Jump Festa 2008 Online Match Between Japan and South Korea

*Information I write here may not 100% correct because I am not Japanese and can’t Translate Full Japanese Language.

YU-GI-OH Online will hold Special Event between Japan and South Korea, The Representative from Each country will duel each other.

It’s Special Championship Between Japan and Korea, In order to select representative They hold an Qualifier Tournaments on 17-18 November 2007

Player need to make reservation between 22-29 October 2007, Three Player will chosen as a Representative.Duel with Single Duel format with 30 Minutes.Real Match between Japan VS South Korea will begin on 22 December 2007.

It’s not the same like previous Jump Festa (Previous Jump Festa It let anyone who come to that event have a chance to duel with player online on Japan Lobby).I think Duel between Japan VS Korea will show on Screen at Jump Festa 2008.

If you are not Japanese or Korea I think you can’t play this event even you’re using Japanese Flag when registered just like Korea Championship on 2005 Konami have their own way to check Player and let only Japanese and Korea duel.

Maybe after Match between Japan and Korea Online Championship Winter 2007 will begin? For anyone who not Japan and Korea It’s just a Time Line maybe Tactical Evolution will not come out for a while until it finish.

For more information look at http://www.yugioh-online.net/top/japanese/jf_2008/index.html

Now It’s up on main page about Anniversary Trial 50 http://www.yugioh-online.net/top/english/de-2milion/index.html


7 Responses to Jump Festa 2008 Online Match Between Japan and South Korea

  1. Kaloian says:

    Which cards will be given in Jump Festa 2008?

  2. spiritofsword says:

    No one know until it finish.

  3. Guest says:

    What sucks is that, I wish they would make this game availible for macs, if they do that it would get many more players, like for me I knew about this place way before my friend did and then I told him about it and he downloaded it right away and started playing and I can’t even play it because I have a mac! >,< I hope they bring it up for macs soon!

  4. LemLock says:

    If you’re running an Intel based Mac then you could load Parallels or use Boot Camp to run Windows and play it on your Mac..


  5. Anonymous says:

    wel this is Jap game its not strange to all is about tournament JAPAN VS KOREAN

  6. music says:

    very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

  7. Just consider a additional modern day game like Poor Corporation two with Bootcamp and recognize that even the largest Macs are also weak for gaming.

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