Future Structure Deck


A deck for the Intermediate Duelist, it can be adapted to create Rock Decks and Fire Attribute Burn decks.

Monster (20)
Sangan, Jinzo, Little Chimera, Exiled Force, Horus Servant, Ultimate Baseball Kid, Spirit of Flames, UFO Turtle x2, Inferno, The Thing in The Crater, Solar Flare Dragon x2, Horus LV 4 x2, Horus LV 6 x2, Horus LV 8, Raging Flame Sprite, Tenkabito Shien

Spell (17)
Heavy Storm, Mystical Space Typhoon, Premature Burial, Nobleman of Crossout, Lightning Vortex, Book of Moon, Smashing Ground, Pot of Avarice, Graceful Charity, Molten Destruction x2, Shrink, Excavation of Mage Stones, Shield Crash, Level Up!, The Graveyard in The Fourth Dimension, Level Modulation

Trap (3)
Call of The Haunted, Royal Degree x2


A deck for the Intermediate Duelist featuring the 4 Emperors focused on card removal.

Monster (18)
Morphing Jar, Mask of Darkness, Exiled Force, Spirit Reaper, D.D. Warrior Lady, Strike Ninja, Zaborg The Thunder Monarch, Mobius The Frost Monarch, Treeborn Frog, Unknown Card, Dark Dust Spirit, D.D. Scout Plane x2, Thestalos The Firestorm Monarch, Grandmarg The Rock Monarch, D.D. Survivor x2, Helios – The Premodial Sun

Spell (14)
Graceful Charity, Mystical Space Typhoon, Card Destruction, Premature Burial, Giant Trunade, Nobleman of Crossout, Reinforcement of The Army, Brain Control x2, Foolish Burial, Soul Absorption, Grand Convergence x2, Dimensional Fissure

Trap (8)
Solemn Judgement, Mirror Force, Call of The Haunted, Waboku, Bottomless Trap Hole, Threatening Roar, Macro Cosmos x2


A deck for the Intermediate duelist with the “Perfect Lock” in mind.

Monster (26)
D.D. Warrior, Obnoxious Celtic Guard, Mask of Darkness, Injection Fairy Lily, Spirit Reaper, Marshmallon, Golem Sentry, Guardian Statue, Medusa Worm, Hyper Hammerhead, Castle Gate, Morphing Jar #2 x2, Giant Rat x2, Magician of Faith, Mysterious Guard, Kelbek, Guardian Sphinx, A Cat of Ill Omen x2, Magical Merchant x2, Outstanding Dog Marron, Chaos Necromancer x2

Spell (6)
Messenger of Peace x2, Level Limit Area B, Mystical Space Typhoon, Premature Burial, Sword of Revealing Light

Trap (8)
Call of The Haunted, Gravity Bind, Ojama Trio x2, Spatial Collapse x2, Xing Zhen Hu x2

It’s a Future Structure Deck no one know a release date, Maybe you can buy it in Card Shop or coming with Duel Pass/NPC.Their name and description appear in Data, Top Rate GS Strike Ninja coming with it also.We need to wait and see Konami will release All this Structure Deck or not.

Now since Konami release NPC This Structure Deck maybe an NPC Deck Recipe.


21 Responses to Future Structure Deck

  1. apocalypsmage says:

    OMG!!…. Strike in a structure deck? Man…

  2. source0 says:

    nice article spirit, I especially like how you picked the critical cards to each deck and showed them.
    But how did you get the list of monsters/spells/traps from the deck files other than writing each down manually ??

    Im playing around with a deck file convertor Im creating, and I would hate if something else already existed !

  3. spiritofsword says:

    I am writing each down manually.

  4. apocalypsmage says:

    According to this post of Future Structure Decks, both “The Evolution of Horus” and “Arrival of the 4 Emperors” have Graceful Charity in them… could this mean that Graceful Charity will be unbanned?..

  5. spiritofsword says:

    I don’t think so even it’s ban you still get it just like when you buy Duel Pass Spellcaster’s Unity Now.You still get Ban Cards with Structure Deck even it’s ban now.

  6. almir4 says:

    well i waiting for ARRIVAL of THE 4 EMPERORS but this look strange to you eaysy can get from structure deck STRIKENINJA right???

  7. apocalypsmage says:

    yah i agree spirit, but then i dont understand why they should release new structure decks with banned cards in them, and also the rare gs cards ~~

  8. ronskull says:

    Konami can do whatever they want, if they want to put strike in a structure deck, konami will do (just remember when barrel Dragon appear in a pack).

  9. xXx says:

    I think its only a Fake same with Trial50#2

  10. spiritofsword says:

    2nd Trial 50 is just prediction from Japanese Site nothing confirm on data. (4月24日(火)~
     ◆オンライン2周年記念イベントあり?(アニバ2とか)?) (if you read my Thai Blog and don’t understand my language you may think it’s confirm but it’s not.)

    All This Structure Deck and their names appear in Data It’s mean Konami prepare to release it but they may change their mind also, Did you notice ARRIVAL OF THE 4 EMPERORS They use Emperror (Jpn) instead of Monarch (EN) and there is 1 Unknown card also that unknown card is a card they aren’t release now so It’s Future Structure Deck If konami didn’t change their mind all this Structure Deck will release in a future.

  11. apocalypsmage says:

    lol well anyways, the second structure deck, besides from havong strike in it, has nearly all the most wanted pack cards there are… i wonder what come next ~~

  12. xXx says:

    ok thx for the information!

  13. SilverFox says:

    omg strika str,, deck lol konami

  14. Niblet says:

    Is it possible that these are the NPC’s decks?

  15. source0 says:

    I think its more likely these might be some of the npc reward decks, from the quotes Ive seen npcs use cards not in these decks.

    Besides, think of it from a programmers/bandwidth point of view; why would the client side need to know whats in character decks ?

  16. Niblet says:

    I just read on the main site about the reward decks. I think you’re right. Thanks

  17. ronskull says:

    I dont know if strike could be a reward or not

  18. Niblet says:

    I mean that strike will be in a deck recipe that you win from an npc (reward deck), not that you will get a strike as a present for dueling one.

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