Patch From Konami on 31 August 2007

August 31, 2007

This patch seems to primarily add more content for upcoming npcs and shops.

In particular three cards have been added

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Kaibaman in particular is a card made for Seto Kaiba and his Blue-eyes white dragons.

-Further npc quotes have been added for in-duel commentary, demonstrating that Konami will have a wide range of decks for its bots.
-Extra images of playing character with the white uniforms animations have been added, so using them walking around is now possible. Im guessing these will be available from the shops, probably along with the cyclone black disk judging from the shop buy buttons.
These animations are referred to in the code as ‘chibi’; which I think means ‘small’ or ‘child’ in japanese. (Just another example of untranslated language, like in your profile directory there is a file called ‘kaban’, or ‘suitcase’ in japanese – it defines what decks you have out)

-Lastly the script for shops has been better defined, confirming that the currency will be mp. In places in the code MP=mileage points; maybe there will be new ways to earn it ?

Shop quotes:
“Hello There.”
“So, what’s it you’re after… Ho ho.”
“That’ll be @@dMP. You all right with that?”
“I’m afraid you’re short on points.”
“Ho ho ho… See you again soon!”
“How can I help? Hard Decision? Just take your time.”
“That will be @@dMP. Is that OK?”
“Sorry, I’m afraid you’re a bit short. ”
“Thank you! Please come by again.”

The double up in quotes is because there will be two shops.