NDS World Championship 2008

With today’s Online Patch nothing new was added other than fixing a bug.

However, also today YU-GI-OH World Championship 2008 [NDS] was released

I never cared about NDS game since Konami decided to give Special Duel Pass code to NDS Qualifiers (For more Information refer to https://duelevolution.wordpress.com/2007/08/01/strange-uniform-suit) so with World Championship 2008 maybe they will be doing the same? We will see in the future.

For anyone who wants to download and play it on computer you can play it now with an emulator but its not 100%. It has a bug/slowmotion in some point and problems with sound, other than that it’s ok you can even play and save your games. I have gathered Rom+Emulator+Save Game with everything complete in one link and it can be downloaded at http://www.uploadd.com/download.aspx?pku=461DF3DF74DBAYMLPX[HCOAMWZJ9RH

2nd Link http://files.icez.net/get/UpQHSFrdTW

3rd Link http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8LCAFTG9

Link For Emulator Only http://rapidshare.com/files/73672975/No_gba_v2.5c.rar.html

Link for Save 100% Only put it in Battery Folder http://rapidshare.com/files/73673137/1751_-_Yu-Gi-Oh__World_Championship_2008__J_.SAV.html

Complete Rapid Share Link (Rom+Emulator+Save 100% in it If you can’t play after download this link I can’t help)  http://rapidshare.com/files/73784588/No_gba_v2.5c_with_WCS_2008.rar.html


Credit : Save 100% from Nintendo World BBS

After you have downloaded it extract NO$GBA.EXE and choose 1751 – Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2008 (J).nds you can play it on your computer now with everything working. You don’t need to edit any options as I have already edit all of them for best results (But not perfect because emulators aren’t complete).

108 Responses to NDS World Championship 2008

  1. obeliske06 says:

    can we play this game on pc or its for nds? and can we downloud in english?

  2. apocalypsmage says:


  3. coraguardian says:

    Can some1 tells me where to find the .sav file only plz. I have a loading of 3.6 ko and i dont want to wait 6 hours for save only

  4. narutorocks says:

    Thanks for trying, but the site you have it in is so slow… I’m downloading at 4.0 kb’s per sec, which isn’t even half of the normal speed, and the worst part is it just pauses randomly every few seconds.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The download is a bit slow. Anyway I had previously downloaded the ROM file and emulator (No$GBA version 2.5c) seperately from different websites but I can’t get it to work. When I load up the NDS file it says “Unable to read data. Please turn off the power and reinsert the Game Card.” Could you please tells us what options to edit to get it working?

    PS: I got the No$GBA version 2.5c Emulator from the official website.
    PPS: Any chance you could host the download on a site that supports Resumed downloads?

    Thankyou! ^^

  6. No1 says:

    thank u very much , But can we play it online so we can get the NDS code ?

  7. No1 says:

    i canot download it from this site can any1 upload it on another site ?

  8. idan says:

    can u put the download in rapidshare?

  9. source0 says:

    if you want to download the bits quicker try these torrents:

    emulator: http://www.mininova.org/tor/885622
    game rom: http://www.bitenova.nl/tt/6sho6

    i found the emulation setup worked better with mono sound and a big flash media of 512k
    although id like to hear what worked best for everyone else

  10. No1 says:

    the game is always 0 kb with the torrents LOL
    can u upload the same file of the game + the emu on another site like megashare or rapid share of anything ?
    and i have a quiz the game can be played online on the pc ?

  11. source0 says:

    the emulator download sat on 0% for me for quite sometime before it took off,
    the rom itself downloaded nicely.

    so far im still toying with the emulator options, it does slow BADLY in some bits,
    and the card resoutions were unreadble – i just found the zoom button way on the bottom left

  12. obeliske06 says:

    i cant downloud it
    any other site for downloud it? and cuicker then this one? coz this took 2 h0ursfor 10% -.-

  13. ALMIR4 says:

    i found emulator just need game

  14. spiritofsword says:

    Those link is very fast for Thai people don’t know it’s very slow for other people Here Second Link http://files.icez.net/get/UpQHSFrdTW

    I can’t host file at Rapidshare it don’t generate link for me don’t know why.

    Emulator not perfectly yet you can’t play wifi with it.

  15. No1 says:

    so slow too 😦 and i canot download with Dap.plz any 1 upload it on megashares or rapidshare or anything

  16. spiritofsword says:

    Third Link http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8LCAFTG9

    For anyone who finish downloading it if you have time can you upload it to rapidshare or other file hosting service and post link here.

  17. obeliske06 says:

    help me out i cant download it
    when ever i click on sites they sh0w me mane page of those sites and i dont know h0w to download game -.-

  18. Ramon says:

    the game complete??????????

  19. source0 says:

    version 2.5c of the emulator is meant to have some patch for wifi

    here is the developers site: http://nocash.emubase.de/gba.htm

  20. obeliske06 says:

    these r pay sites?

  21. obeliske06 says:

    and when i go to these sites it say the files u wanna upload r unavaible y?

