OCG Ban/Restrict List 1 September 2007

August 18, 2007

Ban: (Not allow in deck)
Witch of The Black Forest Witch
Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of The Beginning –
Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of the End –
Chaos Sorceror
Fiber Jar
Makyura The Destructor
Sinister Serpent
Tribe Infecting Virus
Magical Scientist
Cyber Jar
Thousand Eyes Restrict
Cyber Stein
Victory Dragon
Harpy’s Feather Duster
Monster Reborn
Butterfly Dagger – Elma
Mirage of Nightmare
The Forceful Sentry
Change of Heart
Painful Choice
Delinquent Duo
Cathedral of Nobles
Dark Hole
Pot of Greed
Graceful Charity
Last Will
Metamorphosis **
Confiscation **
Snatch Steal **
Imperial Order
Sixth Sense
Exchange of the Spirit
Last Turn
Time Seal
Ring of Destruction **

Restricted (Allow 1 per deck – Main and Side Deck):
Morphing Jar
Exodia The Forbidden One
Right Leg
Left Leg
Left Hand
Right Hand
Twinheaded Behemoth
Dark Magician of Chaos
D.D. Warrior Lady
Treeborn Frog
Forest Guard Green Baboon
Spirit Reaper
Night Assailant
Neo-Spacian Grand Mole
Emissary of Hades – Gorz
E-Hero Stratos
Card Trooper *
Snipe Hunter *
Destiny Hero – Disk Commander *
Breaker The Magical Warrior **
Magician of Faith **
Heavy Storm
Premature Burial
Card Destruction

Swords of Revealing Light
Mage’s Power
United We Stand
Mystical Space Typhoon
Book of Moon
Limiter Removal
Magic Stone Excavation
Level Limit Area B
Future Fusion
Overload Fusion
Dimensional Fusion
Chain Strike
Seal Gold Coffer
Giant Trunade

Smashing Ground *
Fissure *
Brain Control *
Megamorph *

Torrential Tribute
Crush Card
Magic Cylinder
Call of The Haunted
Mirror Force
Ultimate Offering
Gravity Bind
Mind Crush
Trap Dustshoot *
The Transmigration Prophecy *
Wall of Revealing Light **

Semi-Limited: (Allow 2 per deck – Main and Side Deck)
Manticore of Darkness
Apprentice Magician
Mask of Darkness
Yellow Gadget *
Green Gadget *
Red Gadget *
Destiny Hero – Malicious * (D-Hero Diabolic Guy in JPN)
Creature Swap
Reinforcement of The Army
Pot of Avarice **
Nobleman of Crossout **
Reckless Greed
Royal Decree *

3 Per Deck change from Old Ban/Restrict List
D.D. Assailant
Protector of the Sanctuary
Good Goblin Housekeeping
Deck Devastation Virus

Blue = Chane/Different from Old Ban/Restrict List

Credit from Nintendo World BBS,DM Comet and Gondora

About This Ban/Restrict List Its good Demise OTK weaker than before because metamorphosis and megamorph ,Smashing Ground and Fissure restricted to 1 because of High Usage of Gadget Deck on Japanese Metagame but 2 set of Gadget can play and you can use Hammer Shot instead.Brain Control Limited to 1 also Breaker and MOF comeout.Card Trooper limited to 1 because of Popularity in TCG (It’s not Popular in JPN) some strange of this Ban List is Why they don’t Restricted Light and Darkness Dragon

It’s second most popular Deck in Japanese Metagame call Destiny Raida (Most Popular is Gadget) but D-Hero Malicious and D-Hero Disk guy limited to 2 Light and Darkness Dragon still rock.

YU-GI-OH Online Ban/Restrict List follow Real Life OCG Ban/Restrict List 90% or more.I can’t remember exactly how long They will change Ban/Restrict in online, When new season come? or about 6 month? if they change Ban/Restrict List when new season come it’s not too long, Ring of Destruction will no more the most rare Card on Japanese Card Rate if Konami didn’t change anything and follow this Ban/Restrict List.


