New cards added – 07 Sept

September 7, 2007

The new update (amongst other things) has enabled the following cards:

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It appears that these cards were added to help give npcs the edge at higher levels ….

NPC Duels

September 7, 2007

NPC is a new system, Konami promote it since YU-GI-OH Online Duel Evolution release (around December-January) after a long waiting it’s release on 7 September 2007.NPC = Non Player Characters It’s a system that let you duel with CPU Opponent other than dueling with other people.

NPC Duels will all be single duels with the outcome having no effect on your overall level, score or total Win-Loss record. NPC duels will cost 1dp with 1 card awarded after each duel (You can Open Pack normally,You can’t open Discontinue Pack).

You can seperate NPC and Player by looking on the Flag, NPC flag are below.

* Some NPC’s may refuse a duel if certain conditions are not met! such as Kaiba and Alexis will refuse a duel until you beat gouk and lalala 5 times respectively.

“Friendship Level” describes just how well you get on with NPC’s.

Each individual NPC has their own “Friendship Level”.

“Friendship Level” is shown by the number of starts above an NPC avatar’s head.

Please note that there is a maximum limit to “Friendship Level”.Once this is reached, the level will no longer increase no matter how many further duels you play.

NPC’s will reward you at higher friendship levels with items such as cards, avatar parts as well as deck recipes.

* If you are given a “Deck Recipe”, please note that you will not get the cards that make it up.

A “Deck Recipe” Yoy got from NPC is a “Structured Deck” entry that tells you what cards are needed to build a certain themed deck.

When you are given a “Deck Recipe” you will not automatically get the cards that make it up.

If you don’t have the cards that are needed to recreate the deck, they will be listed under “Cards Missing”. Some recipes may also included certain cards that may be forbidden or restricted by the rules, so it is up to you to adapt the recipe to suit.

You can Duel with NPC by click on NPC and accept Duel