Avatar Creation – Future accessories

Yugioh! has many possible avatar variations, including some below that may be enabled soon.

Hair Style (Front): Skinhead, Quiff Lv1, Quiff Lv2, Quiff Lv3, Afro Lv1, Afro Lv2, Afro Lv3

Clothes: Tracksuit: Red, Tracksuit: Green, Tracksuit: Yellow, Black Suit, Academy: Tracksuit, Academy: Red 2, Academy: Yellow 2, Academy: Blue 2, Punk: Red, Punk: Yellow, Punk: Blue

Facial Accessory: Sunglasses, Red Specs, Green Specs, Black Specs, Brown Specs, Blue Specs, Pink Specs, Frameless Specs

Duel disk: Blade, Blade black, cyclone black

When these variations are enabled, the following examples below would be possible:

Picture 1: Academy tracksuit

Picture 2: Afro, cyclone duel disk (already enabled), Sunglasses

Picture 3: New female hairstyle (maybe a quiff variant)

Picture 4: Tracksuit: red (domino), blade duel disk

Picture 5: Punk: red

Picture 6: Sunglasses, black suit

Here is my (poor) photoshop effort of a possible new avatar creation (using only valid parts):

The king is back !

Now Some of this Avatar Parts are available to player you can get Avatar Parts from Card Shop and NPC.

18 Responses to Avatar Creation – Future accessories

  1. DeeKay says:

    Unfortunately this combination (see link) won’t be possible ^^

  2. source0 says:

    well, actually it is possible, thats the underwear avatar that is in the code – its just they dont make it a valid selection. (The male variant is also wearing blue boxer shorts)

    Im not sure I would be able to keep my mind on the duel though !

  3. Ryan says:

    well if they do that underwear thing. Some people will use it as a cyber sex thhing O.o?
    oh my!! now thats creepy

  4. spiritofsword says:

    Underwear isn’t for walking around, it’s just model for character design.There is sometime bug appear and cloth will gone you will see character in underwear.

  5. DeeKay says:

    I wouldn’t call it underwear, it looks more like a bikini, so it’s nothing perverse. At a beach or a swimming pool it’s not uncommon to wear something like this 😉
    I hope that there will be an indoor swimmingpool, where you can wear this 😀

  6. apocalypsmage says:

    lol i sure hope so DeeKay, maybe they can even create beach area at the DA lobby, after all there’s a sea present 🙂

  7. source0 says:

    There is an indoor pool at the academy, as seen in episode 34:

    You also get to see kaibaman in action too !

  8. Mattwo says:

    erm isn’t that the hot spirngs that are on the east side of the island? (See: Spirit caller)

  9. james says:

    why is the shop not open plz tell me why

  10. X says:

    from where i get blade disk ? and acdmey blue2 , yellow 2 , red 2 ?

  11. source0 says:

    james: Konami is still testing the shop and holding it back – they have to spread the goodies out 😉

    x: blade disk and the other uniforms havent been released yet, some of the avatar bits above have been made available now as prizes from the npcs, but not the pieces you seek

  12. RYAN says:


  13. obeliske6 says:

    if god cards not out yet so y they show them on http://www.duelevolution.wordpress.com and i beat kaiba 40 times and he still didnt use his g0d card deck.i think it was a lie to us to spend more dps on npc s ^^

  14. spiritofsword says:

    Only Konami know a release date of Card Shop.

    Every week Konami fixing a bug and add some cards in data but some cards for release some cards for future release.It doesn’t mean when they add cards Those Cards are release now.

  15. Niblet says:

    RYAN – Konami will release the date the shop will open on the main site.

  16. tyty says:


  17. rex says:

    how can i play

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