Patch From Konami on 17 August 2007

August 17, 2007

Patch today add a new uniform White Uniform into data (a same uniform Marufuji Ryo and Tenjoin Fubuki have)

Add a Backgound image,Icon,Button in Card Shop


Kame’s Card Shop


Academy Card Shop

Add NPC profile


The alternative personality that Yugi Muto shares his body with as a result of him completing the “Millenium Puzzle”.On taking control, it alters Yugi’s physical appearance even down to his facial expressions. As a duelist, his abilities are unmatched and he was crowned the “King of Duels” on winning the Battle City Tournament.His deck is built around the “Dark Magician” card and is very versatile enabling him to deal with all sorts of opponents. The exact identity of this alternative personality appears to lead to Ancient Egypt…


Yugi’s friend from childhood. She dreams of going to New York and becoming a dancer. She has no real aspirations to become an accomplished duelist, but was good enough to convincingly beat Joey Wheeler while he was a relative novice to dueling.She is said to have feelings towards Yami Yugi…


President of the Kaiba Corporation while still attending High School. Kaiba and Yugi are the greatest of rivals; taking on each other in the most heated of Duels.Kaiba’s favourite strategy is to construct a power deck around 3 “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” cards with which he likes to completely obliterate his opponents.



A member of the Kaiba Corporation who officiated and refereed the Battle City Tournament. A disciplined individual, with a very stern outlook, but a complete push-over for Seto Kaiba and his brother Mokuba who hold the position of President and Vice-President of the Kaiba Corporation.


A 3rd year duelist at the Duel Academy.Despite being placed in the lowest ranked dormitory “Slifer Red”, he is a duelist of very high calibre. His bright personality and luck in card draws have pulled him through many trials and travailations in the past.Jaden also has the power to see the spirit that exists in every card.His deck is a combination of the “Elemental-HERO” and “Neo Spacian” decks.Favourite quote: “Got ya!!”


A 3rd year Obelisk Blue duelist.Her unmatched beauty has led to her being branded the “Queen of Obelisk Blue”. She has a strong male following, but seems completely unaware of this.She likes to use a deck built around “Cyber Girl” cards and is also an elite duelist as her “Obelisk Blue” status confirms.


A 3rd year duelist at the Duel academy. He like, Jaden, is also placed in the “Slifer Red Dormitories”.Before that, He was an elite Duelist placed in the “Obelisk Blue Dormitories”, but left the Academy once after being defeated by Jaden and Bastion Misawa.Chazz on his return was a far better duelist than he was at the time he left.His deck is built around the “Ojama Trio” card which he acquired during the time he attended the “North Academy” and it also features cards such as “Armed Dragon” and the “V to Z” cards. Chazz also tends to alter his deck from duel to duel.He too, like Jaden, posses the power to see the spirit that exists in each card.

They add NPC duel result Screen 

There is 12 NPC but right now only have 7 profiles.They add the quots of each NPC also.

Yugi: “This card is telling me that… it wants to be with you. Take it. One day, it might just become your partner.”
“Could you take care of this for me? It’s my… most treasured card…”
Kaiba: “Hm Your grit and determination does surprise me. Whether it was for luck or any other reason, the truth remains that you still fluked a win out of me. I guess that’s worthy of praise! Now, here’s your prize. Take it!”
Kaiba: “Hm Your grit and determination does surprise me. It doesn’t change the truth that you are a third rate Duelist, but I’ll accept that you have guts. Now, here’s your prize. Take it!”
“I know you are a much better duelist than this! Don’t disappoint me! …Here. Take this. Just come back stronger next time!”
Tea: “You really blew me away there… Oh well… Let’s duel again! I’ll make sure that I’ll win next time! By the way… @@s. Thanks for dueling with me! Here. Have this! It’s a little token of our friendship!” (@@S is a substitute for your name)
Jaden: “You really are some duelist! Nothing can give me more joy than taking on the very best! I guess this is my lucky day! Oh yeah! Here, have it! It’s like a lucky charm! I hope you really like it!”
Jaden: “You really are some duelist! I can’t believe it! You whooped my Hero cards! Oh! Yeah! I was thinking about giving you this… I hope you don’t mind… I really want you to have this. @@s.”
Chazz: “I didn’t expect you to do so well. Well, here’s your prize. …Take it.”
“Here! Take your prize! You better thank me for it!”
“Fine, I’ll accept this defeat. I can’t believe that I got turned over so easily. I guess I’m just nowhere near as good as my brother. …Oh! I almost forgot. Take this…” (The preceeding text looks more like alexis, but this line looks more like syrus?)
“You really got me there. … @@s. Here’s a little something. You will accept it won’t you? …Erm…Yes, that’s it. This is from my brother Atticus. …He wanted you to have this. …Don’t get any funny ideas! This is from my brother! Not from me! Got it!? … …stupid.”
“Here…have it. You going to take it or what? …!…!! Well…Yes, yes… It’s a present from me! You got any problems with that!? Just shut up and take it! Then put it away!

