New Event “Evolution Match”

January 29, 2008

Evolution Match is a New YU-GI-OH Online Event and It’s a Second Event using Match Duel (First Event using Match Duel is Championship Final).

* “EVOLUTION MATCH” is a 5 hour long event where players aim to collect as many stars as possible.The total number of stars collected over the course of the event will determine which prize card you win.
* The “Evolution Match” like other weekend events are held 6 times over a 3 day period. The stars you collect from each event will remain valid for the period the event is on.
* You will be awarded 30TP for every match duel won.
* Like any match duel, you can draw 3 cards from current packs after the duel regardless of the result.

Same like Duelist Trial You can enter Event If you are L.V.2 or over

“EVOLUTION MATCH” is held in the DUEL ACADEMY server (red door in your room). All duels will be match duels with opponent matching set to automatic.


* Unlike normal Lobbies, you will not see the name of your opponent when being matched up.
* There will be a 60 minute buffer time to accommodate duels which are still incomplete at the time the event finishes. Duels finishing within the 60 extra minutes will count and you will be charged DUELPASS points and awarded cards accordingly. Duels that are still incomplete after the extra time has elapsed will be a non result. You will neither be charged for the duel or have cards awarded.
* In “EVOLUTION MATCH”, DUELPASS points are required in the same way as any other Duel. You will not be able to Duel unless you have sufficient DUELPASS points.
* If you were in any way disconnected before claiming your card after the duel, you can get it when you login again.
* What happens if duel ends by disconnection? In this case, the player who disconnected will be given a loss


This Event is Collect Star Event not Winning Streak Event

This is a New YU-GI-OH Online Event from now on YU-GI-OH Online will have 3 Main Event [I didn’t count YOC] DT-GS-Evolution Match when it’s over they will repeat again with DT-GS-Evolution Match.  

You can open only Current Pack, No Discontinued Pack.