New cards added – 07 Sept

The new update (amongst other things) has enabled the following cards:

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It appears that these cards were added to help give npcs the edge at higher levels ….

34 Responses to New cards added – 07 Sept

  1. Mattwo says:

    wow god cards o.o

  2. Niblet says:

    Thank you spirt, awesome info as always 🙂

  3. apocalypsmage says:

    lol where´s the Ra God card…. there are only 2 on that( Obelisk and Slifer)

  4. Agita3000 says:

    And from where can we get these awesome cards?

  5. Muraz says:

    Obviously The Winged Dragon of Ra is far too powerful to be released to us mortals … I knew that God cards would be released someday. The option to search for Divine monsters in the Deck Shop was a giveaway.

    The most important cards in all of that are Gorz and Stratos, though. Gorz is a major OCG card, glad we’re going to get to play with it.

  6. CMPunk says:

    The Winged Dragon of Ra was probably not added because his character, Marik, hasn’t been added to domino city yet. Slifer is for Yami and Obelisk is for Kaiba (If they’re doing it by the battle city god card holders). I heard that Obelisk may be given away by Kaiba and Slifer may be given away by Yami, but no Marik or Ra yet.

  7. MASTER0SHADOW0X says:

    SLIFER O_O wow , i think u will need 100 wins 2 get lol , thanks for the info

  8. apocalypsmage says:

    master u can only do 20 wins…

  9. Mattwo says:

    later levels? hell jaden has stratos allready for me and I never beat him….

  10. MarcelAndre says:

    Anybody who can tell me how i get Gorz and Stratos?

  11. MASTER0SHADOW0X says:

    so ? i donot think any1 saw any god card , hmm maybe they r gs cards but it will be gs 10 and 9 or tp cards or i donot know hehe

  12. MASTER0SHADOW0X says:

    i saw many of this cards with NPCs but no slifer

  13. Daimyo says:

    god cards in the game? lol..

  14. CMPunk says:

    I heard that after 20 wins against them, Yami uses slifer and Kaiba uses Obelisk.

  15. Niblet says:

    That isn’t true CMPunk. I dueled Yugi 30 times and after 20 wins you get his deck list. No God cards were in it.

  16. ronskull says:

    This is only the beggining, maybe we will see yugi playing with a god card in the future, but for now 20 wins is the max. you can play with yugi, kaiba, tea, etc.

  17. MarcelAndre says:

    You can see a list about the NPC´s and the presents you´re getting at

  18. CMPunk says:

    I remember SVG said in the comment box on they dueled both yugi and kaiba 50 times each and they started using god cards after 20 wins. Maybe it was a lie or I misunderstood, too bad my computer got screwed up and I have to fix it before I can duel any npc’s, I would be dueling them non-stop.

  19. xXx says:

    lol dont believe SVG anything he is the greatest Scammer& liar in this game!

  20. obeliske6 says:

    i beat kaiba 50 times and stil nothing and a guy in domino was sayingthat yugi 3rd deck suck and when we ask him that after how many wins kaiba or yugi use there 3rd deck he says 45 but i think i was a lie too
    stupid noobs make us waest us our dps -.-

  21. CMPunk says:

    I suggested something like npcs in that online survey for konami, but not if its costing people so much dps just to get more avatar stuff. How about more and better cards as prizes? I’d rather have that than just avatar pieces and deck recipies. Though the npcs are way better to duel against than autoduel most the time since they don’t use all of the same staples as most users do.

  22. yugimoto says:

    i have the god card slifer the sky dragon there no point trying to duel me 100times im not giving it away so stop bugging me you nerd/geeks

  23. cpkonami says:

    why dont you just shut up yugimoto since we think your a Scammers telling us Lies thta you dont have it

  24. yugimoto says:

    who say i dont have it i said im not giving away my god card to a noob like you

  25. obeliske6 says:

    if u even sh0w me 1 of egyption card in trade i will give u 2 necros for free @ yugimoto lol XD
    that should prove u scammer

  26. obeliske6 says:

    i mean gyption god cards ^^

  27. RA says:

    how u get the god cards

  28. mattwo says:

    ya don’t

  29. yugimoto says:

    hahaha if you want to see my god card you have to be a yoc duelist i only use it when im serious

  30. Seto Kaiba says:

    yugi, i have obelisk and i want to duel you!!! don’t be to disheartened when i take slifer from your crippled, crap hair-cutted, body in the shadow realmed, corpes

  31. Joeyfannumber1 says:

    i love joey. he is my best friend and he is such a good duelist. gooooooooooooo joey! when he is online, i am going to be on all the time .

  32. renor says:

    wow good cards by for me a duelpass point aca24 password artacara

  33. Cpkonami says:

    yugimoto we know you dont have it since Npcs cant give anymore and iknow Yugioh OF Championship

    Since YOU Cant PROVE It makes YOU A SCAMMER Because YOU Cant Choose it in YOC since its Not Listed

    YU Just think you own it on Yugioh Online but YOU dont

    Yugimoto is a SCAMMER Whatever he says on Dont Listen at all Just Ignore Him

    He Doesnt Have a God CArd

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