Credit : source0

It seem like Card Shop/Mileage and CPU will coming soon, Duel with NPC may not free because it seem like you will get cards after you win them.

Card Shop may open when They discontinue all old pack in ygo online 1 wait until 307 discontinue while Tactical Evolution come out.maybe Beginner’s Pack 4-5 or Expert Pack will come out after 307 gone too.You may have another currency to buy pack in Card Shop and it seem like you can buy Avatar Item too.

NPC may come out after this YOC finish because it seem like you will get some cards from NPC and if it’s come here at this time a lot of player will busy finding cards to use at YOC.

Japanese Cards Rate

August 16, 2007

Japanese Cards Rate is a Rate Chart from Japanese Player to see which card is rarer, How rare it is.They update it often and change a Rate when New Cards come.

News Card Rate at 2007/11/15 19:19:01

【SS】Championship Cards >Teva>Watapon>Riryoku>Maximum Six>Dark Ruler Vandalgyon
【S】The Tricky>Haniwa、Thunder Kids、Skull Zoma, Soul Taker>White Dolphin >Dark Paladin >Exodia Necross
【A】USA Promo Red Eyes Black Dragon Green Background>Blue Eyes Shining Dragon>Dark Dreadroute>Theinen The Great Sphinx>Emes The Infinity>Red Eyes Darkness Dragon>Vampire Genesis>Gilford The Legend>Alkana Knight Joker
【B】Dark Magician’s Tome of Black Magic>Warrior Lady of The Wasteland>Legendary Fiend、Owner’s Seal、Tricky’s Magic 4、Calamity of The Wicked、Rigras Leever, Pyramid of The Light, Stauch Defender、Sebek’s Blessing、Familiar Knight 、Chimera The Flying Mythical Beast、Overpowering Eye>Blood Sucker、Triage
【C】MP100 Cards=Fiend’s Sanctuary>Dark Necrofear>GS5Win Alternate Art、VJ Promo Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon
【D】Corpse of Yata-Garasu>Strike Ninja>Shield Crash>Nightmares Steelcage、Goblin Zombie、Crush Card Virus、Foolish Burial>Gadget Set
【E】Summon Priest、Kuriboh Trial 50、Magician’s Valkyrie、Gale Dogra、D.D. Scout Plane、Cold Wave、Marshmallon、Mask of Restrict、Lord of Dragon, Toon Dark Magician Girl >Dark Ruler Hades、Command Knight
【F】Interdimensional Matter Transporter、D.D.Warrior Lady、Magical Mallet、Terrorking Archfiend、Prohibition
Metal Reflect Slime、D.D. Assailant、Shrink、Thestalos The Firestorm Monarch、Five God Dragon>Dark Scorpian Meanae The Thorn>Dark Magician Girl、Just Desserts、Inferno Reckless Summon>Destiny Board、Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys>Gorz The Emissary of Darkness、Time Wizard、Soul Exchange>The Legendary Fisherman, Chimeratech Overdragon、Amazoness Sword Woman、Amazoness Archers, Card Trader、Enemy Controller、Great Maju Garzett、Stealth Bird、Insect Princess、Blade Knight 、Banisher of Radience、Cyber Dragon、Zaborg The Thunder Monarch、Trap Dustshoot、Mobius The Frost Monarch、Fuhma Shuriken、Dark Master – Zorc、Des Koala、Magical Dimension、Blue Eyes White Dragon、Hydrogeddon、D.D.Crow、Lava Golem、Monster Gate、Des Wombat、Reckless Greed、Birthright、Rziza The Storm Monarch、Freed The Brave Wanderer、XYZ Dragon Cannon、Sapphire Pegasus、Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon、D-Hero Diamong Dude、Upstart Goblin、Kinetic Soldier、Meteor of Destruction、Good Goblin Housekeeping、Mirage Knight、Exodia The Forbidden One、Nightmare Wheel、Cyber Shield、Macro Cosmos、D.D. Survivor

