Championship Winter 2007 Prize Cards

Credit : Miryukobo’s Blog

Winter Winner Card : Cyber End Dragon Alternate Art

Finalist : Blue Eyes White Dragon Alternate Art

Top 4 : Dreadscythe Harvester

Top 8 : Treasure Map

Top 16 : Mist Body

This season (Winter 2007) will end on 3 January 2008

New Season (Spring 2008) will start on 4 Janaury 2008

12 Responses to Championship Winter 2007 Prize Cards

  1. obeliske6 says:

    i think top is mist body coz JCOMMAND get this card as price and he was in top 16

  2. obeliske6 says:

    i mean top 16*

  3. Ryan says:

    Konami. I HATE YOU SO MUCH because u put blue eyes as a prize YOC card. i hate u soo much

  4. ALMIR4 says:

    damn BEWD how they can put it T_T that is so beatiful card T_T

  5. spiritofsword says:

    I edit it now thanks for your cooperation Top 8 = Treasure Map, Top 16 = Mist Body

  6. obeliske6 says:

    this verson of bewd i have it in real life lol

  7. RomanJaden says:

    who won yoc?

  8. ALMIR4 says:

    Roman YOC is won CYBEREMPRESS finalist is PENx2

  9. brar92 says:

    nooooooo !!! They made that type of BEWD a YOC card. I wanted it to be a Mileage card. Man that card is soooo beautiful T_T . Its going to be sooo hard to get now.

  10. FUCK KONAMI says:

    You all should’ve quit this stupid, lame ass game. The events are set-up, especially the preliminaries and championship. It’s all a hoax. Konami programmers do what interests them the most, not about you. Profitibility is their goal. They have a “quota.” They know all the cheaters, RMTs, and shit. The only way you can win championship is to have dueled a lot i.e. use a lot of duel passes from their website and never disobey their rules. The way to win an event is not just pure luck . It’s simply a rigged event. I suggest to the purest, best duelist to stay away from this game because in the end, you are hurting yourself not the YuGiOh Online! franchise.

  11. TrueDuelist says:

    Hey FK, I truly agree with you about the Big “K”, aka Red Dot after the “K”. This game should have been done in Flash to make hacking it harder and more secure. Plus this lame crap of only one duel, make it the same experience as the TCG and make it best of 3 duels. Then you will see much less chance of Japenese players winning, the truly suck in side decking. Plus they never won a World Championship in the TCG, what a shame. LOL^_^ The prizes suck and when you lose in the stupid GS, you get crappy cards, nice at putting kids down, like they need to feel like losers. Konami grow up and learn from War of Worldcraft if you want to keep you fans, I mean profits/customers.

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