Patch From Konami on 25 January 2008

January 25, 2008

Add Evolution Match TV Screen

Add New NPC and Uniform (Not Release yet)

Edo Phoenix

Hell Kaiser




Rare Hunter’s Suit?

A Lot of Duel Disk was added

*NPC Johan and Johnouchi are available now, Friendship Level 3 was added. Now you can get Character Cloth when your Friendship LV reach L.V. 3 and God Card are in game now It’s in Yugi and Kaiba Third Deck Recipe “Osiris Thunder” and “Obelisk descend from the sky”.

You can also check NPC Item given out [Latest Update] at and

For Someone who want to see Online God Card Summon you can see it at

Osiris Summon

Obelisk Summon

Credit : loto11