Translate from

38 :名も無き冒険者:2007/11/15(木) 19:19:01 ID:icR3+pXd

ピラミッド、強敵、セベク、キマイラ 、ファミナイ、魔眼>サッカー、方舟
【G】メタリフ、アサイ、収縮、炎帝、FGD>ミーネ>BMG、自得、暴走>ウィジャ、ネフ>ゴーズ、時魔、クロソ>フィッシャー 【微レア】キメラ、アマ剣、AA トレーダー、エネコン、偉大、ステルス、インプリ、ブレナイ 、閃光、サイドラ、バインド、雷帝、ダスト、氷帝、風魔手裏剣、ゾーク、コアラ、ディメマ、白龍、ゲドン、クロウ、ラヴァ、モンゲ、ゲドン、ウォンバット、無謀、正統、風帝、フリード、XYZ、サファイアP、完グレ 究極、ダイアモンドガイ、成金、サイファー、デスメテオ、やりくり、ミラナイ、胴体、車輪、ボンテージ、マクロ、生還者


USA Promo Red Eyes Black Dragon Green Background is Special Duel Pass bundle with Shonen Jump May Edition during 2005/4/28

and This Duel Pass also bundle with YU-GI-OH Duel Monster Beginners Pack 2005

You got 30 Duel Point with Special Card Red Eyes Black Dragon Green Background

V-Jump Promo is Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon Duel Pass bundle with V-Jump November Edition during 2005/9/21

You got 10 Duel Point with Special Card Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon

Even it’s a Rate Chart don’t strict with it too much, just trade for what you and other want it’s ok.

Loser’s Card and Secret Normal

August 16, 2007

Everytime when you lose in event like Gunslinger/Duelist Trial, Card you get is normal monster card that will random everytime you lose.In each season there is different loser’s card and there is 1 card in loser pack that’s Extremely Rare usually at 4-5 at Japanese Card Rate I call it Secret Normal.

First Season Spring 2007 It’s Thunder Kid

Other cards in Loser’s Pack can see it at http://www.geocities.jp/yugiohonlinepart000007/make01.html

Second Season Summer 2007 It’s Haniwa

Other cards in Loser’s Pack http://www.geocities.jp/yugiohonlinepart000007/make02.html

Third Season Winter 2007 (This Season) It’s White Dolphin

Other cards in Loser’s Pack in This Season http://www.geocities.jp/yugiohonlinepart000007/make03.html

It’s seem like Konami will make 1 Secret Normal in each season and it’s very rare card hard to get it even you lose a lot but if you aren’t collector this cards mean nothing to you.

I update Link now there is more useful link seperate by Category more Online Card List also (JPN language).

Duel Disk

August 14, 2007

In Yu-Gi-Oh! ONLINE 2 there are now 18 Duel Disks (Domino Battle City Duel Disk 9 and Academy Duel Disk 9). Duel Disks are an Avatar part that you can’t trade to receive, but they have to be earned by satisfying different conditions.
Any Duel Disks that you do own can be placed on the shelf in Your room. The Disk you select will then appear on the screen when you are duelling.

