Konami update 20th December 2007

New things are beginning to develop ….

Firstly “TEAMS”, here are the hints in the code :
Team Team List Team Name Form Team Remove from Team Disband Team Leave Team Invite to Team You have a Team Invitation
Will you join? Your invitaion was declined. Enter Team Name This name is already taken. %s has joined the team. %s has been removed from your team. %s has left your team. Your team has been disbanded. You are about to remove %s from your team.
Are you sure? You are about to disband your team.
Are you sure? You are about to leave your team.
Are you sure? Inappropriate Team Name.
Please select another.

Secondly, a new type of dueling “EVOLUTION MATCH” :
In “EVOLUTION MATCH”, you will be awarded cards according to the number of stars obtained during the event. Each event is 4hours long and held 6 times during the course of the weekend. How to take Part The event will be held in a special EVOLUTION MATCH Lobby which you will find in the Duel Academy server (Red Door). There, you will play a series of Single Duels all on auto-matching.
You can also enter the EVOLUTION MATCH lobby by clicking on the event icon that will be displayed on screen if the event is on.Once inside, just open your DUEL MENU to join! Collect your stars in order to claim your prize at the end of each event!

Exactly how you ‘collect stars’ is not evident at this time, it looks like these things are experimental ….

Also eight new cards added in this update, all for the next dp:

The other six new cards are shown in the previous post.

4 Responses to Konami update 20th December 2007

  1. spiritofsword says:

    Look likes “Evolution Match” will replace Duelist Trial Event and Team Duel sound interesting maybe Tag-Duel will available in the future.

  2. AbyssHunted says:

    Teams and Evolution Match. Sounds like fun.

    But I still have a question: What are the new cards from this update?

  3. source0 says:

    Its all speculation, but I expect ‘teams’ have arisen from the survey konami did awhile ago, i think npcs must have received the highest vote and ‘clans’ was further down the list.

    My prediction is evolution match and teams will be related, maybe your ‘team’ will earn stars as each members win duels, and at the end the stars are distributed evenly among the number of members. Would be an interesting concept.

  4. Anonymous says:

    so when does this team duel gonna start?

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