Patch From Konami on 5 October 2007

A large 12 MB update today.
Konami announce Card List for Duel Passs Legend Ojamaster on Japanese Main site, Here it is…

Ojama Green (x2), Ojama Yellow (x2), Ojama Black (x2), Divine Dragon Ragnarok (x2), Luster Dragon, Lord of D., King of the Swamp, Armed Dragon LV3 (x2), Armed Dragon LV5 (x2), Armed Dragon LV7, Masked Dragon (x2), Snipe Hunter, The Dark – Hex-Sealed Fusion

The Flute of Summoning Dragon, Polymerization, Stamping Destruction, Creature Swap, Lightning Vortex, Ojama Delta Hurricane!!, Level Up!, Dragon’s Mirror, Level Modulation, Ojamuscle, Ojamagic (x2), Pot of Avarice, Level Down!?

Solemn Judgment, Ceasefire, Widespread Ruin, Waboku, Raigeki Break, Ojama Trio

Ojama King, King Dragun

More shop selection buttons, further confirming how the shop will operate:

A new room-tv animation

Click for crude animated version

And a new duel field background: (Thanks for Jay for identifying it)
Monsters lose 500 ATK for each Venom Counter on them. Destroy a monster if its ATK becomes 0 by this effect. During each player’s End Phase, place 1 Venom Counter on each face-up monster, except “Venom” monsters.

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Also, Konami’s official comment for the update:
Maintenance Information 10/04/2007 23:00
Changes were made to the NPC line up!! Find and duel against the Yu-Gi-Oh! world’s new residents!

Spirit of Sword : Thanks sourceO for posting while I am busy With Shop Selection button It’s confirm now that Card Shop can do more than single card from Old Mileage System and I update Legend Ojamaster with Card List you can go to see it at

Look Like 2nd Anniversary Trial 50 will start again soon (a Chance to get old GS Cards) this time hope it will better than before.

also update Japanese Cards Rate now White dolphin and Alkana Knight enter into a rate you can go to see it at and


9 Responses to Patch From Konami on 5 October 2007

  1. almir4 says:

    wow bro spirit your link is nice i cant wait to be in card shop what you think when he will open?

  2. ronskull says:

    Anniversary trial?, maybe we can have the old GS cards or maybe the old DT cards again, we have to wait until then.

  3. obeliske06 says:

    wow new duel field is cool but when its comming in game?

  4. sieben says:

    The deck list is of the new Duel passport. Everything stands on the Japanese homepage

  5. Jay says:

    Looks like the Venom swamp, or whatever it’s called

  6. gondora says:

    In Thai : ไอ้ข้างบนมันมาจากไหนน่ะ เซ็กเทปของปารีส ฮิลตั้น แบนได้ไหมเนี่ย?

  7. spiritofsword says:

    For Thai : ไม่ได้เข็คนานหน้าเว็บมันเพี้ยนเลยไม่ได้เข้าบล็อก เดี๋ยวผมแบนไอพีเอง น่าแปลกที่ Akismet Spam มันกันไม่อยู่ ผมเคยลบข้อความแรกไปแล้วมีโผล่มาอีก

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. Collin says:


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