Domino Battle City Duel Disks

Battle City Model

A Next-Gen Duel Disk developed by the Kaiba Corporation. Became the official Tournament Duel Disk at the Battle City Tournament.
(Received from the start)

Battle City Black

A prize for the “TP Ranking” high achievers. Like a black belt, this Duel disk is the sign of an expert Duelist.
(Received after achieving 500 Tournament Points or more at the end of any season)

Battle City Red

A Duel Disk which was presented to all CHAMPIONSHIP. What a Glorious shade of Red!
(Received after competing in YU-GI-OH Online Championship Spring 2007)

Battle City Blue

A Duel Disk which was presented to all CHAMPIONSHIP Participants. Comes in a very cool shade of blue!
(Received after competing in YU-GI-OH Online Championship Summer 2007 )

Battle City Yellow

Comes in a finish fit for any Egyptian God. Certainly makes you look the part!
(Received after competing in YU-GI-OH Online Championship Winter 2007 )

Battle City A

This Duel Disk was developed as the successor to the “Battle City Model”. As it is much larger in size, it can switch to stand-by mode.
(Received by buying from Card Shop for 1 MP)

Blade Gold

A Duel disk awarded only to the CHAMPIONSHIP winner. It is the sign of a true Champion.
(Received only by the winner in YU-GI-OH Online Championships)

Blade Silver

A Prize exclusive to YOC FINALISTS. Comes in a very classy silver finish. Just like its owner.
(Receive by the Qualifiers in YU-GI-OH Online Championship) (Top 16)

Battle City A Black

The Battle City a model now available in Black. A Duel disk for the sophisticated.
(Receive by Buying from Card Shop for 10 MP)

Duel Academy Duel Disks

Duel Academy Model

The Official Duel Disk at the Duel Academy. Can swicth between Duel and Standby Modes.
(Received from the start)

Academy Black

A prize for the “TP Ranking” high achievers. This is something you can really show off to your classmates!
(Received after achieving 500 Tournament Points or more at the end of any season)

Academy Red

This Duel Disk was awarded to all CHAMPIONSHIP participants. A perfect match for your Slifer Red Uniform!
(Received after competing in YU-GI-OH Online Championship Spring 2007)

Academy Blue

A Duel Disk which was presented to all CHAMPIONSHIP Participants. A perfect match for students of Obelisk Blue.
(Received after competing in YU-GI-OH Online Championship Summer 2007 )

Academy Yellow

A Duel Disk which was presented to all CHAMPIONSHIP Participants.
Finally, the perfect Duel Disk for the students of Ra Yellow.
(Received after competing in YU-GI-OH Online Championship Winter 2007 )


A Duel Disk which was developed as the successor to the “Academy Model”. Has a sensor that lights up and rotates during Duel Mode which is where its name comes from.
(Received after participating in YU-GI-OH Online Questionnaire)

Cyclone Gold

The Winner’s Prize from CHAMPIONSHIP .Having one is a true honour and privilege above all others.
(Received only by the winner in YU-GI-OH Online Championships)

Cyclone Silver

A Prize exclusive to YOC FINALISTS. The Silver Finish is a perfect compliment for the bright lights of the Cyclone Duel Disk.
(Receive by the Qualifiers in YU-GI-OH Online Championship) (Top 16)

Cyclone Black

Super-cool Chrome black version of the Cyclone Duel disk. The finish perfectly compliments the rotating lights.
(Receive by Buying from Card Shop)

Some Cards That normally in Pack but didn’t

August 14, 2007

Normally YU-GI-OH Online Booster/Pack follow JPN OCG pack, except for First Pack-307 pack that konami remove some cards and make it’s a GS/DT/CS Cards (but 95-98% follow OCG Pack), But when YU-GI-OH Online upgrade to Duel Evolution Pack release after that Konami didn’t remove any cards in pack to GS/DT/CS Cards, but There is some cards that normally in that booster but you can’t find it in YU-GI-OH Online Booster/Pack.

For Example Pole Position is in OCG Flaming Eternity but it’s not in Online FET, Kaiser Colosseum and Metal Silver Armor aren’t in Online 302 or Pack 25.

I don’t know why konami remove this card from online FET booster/pack maybe it’s because Infinite Loop of this card or programing error (Thanks to bluenosed who told me about that).

I don’t know is there other cards that normally in pack but konami remove it or not if anyone find out about that let me know.Maybe sometime konami will add it in that booster you can know it was add by looking at Pack Completion Rate.

