1.About Bug : For someone who want to see Bug When character cloth disappear here it is

Credit : Command Knight’s Blog

Skin picture are just model From Konami Design that will cover with Character Cloth and hair style but sometime it’s disappear something interesting is Sugoroku still brush it seem like this is a Joke from Konami.

YU-GI-OH Online Character Model

Only Blue underwear Konami love blue isn’t it?

2.About Date and Time : Event Schedule in This Blog, Date and Time follow Japanese time because Japanese YU-GI-OH Online Mainsite are no mistake about date and time (English Mainsite They made a lot of mistake such as wrong date&time sometime they show old pic of GS/DT etc…) you should check your time a YU-GI-Oh Online Mainsite you can see your time and convert time zone at

Time Zone Converter are useful because we live in different country and you can convert time to see, as for me I live in Thailand 2 hour diffent from Japanese time.

3.About YOC (YU-GI-OH Online Championship)

You don’t need to make a reservation to play, It’s true even you make reservation at mainsite doesn’t mean you can play in that round.YOC System select first 512 people who go to lobby This is why you see same player can play 2 or more round even there are no space for them, so who come first and be 512 can play in this event nomatter you make a reservation or not.Reservation are meaningless!

Talking about YOC today so much lag only Japanese and some country don’t face this problem.It’s konami fault again a lot of people time out or got kick out from CS lobby

From picture it seem like Korea and Japanese are fine (Don’t face lag problem)

they need to respond and listen to what people think about this game with YU-GI-OH Online Questionaire and do something to improve this game.

and It’s same like always, Anyone who play in CS Winter 2007 nomatter you win or lose you got New Duel Disk For this season It’s a Battle City Yellow and Academy Yellow Duel Disk.

4.About This Season Prize Cards : V-Jump may tell you what it is, I am sure YOC Top Prize will be Alternate Art from some cards because From the start till now YOC Winner Cards always Alternate Art cards, Maybe Dark Paladin or other card.

5.About Japanese Cards Rate : After 2nd Anniversary Trial 50 I didn’t see anything Card Value and rate chart are ruin now when they post a new rate I will translate it or if someone see it somewhere you can sent it to me.

5 Responses to General

  1. QuickStrike87 says:

    How do you do the “About Bug”???

  2. spiritofsword says:

    Sometime appear (random) It’s rare chance to get it there are no real way to make it appear everytime.

  3. JIMMYHK says:

    I am sure before summon skull yoc, only 1 finalist card, 2 semi-finalist cards for each yoc

  4. JIMMYHK says:

    But there are 4 reversal of the graves in the game in total due to 2 yoc

  5. spiritofsword says:

    I can’t remember exactly it’s long story but from what I translate They said YOC award system change during Championship Spring 2006 but no deep detail about how it change.

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