Patch From Konami on 23 August 2007

August 24, 2007

This update only contained a few icons for the shop and more clothing variations have been added, this time a female casual tartan skirt. These are not available in game yet, but you still have to download them.

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These are probably more option that will be available in the shop when it opens.

This now extends the variations of fashion wardrobes to:

Academy dorm uniforms: red, yellow (male only), blue (male only)
Academy dorm white variation uniform: red (male only), yellow, blue
Academy tracksuit uniforms: blue, red(male only), yellow (male only), green (male only)
Domino normal clothes male only, t-shirt variations: white, red, yellow, black, striped
Domino normal clothes female only: pink dress
Domino casual clothes female only (shown above): red, yellow, blue
Domino black suit and tie, blue shirt
NDS champions cloaks

There are also ‘underwear’ variations, but considering the game style I wouldn’t consider it a valid fashion choice !

Spirit of Sword : Those uniform above was add for a while not in 23 August update They add it since July 2007, Konami always doing future stuff maybe they don’t want player to download huge patch from them they update little by little.

23 August Update They adding some Navigation Bar in Card Shop add some sprite of NPC.

Add a New Quote in Card Shop

“Oh Yeah! Do you have this tracksuit? I asked Miss Dorothy at the store and she told me that they are always sold out… Do you wan’t it? I’m sorry, but it’s my spare. I hope you don’t mind. No don’t worry about it. It’s only for girls though!”