September Event Schedule

Friday 31/2007-2 September Duelist Trial Ishzark start again.

Sunday 2 September 2007 Championship Summer 2007 Final Tournament start at … (Check your time at YU-GI-OH Online Mainsite)

Friday 7 September 2007 NPC Duel available and maybe Card Shop will open at the same date and time.

Friday 7/2007-9/2007 Gunslinger Dreadroute start for a second time.

Thursday 13/2007 End of Season 4 Summer 2007 (You can select Prize card depending on how much TP you collect and in this day New Ban/Restrict come?)

Friday 14/2007-16/2007 Duelist Trial Summon Priest Start Cards in this event is …

21/2007-23 V-Jump 11/2007 release and Gunslinger Alkana Knight Joker begin

28/2007-30/2007 DT Summon Priest Start again for a second time.


3 Responses to September Event Schedule

  1. apocalypsmage says:

    Spirit can u remind me again at what points u get more cards at the season ending?
    I mean do u get 2 cards of ur choice if you are in the top 1000? and can 1 of them be traded?

  2. spiritofsword says:

    1st get 1 card of your choice when you have 100 tp after that if you are in top 1000 you can select 1-3 card of your choice depend on how much tp you have for more information

    1 card you get with 100 tp you can’t trade it but card you get when you are at top 1000 TP ranking duelist you can trade.

  3. apocalypsmage says:

    Thanks for the info 🙂

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