  22. apocalypsmage says:

    i just have one quastion… can we actually play the world championship and win the prize? or can we only play the game offline..

  23. ALMIR4 says:

    i think Apoc to we cant win these thing to we can that can be nice but we cant(i think)^^

  24. Tsukuyomi777 says:

    help it’s not working 😦

  25. narutorocks says:

    RapidShare link:

    100% Game Save link:

    Emulator Setup:
    Emulation Speed: Unlimited MHz Disaster, 10%
    Reset/Startup Entrypoint: Start Cartridge directly
    Video Output: 24bit True Color
    GBA Mode: VGA (poppy bright)
    GBA Cartridge Backup Media: Auto
    NDS Cartridge Backup Media: FLASH 512KBytes
    Solar Sensor Level: Bright Sunlight
    Sount Output Mode: None (fastest)
    Sound Desired Sample Rate: Low (10kHz) (fast)
    Multiboot Port: None/Disabled
    Multiboot Normal/BurstDelays: Fast/Fast (best)
    Number of Emulated Gameboys: 1
    Link Gamepaks: Gamepaks in all GBAs
    Link Cable Type: None

  26. ALMIR4 says:

    i downloaded icez link but there is just RAR 😦 what to do?

  27. apocalypsmage says:

    you unpack the rar…

  28. Tsukuyomi777 says:

    you what?….

  29. ALMIR4 says:

    how do you mean apoc?

  30. Tsukuyomi777 says:

    I wanna play this game bad, the download worked, I just don’t know know how to get it started

  31. spiritofsword says:

    Link For Emulator Only http://rapidshare.com/files/73672975/No_gba_v2.5c.rar.html

    Link for Save 100% put it in Battery Folder http://rapidshare.com/files/73673137/1751_-_Yu-Gi-Oh__World_Championship_2008__J_.SAV.html

    Don’t have enough time to upload Rom find it somewhere, If you already have Rom rename it to 1751 – Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2008 (J).nds before open with NO$GBA

    Rom Link http://rapidshare.com/files/73178855/1751_-_Yu-Gi-Oh_World_Championship_2008_JPN_NDS-6rz.rar I didn’t try it but hope it’s work don’t forget to rename rom to 1751 – Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2008 (J).nds before playing if you don’t rename it Save Game with everything complete will not work.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Both the Torrents worked great, but my game keeps crashing and any changes I make to the Deck can’t seem to be saved. Are there any special settings etc to make sure the game does NOT crash and for the saves to work?

  33. obeliske06 says:


  34. obeliske06 says:

    wat i do now when i upload it from 3rd site u have gave? after that i dont know wat to do ^^

  35. Anonymous says:

    It seems like the .sav file only updates itself when you quit out of No$GBA properly. So I normally save the game then exit out to the main menu where it asks you if you want to go to “Duel World” or “World Championship” from there I quit No$GBA and the .sav file will update itself.

    So if you like save the game, then it crashes before you can reach the Main Menu and exit out from there properly then the save wouldn’t have worked.

    So I now try to make any changes to my decks, recipes etc as quick as possible save it and exit out properly before it crashes. Same with my duels once one duel is over I suggest saving and exiting out properly just in case it might crash.

    I also recommend backing up your .sav file copy it somewhere else like in another folder called backups perhaps?

  36. ALMIR4 says:

    i cant download emulator why?

  37. giovannidfr says:

    i downloaded the game but when i try to open it with the emulator it says “Unable to read data. please turn off the power and reinsert the game card” what must i do????

  38. ALMIR4 says:

    for me write unable to read

  39. ALMIR4 says:

    sorry write:Un error occuring during the creaton soundCapture and Unable to read C:/Documents and Settings/ALMIR/Desktop/ALMIR/No$gba v2[1].5c with WCS 2008.rar does anyone have thsi problem?

  40. ALMIR4 says:

    and what to do?

  41. spiritofsword says:

    Last Link with everything (Rom+Emulator+Save 100% if you can’t play with it I can’t help) http://rapidshare.com/files/73784588/No_gba_v2.5c_with_WCS_2008.rar.html

  42. ALMIR4 says:

    damn i wanted too badly to play this game:(

  43. ALMIR4 says:

    Spirit how you dont have problems with play?

  44. obeliske06 says:

    this is complite link?
    i dont need to do anything else b to download from there?
    i mean not from other links u gave?

  45. ALMIR4 says:

    lol this game i cant play i downloaded several times damn

  46. spiritofsword says:

    Complete Link with everything in it If you can download it you can play if you can’t I can’t help (don’t select New Game if you select it save 100% will not work)

    I face only slow motion in some point and sound so I turn it off and it’s ok.

  47. Muraz says:

    Am I the only one thinking this is incredibly illegal?

  48. obeliske6 says:

    ok i will tell u if it work

  49. obeliske6 says:

    y u said its illegal?

  50. obeliske6 says:

    so did this game work for someone?

