Avatar Creation – Future accessories

September 4, 2007

Yugioh! has many possible avatar variations, including some below that may be enabled soon.

Hair Style (Front): Skinhead, Quiff Lv1, Quiff Lv2, Quiff Lv3, Afro Lv1, Afro Lv2, Afro Lv3

Clothes: Tracksuit: Red, Tracksuit: Green, Tracksuit: Yellow, Black Suit, Academy: Tracksuit, Academy: Red 2, Academy: Yellow 2, Academy: Blue 2, Punk: Red, Punk: Yellow, Punk: Blue

Facial Accessory: Sunglasses, Red Specs, Green Specs, Black Specs, Brown Specs, Blue Specs, Pink Specs, Frameless Specs

Duel disk: Blade, Blade black, cyclone black

When these variations are enabled, the following examples below would be possible:

Picture 1: Academy tracksuit

Picture 2: Afro, cyclone duel disk (already enabled), Sunglasses

Picture 3: New female hairstyle (maybe a quiff variant)

Picture 4: Tracksuit: red (domino), blade duel disk

Picture 5: Punk: red

Picture 6: Sunglasses, black suit

Here is my (poor) photoshop effort of a possible new avatar creation (using only valid parts):

The king is back !

Now Some of this Avatar Parts are available to player you can get Avatar Parts from Card Shop and NPC.