible spot did it appear everytime or on event time only? I didn’t see any of it.

  3. RomanJaden says:

    Does anybody know when the card shop is opening or when those first uniforms are coming if ye do pls reply!

  4. CMPunk says:

    I’m pretty sure the card shop won’t be for buying cards, by the looks of the buttons, the shop is for buying accessories for your avatar. How could a button for sunglasses, necklases, and jeckets mean that you can buy cards there? I think the card shops will be for accesories not cards.

  5. Molocth says:

    spirit, the invisible spots are present all the time, heres the place where I found out about them

  6. spiritofsword says:

    ok I will go to check it thank you

    No one know when Shop will open hope it will come soon.

    Card Shop maybe an upgrade of Mileage System that you can exchange your Mileage Point to Card so I think you can still exchange mileage point to cards there not only for Accesories.

  7. ME says:

    thx so much peopel i ike yugioh online no

  8. […] possible NPC awards As was mentioned in an earlier article here ( ) it is speculated that NPC duel will award […]

  9. […] also give you surprise gifts once you get to become more and more friendly with them. These include cards, avatar parts as well as deck […]

  10. INGSPORTS says:

    HI how can i go in cardshop???

  11. spiritofsword says:

    Its not open now it will open in the future.

  12. Alison says:

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