Patch From Konami on 16 November 2007

Today Patch They add Cards Effect it seem like they plan to release Tactical Evolution soon.

Venominaga, the Deity of Venomous Serpents Effect

3 Egyptian God Cards Effect

Obelisk no Kyo Shin Hei

Osiris no Tenkuu Ryuu


Nothing about Ra Card Effect, God Card may release soon and look like it’s playable not for just collecting.

And Don’t forget about Online Jump Festa 2008 Event it will start tomorrow and on Sunday I think we can watching them duel on Special Lobby.

Jump Festa Online 2008 start on

2007/11/17 Japanese Time
2007/11/18 Japanese Time

*Jump Festa 2008 already matched for more information look at

10 Responses to Patch From Konami on 16 November 2007

  1. No1 says:


  2. obeliske06 says:

    wat is mean of sh0in god cards? r they gonna relise them in this game? or those will be Japnese championship wining cards?

  3. Mattwo says:

    There was apperntly another update today too

  4. No1 says:

    i wish u r wrong obeiske06 cause i donot wamt 2 see slifer or obelisk with Japs only

  5. obeliske06 says:

    me too so y shoing them on site? there must be an explication of this

  6. GilCore says:

    I really don’t believe they’re going to give the god cards to anyone besides the NPCs Yugi and Kaiba. I highly doubt players are going to actually get them.

  7. darkkuribo says:

    When comes Pack 45?

  8. spiritofsword says:

    No release date now but V-Jump 1/2008 showing it I think it will release around december and I don’t think they will release God Card as a Prize for Jump Festa 2008.

  9. CloudRain says:

    grrr this may be a problem.

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