February Event Schedule

Friday 1-3 First Evolution Match begin Prize Cards is Dragonic Knight and Dandylion

Friday 8-10 Evolution Match start again for Second Time

Friday 15-17 Duelist Trial Start Cards in this Event is Machiners Soldier and Commander Covington

Friday 22-24 Gunslinger Start Cards in This Event is Puppet King and Machiner Force

Friday 29-2 March Second Evolution Match Start Prize Cards is Machiners Defender and Forest Guard Green Baboon

Duelist Trial and Gunslinger still available, From Now On YU-GI-Oh Online have 4 Main Event 1.Championship 2.Duelist Trial 3.Gunslinger 4.Evolution Match

Since “Evolution Match” was added as a Main Event It’s mean Konami can release more Promo in Event Now. We can get Promo quicker than before.

Last 2 Week only Bug Fixed nothing was added

This Month V-Jump OCG New Ban/Restrict List March 2008 will come, We can see it as a Guideline for Next Online Ban/Restrict List, I will post it on 18 because 16-17 I have a Test and I am sure info from This V-Jump will coming fast.

7 Responses to February Event Schedule

  1. dayve says:

    i personally would liike to see one last gs event to wrap it up at least sumthin like anniversary dt or sumthin that would be kool.

  2. drewmiester7 says:

    yea sure punk that will keep my 70 dooms comany lol faggot

  3. dayve says:

    i dont see u makin ne ideas over there

  4. source0 says:

    evolution match looks broken to me…

    when i got over 10 stars and 20 stars instead of awarding the prize cards, the screen just went black and froze.

    I’ll post a bug report to konami and see what their response is 😦

  5. Kevin2003 says:

    all went well on this end just 1 question remaining for me tough and that how they come to that top 100 in evoluntion ranking

  6. ALMIR4 says:

    lol i like only gs ( 7x stars^^)+YOC-didnt paly YOC but still like to watch::))) These dueldisk are sure for this YOC

  7. lol says:

    no GS Last Events its Too Much Seriously Unless we keep the stars like the last AT50

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