Now Konami release some of this cards such as Spatial Collapse, Lone Wolf, Soul Absorption, Soitsu as an MP Cards It’s mean Some Cards that normally in pack but didn’t will appear again in form of MP Cards.

Level List

August 10, 2007

In YU-GI-OH Online Player have a different Level depending on Score They have, In The Past There is only 8 LV .Level and score reset to 0 at each month several month later before YU-GI-OH Online change to YU-GI-OH Online Duel Evolution Konami change from 8 Level to 30 Level.Now There is 30 LV for Player each LV require an amount of score.

In YU-GI-OH Online some Uniform Player will receive when LV reach a condition like.

Osiris Red Uniform : Receive from the start

Ra Yellow Uniform : Receive when LV reach 10

Obelisk Blue Uniform : Receive when LV reach 20

Domino Highschool Uniform : Recive from the start

Score List for Each Level

Level 02 – 0-49 (difference 50)
Level 03 – 50-149 (difference 100)
Level 04 – 150-299 (difference 150)
Level 05 – 300-499 (difference 200)
Level 06 – 500-799 (difference 300)
Level 07 – 800-1199 (difference 400)
Level 08 – 1200-1700 (difference 500)
Level 09 – 1700-2399 (difference 700)
Level 10 – 2400-3299 (difference 900)
Level 11 – 3300-4499 (difference 1100)
Level 12 – 4500-5999 (difference 1500)
Level 13 – 6000-7999 (difference 2000)
Level 14 – 8000-10499 (difference 2500)
Level 15 – 10500-13499 (difference 3000)
Level 16 – 13500-17499 (difference 4000)
Level 17 – 17500-22499 (difference 5000)
Level 18 – 22500-29499 (difference 7000)
Level 19 – 29500-39999 (Guess: 29500-39999, difference 10500?, 29500 min level confirmed)
(Note: I want to re-verify 29500 but I’m 99% sure this is true)

Level 20 – 40000,54984 (Guess: 40000-54999, difference 15000, 40000 min level confirmed)
Level 21 – 55686,74999 (Guess: 55000-74999, difference 20000, 74999 max level confirmed)
Level 22 – 75000,104725 (Guess: 75000-104999, difference 30000, 75000 min level confirmed)
Level 23 – 105141,148189 (Guess: 105000-144999?, difference 40000?)
Level 24 – 150080,189228
Level 25 – 200049,265377
Level 26 – 284807,292704
Level 27 – 400002,473823
Level 28 – 494879,495711

How you earn points from duels (work in progress):
Win: 40pts
Win against opponent at least one level higher than you: +7 bonus (this is per duel)
Win for a match: +1 bonus (only if opponent is a higher level than you)
Win against opponent at least 4 levels higher than you: +1 bonus (only 1 bonus per duel/match)
Loss against lower level: -16pts (still investigating…)
Loss against same level: -1pt (per duel, still investigating…)
Loss against 1-3 levels higher than you: -1 (per match)
Loss against 4 levels higher than you: 0 (per match)

So, for instance if you’re level 17 and you win a match against a level 21, here is how the score is compiled:
2x(40+7)+1+1 = 96 pts (if the duel was against a level 18,19, or 20 it would be 95 pts instead of 96)

If you just duel a single against someone who is one level higher than you and you win, you get 47 points (40 plus the 7 bonus points; it would be 48 if your opponent were 4 levels higher than you are)

If you duel against someone the same level as you are lower and you win the match, it’s only 80 points total as you do not get the bonuses.

The only exception to this is a single win against opponent at least 4 levels lower than you: 32pts, but winning a match will still net you 80 (I’m still researching it as it is a bit strange, but I have confirmed it does happen)

Credit from music_guru

For Someone who want to see LV30 Player, LV30 Player didn’t get anything special from Konami.

Credit : Alice and Jakarade

About LV from my experience It’s seem like High Level Player have more chance to get rare/good cards from opening pack and if you make a same deck but one with high Level one with low level It seem like High LV Player have more chance to get a better hand when start (I’m not sure about it).