November Event Schedule

Friday 2-4 November GS Vampire Genesis Start for 2nd time

9 November 2007 End of 2nd Anniversary Trial 50

and from 9-11 November Duelist Trial Return from The Different Dimension Start

14 November 2007 Championship Winter 2007 1st Round Begin

Friday 16-18 November Gunslinger Infernal Flame Emperor Start

17-18 November Qualifier Tournaments to select representative for Jump Festa 2008 Online Special Match between Japan and South Korea begin (Final Tournament will begin on 22 December 2007)

Friday 23-25 DT Return From The Different Dimension Start for second time

21 November V-Jump 1/2008 release

Friday 30 November -2 October 2007 GS Infernal Flame Emperor Start for Second Time

I will update this post later when I know what is next GS/DT, No release date of Tactical Evolution, hope we will know something new from V-Jump 1/2008.


7 Responses to November Event Schedule

  1. No1 says:

    that japen vs korea torment only for them , no1 another them can play ?

  2. kenny89 says:


  3. Ryan says:

    can we watch their dueling though?

  4. spiritofsword says:

    I think you can, a lot of Japan and Korea Player will come to play and if they miss they can watch duel later no reason to restrict us to watch duel.It’s like official yugioh online Championship but for Japan VS South Korea only.

  5. kasios says:

    Highlighting the news, so I am South Korean online game news program

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    Each week I have all the cards to verify their illustrations.
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    You are the online service is unacceptable to the United States, but moreuget than special

    The Japanese translation of the card or the gwongwa different youngeoguk
    This is not to say national language code

    One card is searching for existing cards and other cards were found accidentally.

    Obviously English translation of the card has been translated into 550 languages are suddenly Korea.

    Korea has so far been translated geonseulring card whichever came first card was Update


    Therefore, the card is then echoed in the next 550 geonseulringgwa trial two events come and go public confidence.

    The suspect?
    Until now, or any trial is a case in point was the card geonseulring

    The other did not notify anyone yijeongbo including myself yijeongbo Ali, you are the first 3-1.

    Believe me, that’s your freedom previously voted.

    He releases say it is not yet able card limit varies.

    If you want to contact me, wish to contact.
    If you give answer questions.
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  6. obeliske06 says:

    wat if someone from other country who use japan flag take part in tornament?

  7. spiritofsword says:

    I don’t think they can take part even you use JPN flag same as Korea Championship 2005, I didn’t try it but I think you can’t.

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