GM (Game Master)

GM (Game Master) is a player in a this game who acts as organizer, arbitrator, and officiant in rules situations.

GM in YU-GI-OH Online doing the same thing like other online game normally they don’t duel or chat with player but there is one time player can duel with GM in GM Event during first beta test.

GM Event : GM Event is Special event that let player have a chance to duel with GM on Japanese Lobby.This event appear once during First Beta Test, If you win against GM you can open special pack with special cards on it if you lose you can open special loser’s pack also.

GM Event Packs (Split by Winner and Loser Pack)

GM Winner’s Pack

Time Wizard


Dark Magician Girl

Witch of The Black Forest

Magician of Faith

Barrel Dragon


GM Loser’s Pack 

Gemini Elf

Magic Cylinder

Black Skull Dragon

Ring of Destruction

Torrential Tribute

Imperial Order

Cyber Stein

Vorse Raider

Credit From :

This game isn’t forbidden to use GM in front of your name so there are a lot of player with GM name such as GMJakarade, GMChaosEmperor, GMKevin but real GM will have something different from player for Example GM have 99 Level while player have only 30 LV maximum

When this game upgrade to YU-GI-OH Online Duel Evolution you will not see them much, sometime they appear when nobody in lobby and a lot of time they appear on Japanese Lobby.Player can’t duel or chat with GM and GM don’t chat with player too.

Some Pictures of GM for someone who want to see it

Credit Pics : Command Knight’s, GMFriends’s, hamankarn’s, Silver Cat’s, Tekachu’s Blog

Well Known GM is GMLeo because a lot of player got D-Mail warning from him about RMT, Trade Win, etc…

Credit : [SMoG]ike111 from YU-GI-OH Fande Forum

YU-GI-OH Online have 12 GM their name divide by Zodiac name you can call them Zodiac GM.













Credit : Command Knight’s Blog

I am not sure about only 12 GM in this game. in the past I think I see GM without Zodiac name but can’t remember.

YU-GI-OH Online Duel Evolution have GM Pack picture inside data of this game and There are some packs look similar to GM Packs but different color.


Maybe in the future this pack will appear again in other form.

GM’s will never ask you for your passwords or personal details so don’t believe E-mail or D-mail/Private Chat that claim his/her is GM and ask your personal detail.

15 Responses to GM (Game Master)

  1. Kristallcolombia says:

    There is also a GMOnyx that is also another administrator.

  2. brar92 says:

    when can we duel these people ?

  3. Anonymous says:

    German GM is GMenzyme

  4. kenny89 says:

    spirit, learn to write in past tense
    some think the gm packs will released soon

  5. ALMIR4 says:

    lol how is possible to ring get XD

  6. spiritofsword says:

    Thanks for your info it seem like different country different GM.

    You can’t Duel with GM now and I don’t think GM Event will available again because it’s not a fair event for everyone (only a few people have a chance to duel them).

    I am not good at english sorry about that.

    Ring of Destruction appeared in form of Mileage (50 Mileage Point) and it never release again if you want to get it you need to trade with other people.

  7. Tsukuyomi777 says:

    I’m pretty sure this is where they will realease burial from the different dimension, card trooper, destiny draw, and destiny hero malicious

  8. cpkonami says:

    to me i always click GMs on Game master in During Beta but They Never Did let them Duel you
    Spiritofthesword you should place them again i bet ya quite of alot people didnt duel them since they wouldnt a ble to duel them

    during Beta TEsting that time

    NEVER KONAMI DID THAT onBeta I Remeber i try to Click the m

  9. spiritofsword says:

    GM Event announce only at JPN Mainsite and it appear within time limit doesn’t mean they are free for duel everytime.It appeared only at JPN lobby, at that time even I know about GM event but I never have a chance to duel them because a lot of people on there.

    GM also using an unrelease cards but after that a fews day beta test end player data reset to zero only a few gift cards from konami depend on how much you duel during beta test.

  10. RomanJaden says:

    Guyz I saw GMFRIENDS in english dulist academy today he actully spoke to me is he a real gm?

  11. QuickStrike87 says:

    Of course not…..only the dudes with zodiac names are real GMs.

  12. Niblet says:

    not true QuicksStrike 87 – GMOnyx is also a real GM.

  13. ALMIR4 says:

    GMCygnus is one of them…

  14. Master says:

    do they must be on lv 99???
    the GM played in another lobbys, too

  15. G says:

    …. actually.. there are a crap load of fake gms… with mid-eastern flags for some reason…

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