Avatar Part Afro LV 4

January 24, 2008
Avatar Part Afro LV 4 was added since 11 January 2008 https://duelevolution.wordpress.com/2008/01/11/update-from-konami-11-jan-2008/ but at that time I didn’t see anyone wear it, Today I found a lot of JPN blog talking about it.It seem like you will get Afro LV 4 after you wear Afro LV3 and duel 150-200.

Hairstyle Afro LV4 already out in game now here some screenshot

Credit : Command Knight, Hanma Baki, BOHBONO5, Nobuo3622 Blog

Afro LV 1
= Got it from NPC dancer and missbomb

Afro LV2 = wear Afro LV1 after 10 duel you will get it

Afro LV3 = wear Afro LV2 after 20 duel you will get it

Afro LV4 = wear Afro LV3 after 150-200 duel you will get it.

*I don’t know how much exactly duel you need to get Afro LV4 but it seem like you will get it after 150-200 duel while you wear Afro LV3.