Patch From Konami on 31 August 2007

This patch seems to primarily add more content for upcoming npcs and shops.

In particular three cards have been added

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Kaibaman in particular is a card made for Seto Kaiba and his Blue-eyes white dragons.

-Further npc quotes have been added for in-duel commentary, demonstrating that Konami will have a wide range of decks for its bots.
-Extra images of playing character with the white uniforms animations have been added, so using them walking around is now possible. Im guessing these will be available from the shops, probably along with the cyclone black disk judging from the shop buy buttons.
These animations are referred to in the code as ‘chibi’; which I think means ‘small’ or ‘child’ in japanese. (Just another example of untranslated language, like in your profile directory there is a file called ‘kaban’, or ‘suitcase’ in japanese – it defines what decks you have out)

-Lastly the script for shops has been better defined, confirming that the currency will be mp. In places in the code MP=mileage points; maybe there will be new ways to earn it ?

Shop quotes:
“Hello There.”
“So, what’s it you’re after… Ho ho.”
“That’ll be @@dMP. You all right with that?”
“I’m afraid you’re short on points.”
“Ho ho ho… See you again soon!”
“How can I help? Hard Decision? Just take your time.”
“That will be @@dMP. Is that OK?”
“Sorry, I’m afraid you’re a bit short. ”
“Thank you! Please come by again.”

The double up in quotes is because there will be two shops.


13 Responses to Patch From Konami on 31 August 2007

  1. source0 says:

    Oh, one more thing. Ive found the uniforms Ive been referring to as ‘white’ have official names – heres the complete list:

    Domino: White
    Domino: Red
    Domino: Yellow
    Domino: Black
    Tracksuit: Red
    Tracksuit: Green
    Tracksuit: Yellow
    Black Suit
    QUALIFIER’s Robe
    Academy: Red
    Academy: Yellow
    Academy: Blue
    Academy: Tracksuit
    Academy: Red 2
    Academy: Yellow 2
    Academy: Blue 2
    Domino Uniform
    Punk: Red
    Punk: Yellow
    Punk: Blue
    Academy: Red
    Academy: Yellow
    Academy: Blue

    So the game just calls them ‘ 2’

  2. apocalypsmage says:

    can u tell me which folder were these shop quotes in? or better in which file?

  3. DuelCrazy says:

    spiritofsword, What font do you use to view the file and can you give us a link to it. Or better yet tell us how.

  4. apocalypsmage says:

    i mean i know where those pictures of the cards are , but i cant find text quotes…
    appriciante if u could help

  5. source0 says:

    Text quotes are inside database files in a compressed form that have to be extracted manually in a long tedious process that takes too long to explain easily Im afraid.

  6. source0 says:

    Here is an example of a full npc script, there is about two dozen of these, and it took me awhile to format this one correctly – it really isnt that interesting for the most part ….

    You want to Duel? That’s fine by me!
    Ok! Give it your best shot!
    So, it’s you again.
    Is that a challenge? You’re on!
    You’re quitting? I have no problem with that. It’s best to duel when we are both on form!
    Let’s get started!…! Let’s DUEL!
    My turn! Draw!
    I summon @@m!
    @@m ATTACK!
    A Direct Attack!
    It all ends here!
    Activate Monster Effect!
    Activate Magic Card!
    Activate Trap Card! @@m!
    Activate Counter Trap! @@m!
    I summon a monster in set position!
    I place this card in set position!
    I end my Turn!
    My trump card never lets me down! @@m!
    What the… !!
    I shall now activate the effect of @@m!
    Go! @@m!
    I win. However, I know you can do much better than this.
    I’m sure you’ll be back again, stronger…
    I win.
    Come back anytime if you want a duel!
    The ability to know the heart of the cards and to believe in one’s deck. That’s what gets me through in tough duels.
    Come back anytime if you want a duel!…!
    Honourable draw.
    The real strength of the duelist is what matters when a duel is on the line.
    You did good! Great duel too!
    I… lose. You did your self proud!
    What!? I Lost?
    This card is telling me that… it wants to be with you. Take it. One day, it might just become your partner.

  7. spiritofsword says:

    About MP = Mileage Point maybe Mileage Point you have now X100 = MP in Card Shop.
    For Example if you have 50 Mileage Point you will have 5,000 MP in Card Shop, Nothing confirn just my guess.

    Normally I don’t put information about “Text quotes” because I don’t know how to extract them because it’s compress but source0 can do it and and sent me information he got.This blog have 2 Main Writer me and source0 and there is some spare/support writer You can look which article who post at the bottom of the post.

    because they add Shop Quotes along with NPC data maybe NPC and Card Shop will available at the same time at 7 September 2007 just wait and see.

  8. source0 says:

    In one of your earlier posts spirit, you said it might be 150mp for cards, i think maybe it might be 150=an entire booster pack. It would take ages to accumulate that.
    Or maybe you might be able to earn mp against npcs.

    Once you put on another writer, obviously all the information will become avilable to them as well.

  9. apocalypsmage says:

    Thanks for the info guys

  10. Mattwo says:

    This card is telling me that… it wants to be with you. Take it. One day, it might just become your partner. Didn’t yugi/atem say that to jaden?

  11. source0 says:

    In the English version when yugi gives jaiden winged kuribo his exact words are : “Why don’t you take this, something just tells me that it belongs with you.”

    Of course, it could have just been a dealer giving out free samples to get people hooked too …..

  12. obeliske6 says:

    anyone plz tell me how ti get god cards or wat we get to beat yugi or kaiba after 30+ duels
    i will wait for anser

  13. source0 says:

    obeliske6: from all reports the god cards are not being used yet, also character npcs (the ones you know) only give prizes at 5,10,15,20 wins, less npcs give prizes at 5 and 8-9 wins.

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