Championship Summer 2007 Prize Cards

Championship Winner Card is XYZ Dragon Cannon

Finalist got Dark Magician Alternate Art

Best 4 got Kaibaman

Top 8 got Watapon

Top 16 got Rare Metal Dragon

Credit : Hanma Baki Blog


7 Responses to Championship Summer 2007 Prize Cards

  1. Yehoo says:

    Ah great… Another bad yoc cards!!! These 3 cards don’t deserve to be YOC cards lol
    Think they will not morth much like the other one…

  2. source0 says:

    Thats it for the yoc champion ??

    I agree, xyz is weak – it was a prize in 2 gs. The yoc winner should be given something much better; even free choice of all the cards (so they could select xyz if they really wanted it) would have been better than that.

    As for the other cards, kaibaman could be useful, watapon wouldnt be much good and im not even sure about rare metal dragon – does it mean you can only special summon it (via some other card) ?

    Although I competed in yoc (and didnt get far at all) I reckon all that might be worth it would be the extra avatar parts then.

    So I guess yoc summer is over now ? any ideas when the duel logs will be added like the spring yoc ones ?

  3. GilCore says:

    I also agree xyz isn’t the best prize card. In response to source0, rare metal dragon can actually be quite useful. Off the top of my head, the first combo I can recall is being able to special summon him via the effect of maruading captain. Any way that allows special summoning from the hand or graveyard can be used with him.

  4. apocalypsmage says:

    yah i agree with most of you on the fact that these Yoc cards are too bad…
    and the logs should appear by the end of this week, thats how it was after the last championship..

  5. almir4 says:

    Dark Magician xD

  6. ALMIR4 says:

    i dont for other but some of this cards are nice for trade and coolection except DARK MAGICIAN x_x

  7. willy diaz says:

    I chaleng you to a online dule

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