Patch From Konami on 6 December 2007

Today Update They add more God Cards Effect

EDIT: Here is what the god summoning animations kind of looks like (Im still working on getting this to show properly)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

More Obelisk and Ra effect











About God Cards: They can be used in duels for sure, but it may not release for player. I saw 2 Deck Recipe in Data of this game – no doubt it’s Yugi and Kaiba decks. Maybe God Cards will available for play only them not for players.

Osiris Effect

Obelisk Effect


24 Responses to Patch From Konami on 6 December 2007

  1. No1 says:

    i wish they became NPC prizes anyway what will be the use of seeing NPC useing them , or maybe konami will give every1 about his place in the DA like slifer = lv2-9 and obeliske + slifer for lv 20+

    thanks for the info

  2. No1 says:

    can u fix the pics plz they rnot working

  3. cpkonami says:

    yeah Fi x the pictures they are not Showing to me either

  4. No1 says:

    plz fix them

  5. source0 says:

    Are you sure you got everything in this patch spirit ?

    I see new chibi for joey wheeler and johan ? (that crystal beasts guy) no profiles or dialogue yet.

    I also see new cards: zera ritual, javelin beetle pact, javelin bettle, ocean dragon lord, etc

    and shame no-one has figured out how to recreate those swf from perl txt files yet tho 😦

  6. spiritofsword says:

    Do you still can’t see a pics? I see all of it working fine maybe it’s work for my country, I can’t use tinypic because it’s ban my country don’t know why.

    I will try other free file hosting service.

  7. spiritofsword says:

    Why I didn’t see new chibi? if you found anything new other than this you can edit my post, I am finding good image hosting right now. (If I use Photobucket it will face Bandwidth Limit soon because of high traffic)

  8. No1 says:

    still no thing 😦

  9. spiritofsword says:

    Do you can see pictures now? I use photobucket now but after I edit URL image I can’t see all the pics Do you see it?

  10. Subjugator says:

    I can see everything its f ine! but i dont know the meaning of this post actually! r these new cards comin up or what!!

  11. No1 says:

    yea they r working now , thanks u very much and i wish i can get them they r so cool , but i think they rnot Comeing out b4 Season6 cause as we see they r banned.

  12. Muraz says:

    Looks like they’ve opted to put the wimpy God effects in, instead of making them truly awe-inspiringly powerful as befits them. Disappointing, though predictable.

  13. James113 says:

    what about obelisk for the blue dudes and ra for the yellow dude and slifer for the red dudes that will be far but then say there out of slife the card cant be used and then you get ra and so on

  14. The Light says:

    i donot think so , Ra for each player in Ra and slifer for each player in sllifer and obeliske for each player in obeliske that is alot any way this cards r super so maybe they will give them in spiecal mode but not GS or DT

  15. bougos says:

    god cards can be destroyed by mirror force so dont be so excited about them

  16. TheCrashingYehoo says:

    Well, these god cards are really useless… Don’t forget that they are “forbidden” not “banned” anyway, means that we will never be able to use them anytime…

  17. MASTER0SHADOW0X says:

    what is the diffrent between “forbidden” and “banned” in the game .

  18. obeliske6 says:

    good qustion MASTER
    and wat is meaning of shoing these cards ?

  19. cpkonami says:

    i s there anyway to get the deck Recipes of those to see or not Spiritoftheword

  20. Johan says:

    I really think that egyptians gods should be legal(also real life) only with those effects. They’re not broken at all and they’re not the almighty creatures from the anime.

  21. source0 says:

    Added summoning Ra god animation, you should get the general gist, despite the picture glitches.
    Its also a little jerky because this blog doesnt support flash and I had to convert it to gif.

    It takes half an hour to make the animations, so I wont be doing them too often – especially as I cant perfect them yet….

  22. TheCrashingYehoo says:

    The different between Forbidden and banned is that the forbidden cards can never be used again (they will not bring in back once again as well) example, dark hole, change of heart, harpies feather duster, pot of greed, etc…

    Banned cards are the cards that can be unbanned again, like, breaker, mof, ring (as it was banned once and came back again…) etc…

    If you looked in Upperdeck official site, you will find that the 3 God cards are forbidden and not banned.

    That’s it

  23. source0 says:

    FYI: I found in the code the names Konami is using for the god deck recipes, they are:

    Slifer the Lightning
    The Reign of “Obelisk”

  24. BlueFireFox says:

    TheCrashingYehoo, there’s no difference between “banned” and “forbidden”, every card could get changed its status (like Monster Reborn did recently).

    The God Cards are not forbidden, they’re Illegal for any kind of playing.

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