Update from Konami 18 October 2007

Five new cards were introduced, these were probably already expected by some people … It’s cards from Duel Pass Legend Ojamaster

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11 Responses to Update from Konami 18 October 2007

  1. source0 says:

    Inferno reckless summon is a little hard to read, here is the text of the card:

    DP2-EN025-Inferno Reckless Summon [1st Edition Super Rare]
    You can only activate this card when 1 monster with an ATK of 1500 points or less is Special Summoned to your side of the field while there is a face-up monster on your opponent’s side of the field. Special Summon all cards with the same name as the Summoned monster from your hand, Deck, and Graveyard in face-up Attack Position. Your opponent selects 1 monster on their side of the field and Special Summons all cards with the same name from their hand, Deck, and Graveyard.

  2. GilCore says:

    I really like Inferno reckless summon. You can use it to get many great cards out. You can use it to summon things like 3 x Injection Fairy, or if you use it on a proto cyber dragon, you can summon 2 actual cyber dragons, etc.

  3. source0 says:

    inferno reckless summon would probably also be good in a six samurai or machines deck

    But I think the biggest card will be inferno tempest, just imagine it in a pure burn deck !!!

  4. CPKONAMI says:

    everyone listen to this i tryed to chat during a duel since i was dueling against Sunnygx

    She ignores people So I think if anyone ignores people ARE SCAMMER and i know Sunnygx is NOW SCAMMER


  5. CPKONAMI says:

    SUNNYGX DOESNT RESPOND BACK WHATEVER YOU SAY TO her site since i email konami she might be under Suspension from Konami

  6. ronskull says:

    under suspension, for what?

  7. Kazumi Kitaue says:

    Player SUNNYGX is not under suspension from KONAMI Digital Entertainment

  8. samoatal says:

    magical mallet is a grat card !!!
    he can halp you when you get a bad hand .

  9. Anonymous says:

    Ummm… Did you consider that maybe if a person doesn’t respond during a duel he\she maybe simply watching a different chat channel?!?

  10. CyberColin says:


    Honestly i’m sorry but im gonna put this bluntly:

    Are you in some way retarded?

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