  51. obeliske6 says:

    it did respond

  52. Ramon says:

    é girl??????????????

  53. cpkonami says:

    NOthing Works for me around this area its peice of shit

  54. bougos says:

    what do we have to do to get the dp for the online game.by the way the game works fine.i downloaded from rapidshare and it works fine.

  55. ALMIR4 says:

    lol for me dont work so gl everyone who download this game:)

  56. giovannidfr says:

    well finally i could download it and now im playing it =) thanks spirit i have just a question….where i can get passwords so ican get cards????? lol

  57. yehaaaa says:

    is that maybe illegaly?
    when i download the emulator…is the ygo game included?
    sry for my bad english maybe its not correct 😀

  58. yehaaaa says:

    oh i see i can anwer one question myself 😀
    but the important thing is…is that ILLEGALY?

    thx for answeres

  59. ALMIR4 says:

    giovan so how game work is slow?

  60. spiritofsword says:

    Yes it’s illegal putting Rom (game) for download but I don’t care about it.

    You don’t need password to get cards you got X9 of every cards in this game with it (if you download save100% or download from rapidshare Link).

  61. adam says:

    is it in english

  62. bougos says:

    u got all the cards(and the gods) but whats the point.i mean everyone is unlocked for dueling and its not like there is a task u have to do to complete the game.unless som1 got a gamefaq.then am all ears

  63. ALMIR4 says:

    no more unable to read.Now there write just un error create sound does anyone havew this problem and what are you do?

  64. ALMIR4 says:

    un error occuring during the creation soundCapture.I see up something 754 fps and its change time from time

  65. giovannidfr says:

    what do you mean by save100% spirit?

  66. No1 says:

    i think he mean all the cards in the game are with u

    can some 1 tell me if i can play it online 2 win nds code

  67. Sam Wilkinson says:

    Just downloaded. It IS in english, and many other languages too.

  68. No1 says:

    It’s online or no some 1 tell me plz

  69. obeliske6 says:


  70. Anonymous says:

    i think to you can make it online No1 i watched before one video o youtube and he is used computer for online so im sure to you can.

  71. ALMIR4 says:

    i think you dont need obeliske6

  72. obeliske6 says:

    OK THX AMLIR but it it didnt work on my pc?

  73. dzsoda says:

    u havent got a boy caracter with 100% completion???

  74. ALMIR4 says:

    i cant play it too obeliske6 but there are call some guys that for they game work for you and me not XD

  75. mik says:

    can i change da sex ? cuz im boy… 😦 pls reply

  76. Anonymous says:

    can I play this game online in my computer

  77. Mooozy says:

    thank you 😀 it is realy work

    but plz can u tell me how i can make full screen or zoom more that ?

    and srry for my bad english 😦

  78. mkgzufq piwz says:

    hynpjtvo ilcbq wysehuc pkor bradqzt itgpmnkh kxhm

  79. Anonymous says:

    `why we cannot play yugioh game onlie

  80. will says:

    can u link battle in emulator yugioh? why cant i creat my own code?

  81. Anonymous says:

    how do you download it

  82. will says:

    i download it from rapid share and my own code wont show up

  83. kerkland says:

    i hope they do give out a prize for yugioh championship i have beating it 20 times and i got every card on it i love the game a lot i work really hard on it to duel me anytime ^^ if you duel me on there get ready to lose but 1 more thing yugioh oonline is starting to get boreding becasue it really hard to lv up i been lv 15 for 2 YEARS !!!!!!! and im just about to sell my account but thats really all

  84. ty very much says:

    u got the gods too?

  85. the master says:

    if uve got the save file problem go to options and change the save file to flash 2 or something

  86. 2 club flash penguin…

    When you drive off……

  87. Pudding says:

    How do i cancel all those forbiden card?

  88. Anonymous says:

    i hav the game and i can play it but how do i get unlimited DP? XD plz someone tell lol

  89. Nick says:

    i can play the game but how do i get unlimited DP? XD can some1 tell plz?

  90. abszs says:

    ive downloaded it but wen i try toi open it says rom image has crashed can any1 help me

  91. Anonymous says:

    fffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk this sheet

  92. hrauvm says:

    i cant continue
    Unable to write data. pleas turn off.. etc!!
    WHAT SHOULD I DO???????

  93. hrauvm says:

    mu emulator is DeSmuME.9

  94. Manny says:

    If there is an english version PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

  95. bandsxbands says:

    Nice post… Looks like flash memory is finally starting to take off. Hopefully we’ll start seeing decreasing solid-state drive prices soon. 5 dollar 32 GB SDs for your Nintendo DS flash card… sounds good to me!(Submitted by Net3 for R4i Nintendo DS.)

  96. hfgsdfgs says:

    i got the game to work but i just dont really like it lol

  97. Dogboy38 says:

    I palying the game and i like it. one of the cards i like is time wizard because that card saved me lots of times when i was playing the game. what card or cards do you like.

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  101. download says:


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  102. Anonymous says:


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