YU-GI-OH Online News From V-Jump 10/2007

August 19, 2007

Credit from My Friend Emperor Master

I have information from this V-Jump, here it is

1st Article is about the new feature NPCs , there are some pictures of Judai/Jaden and others. Judai will be located on the cliff at Osiris/Slifer Red Dormitory – see picture above.
According to the yugioh online website :
Japanese: http://www.yugioh-online.net/top/japanese/news.html#MDSID1956 
English: http://www.yugioh-online.net/top/english-oc/news.html#MDSID1954 
NPCs will be released on 7th of September. However, the website also mentions that this date may be subject to change (let’s hope it wont :p)

2nd Article is about the Card Shop that You can Procure Cards and Accessories. There is some pictures of Store Manager (Mutoh Sugoroku) and a Map. There is also a picture of buying Pack/Booster from Card Shop.

1 Pack for 150 MP (Maybe MP isn’t Mileage Point as it would be a high price for 1 Pack/Booster) the release date isn’t stated.

3rd Article is about Black Suit/Uniform from NDS World Championship 2007 Qualifiers. These have already been discussed on this site in an earlier post.

This V-Jump issue is also interesting because maybe NPCs and Card Shops will open at the same time as they introduce NPC and said Card Shop open in the same V-Jump issue.

Don’t you think NPC duels could be similar to NDS World Championship 2007 ? where you duel with NPCs for free and get some point to open packs, but if you want to play online with people other than NPCs you need to pay per duel with Duel Points.
We will see it soon.

NPC Card Shop Profile

Solomon is Yugi’s grandfather and also owns the “Kame” game shop.He has now taken a step back from dueling after passing his Exodia deck on to Yugi, but has vast knowledge and experience and is still very much on top of his game.In his younger days, he was a renowned gambler and acquired the “Millenium Puzzle” in the “Dark Games”.

A very bright and cheerful young lady that works at the Duel Academy store along with Ms. Dorothy.She certainly knows her cards, but when it comes to dueling…???

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