Avatar Part Afro LV 4

Avatar Part Afro LV 4 was added since 11 January 2008 https://duelevolution.wordpress.com/2008/01/11/update-from-konami-11-jan-2008/ but at that time I didn’t see anyone wear it, Today I found a lot of JPN blog talking about it.It seem like you will get Afro LV 4 after you wear Afro LV3 and duel 150-200.

Hairstyle Afro LV4 already out in game now here some screenshot

Credit : Command Knight, Hanma Baki, BOHBONO5, Nobuo3622 Blog

Afro LV 1
= Got it from NPC dancer and missbomb

Afro LV2 = wear Afro LV1 after 10 duel you will get it

Afro LV3 = wear Afro LV2 after 20 duel you will get it

Afro LV4 = wear Afro LV3 after 150-200 duel you will get it.

*I don’t know how much exactly duel you need to get Afro LV4 but it seem like you will get it after 150-200 duel while you wear Afro LV3.

19 Responses to Avatar Part Afro LV 4

  1. Kevin2003 says:

    i heard it was 50 wins

  2. ALMIR4 says:

    lol i never dont gona take that to my head lol:)

  3. spiritofsword says:

    Possible I think 150-200 duel is too high for it, I need someone to confirm it.

  4. SbadSboyS says:

    Hi all now im got all Npc’s garm(8Charecter) and Afro Lv.4 im happy gl ppl^^

  5. Airbuddylake says:

    This Alfo Lv4 is a Bug i been dueling Over 200 Duels and so far i know i have recieved over 200 Wins by the time now since Yesterday This Doesnt Work

  6. Sirion says:

    What do you mean by saying after 10 duels? Does it mean I have to wear it for 10 duels with the NPCs or does any other duel count for it, so I can duel real player?

  7. marschmellon says:

    i have 50 wins vs dancer with affro lv 3 but i dont have affro lv4

  8. nage3 says:

    I am always in the fifth from the left of KC1!!
    I love sugio!

  9. marschmellon says:

    200 duells with affro lv 3 then you become affro lv 4

  10. SbadSboyS says:

    i got afro lv.4 by dueled 149-152times^^ but i got afro lv.3(femael) 35-45times lol

  11. marschmellon says:

    i got affro lv 3 at 6 duells lol

  12. spiritofsword says:

    OK Thanks Look like you need around 150-200 duel to get Afro LV4

    After 10 duels mean after 10 duel you play not only NPC player also.

  13. GMRockit says:

    I had over 30 wins with afro lv 2 and didn’t get afro lv 3 >.<
    sry for my bad english xPP xD


  14. guynamedjoe says:

    Where do you get the unpacker thing from?

  15. Sirion says:

    Okay, I counted the duels with my mail avatar and you need exactly 150 duels to get the Afro lv.4.

  16. ???????????????????? says:

    everybody this game itsa fullest you can talk spanish

  17. Anonymous says:

    how do you move

  18. Zaidan Fahmudin says:

    Apa link game ini ???

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