Last Week Update 22 February 2008

Last Week New Pack was added Gladiator’s Assault are available now but It’s not available in Card Shop yet It seem like Konami want player to opening new booster pack when it release.

On 23 Febuary 2008 OCG Light of Destruction release It seem like Online Booster Pack will keep distance from In Real Life 2 Pack? Maybe when OCG The Duelist Genesis release Online Phantom Darkness will release also.

Pack 45 Tactical Evolution also available now in Card Shop

New MP Card Machiners Sniper

Konami Style also update picture from Duel Pass Rainbow Explosion

Its been three weeks now since i saw something new from the konami patch update. maybe this means that konami is trying to hide them from us until they are official released, Maybe from now on no more future stuff.

And Now I plan to move this blog, Free WordPress Blog is good but I am bored of it I want a full control of Blog so I can add /edit everything. Now I already register Domain Name and Host it but I need time to manage and configure it. I will move there when I am ready.

9 Responses to Last Week Update 22 February 2008

  1. kenny89 says:

    no more future stuff !?

    pitty – . –

  2. LemLock says:

    I don’t think that there will be “no more new stuff”, just with all of the information sites out there now they’re waiting until they’re ready to release something before they stick it in the data. They know that we watch them like a hawk and don’t let too many things slip by… šŸ™‚


  3. ALMIR4 says:

    well i think they are release enough stuff,im bored of updates…

  4. ArchiPL says:

    wow 2 new npc konami add nice

  5. SbadSboyS says:

    hi all new 2npc…
    Hell Kaiser – Duel space
    Yami Bakura – Domino City
    good luck all^^

  6. Kevin2003 says:

    hmmm eye patch funny

  7. ALMIR4 says:

    anymore NPC? Marik,Mai?

  8. MarcelAndre says:

    Nope, only Hell Kaiser and Bakura were added

  9. Sirion says:

    I don’t think Konami won’t release new stuff, it’s just they released lots of features in the last months, so they could be working for a while on new stuff, as you can see the new duel disks added. Also they have to add Mai and Jim, because their chibis are in the data. It’s just a matter of time, when the new booster packs will release and the spring cup is over maybe they add more stuff through the updates.

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