Patch From Konami on 13 September 2007

Looks like two new npcs will be appearing soon, First is Johan Anderson North School Champion from Anime YU-GI-OH Duel Monster GX , The second is Johnouchi Katsuya !

No changes to the data files yet for profiles (the japanese and korean data were altered but I’m assuming its typos as I dont read that language !)

Four new cards were also added It’s next GS and DT Cards, the last one has already been mentioned in the previous post.

None of these cards can be selected as TP prizes.

Add new NPC (available now) Kyoko and Miss Shadow and There are more, NPC change spot and some NPC got remove from game maybe they will change every week for more information about old NPC that remove from game now and new NPC you can go to see it on there is 3 link to check it every week.

Now Konami update Picture of Duel Pass Legend Ojamaster

Maybe confirming info about this Duel Pass will come with This month V-Jump.

26 Responses to Patch From Konami on 13 September 2007

  1. sizza says:

    i recognize the first guy…

    he’s jesse anderson… the crystal beast user…

  2. spiritofsword says:

    He is Johan Anderson North School Champion from Anime YU-GI-OH Duel Monster GX.

    Character design look weird for Jonouchi Katsuya (I don’t like dub name).

    I update this post now.

  3. GilCore says:

    Yep, it’s Johan…the crystal beast master himself.

  4. source0 says:

    umm …. in the second picture (showing miss shadow) the npc is saying your playername spirit.
    Are you sure you dont want to blur that bit ?

  5. spiritofsword says:

    It’s ok nothing to fear about.

  6. obeliske6 says:

    lol y its a crapy name for joy ^^ he is one of best duelist and y his name is in Japnese??

  7. spiritofsword says:

    Because I hate Dub name they ruin originality and My country follow Japanese.

  8. obeliske6 says:

    so when is dp 10 coming out?? and did the g0d cards avaible in this game and if yes so h0w can we get them?

  9. spiritofsword says:

    Phase 10/Duel Pass Legend Ojamaster will release on 20 October 2007

    God cards aren’t availablein this game yet.

  10. obeliske6 says:

    thx spirit

  11. mattwo says:

    you missed abagail and I’m betting there is a second newbie in DA

  12. KKsuportmanager says:

    has anyone trying it different ways in Dueling Npcs besides using those Cheat decks like burns,demise,monarchs stuff like that i know Noobs has and same with me but i think there stronger if you try out for your self and We Need Stronger NPCs not just these Lamos NPcs they are too weak

    Heres my decks i been trying out
    Not using any Monarchs,decreets or even dimmension
    i been trying the hard way like other people including those Low Levels but who cares since i only Lv16 on the game anyway

    These Npcs are good but there Dueling Skills ARe Lamo they dont match at all to there levels on like shows We Need Stronger Npcs duelings
    Not just lamos like Weak
    and we think konami should start giving different prizes to npcs so that everyone wont have the same card give away because it makes the card value Lamo and worthless as well

    So Make Stronger Npcs Duelings and give different cards to Npcs starting NOw LOL since its true

    i know tons of Higher ones wants stronger Npcs way stronger they can probably hardly beated them so they can be tough against burns and others decks these new cards Npcs has are kinda cool but there skills are Too Weak and cards getting them from NPcs are Lame we Need something good if your doing NPcs Konami

    And Everyone one if you have Harpies 1, 2, and number 3

    there might be bug in this but i coould be wrong

    Clear your decks if you remeber the deck name of your cards lol

    then if you have like Harpies 1 and 2 and 3 try and put all those 1-3 Numbers of Harpies see if it only lets you place one harpie 1,Harpie 2, and Harpie 3 YOu will notice that has No Semilimited or Limited cards

    Just check that see if you places all Harpes from 1-3 in your check

    Konami needs to Stop Gooffing around so muchs its beyond a joke

  13. Muraz says:

    KKsuportmanager … you fail, and not just for the fact that you type like a 5 year old.

    Read all the Harpie Lady cards and you’ll notice that they say the card name is treated as Harpie Lady. Now, keeping that in mind … how many Harpie Ladies would you have in your deck if you put three of each type in?

    If you’re expecting powerful NPCs, forget it. Never happened. If you want a challenge, duel real people. These NPCs are just for fun, and a few extra goodies.

  14. VegetaTheWise says:

    yugioh is fun i love everyone who play yugioh online

  15. VegetaTheWise says:

    i no most of u r boys, but i want someone to show me how to play the game. if u see me online, blow me a kiss *wink* >_^

  16. VegetaTheWise says:

    Super Saiyan on, dudes and dudets. love ya

  17. CMPunk says:

    Stronger NPCs would be stupid, then they’d be just like the regular people on autoduel with their crappy unoriginal decks. NPCs should be used to put originality back into the game.

  18. MarcelAndre says:

    Yeah, you´re right. I think so too. You can play with fun decks against the npc´s or you can test a new deck. But match duels against npc´s would be awesome cause i don´t like single duels lol^^

  19. obeliske6 says:

    NPC S r too much fun for play with them and i think they have prety g00d deck b ut there is ppl useing burn and other stuff on then so h0w u expect to lose from them?
    i use alote different deckon them for fun like e heros,d heros ,Dragons deck,crystal deck, pyro etc

  20. MarcelAndre says:

    lol I think i´ve already played with over 25 different decks against the npc´s^^
    But it´s unfair that they are still using snatch steel, ring etc.

  21. sieben says:

    Marco lern mal schreiben. ein nur hammer was für eine aussage du honk.

    Moderator translation: Marco learn times to write “only a hammer” which for one state, you honk.

  22. almir4 says:

    well npc are just for fun and can get some good stuff from them 😀 well i have all except dec recipes 😛

  23. uadson says:

    ele é um bom duelista mais não tanto que uadson.

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