Patch From Konami on 18 January 2008

January 18, 2008

New Card was added

2 Expansion Packs for Duel Pass Legend Ojamaster and Dinosaur’s Roar are now available.

Legend Ojamaster Expantion Pack

Monster (5)

Ojama Yellow
Ojama Green
Ojama Black
Armed Dragon L.V.7
The Dark Hex-Sealed Fusion

Spell (4)
Card Trader
Stamping Destruction
Dragon’s Mirror
Fusion Gate

Trap (1)
Dragon’s Rage

Dinosaur’s Roar Expantion Pack

Monster (4)
Water Dragon
Element Saurus

Spell (4)
Enemy Controller
Ultra Evolution Pill
Bonding – H20
Fairy Meteor Crush

Trap (2)

New MP Cards on The Shop. Grandmaster of The Six Samurai, Volcanic Rocket and Cards from Duel Pass Dinosaur’s Roar are available.

New System introduce “Team Sytem” you can read about it at

Look like 3 Crystal Cards above will release with Duel Pass Rainbow’s Explosion so it’s same with Duelist Pack 7 in real life, “Team System” for now only good for “Team Chat” you can talk directly to people from your team there maybe in the future they will add more thing. Nothing about Evolution Match but since they introduce it on V-Jump it will release soon.