YOC Spring 2008 Duel Disk

March 20, 2008

YOC spring 2008 will award you Battle City Blue and academy blue Duel Disk for competing in it.

It’s a same Duel Disk you got after competing in YU-GI-OH Online Championship Summer 2007, However spring 2008 also give you a New Duel Disk for Qualifiers, It’s Blade Silver and Battle City ß Silver.


Credit Pics From BOHBONO5 Second’s Blog

*BCM = Battle City Model

Every YOC will award you a new Duel Disk for competing in it you will get it no matter you win or lose. Qualifiers and winner got the same Silver and Gold Duel Disk in every season but This season you got an old Blue Duel Disk [if you already got it from Summer 2007 you didn’t get it again]

This is first season Konami given away an Old Duel Disk and given a new duel disk to Qualifiers maybe Winner will get Blade Gold and Battle City ß Gold

I don’t know If this is the first time you are qualifiers you got 4 Duel Disk? 2 old Silver Duel Disk+2 New Silver Duel Disk? or you get only 2 old disk and after you are qualifiers again in next season you got 2 New Duel Disk?

YU-GI-OH Online News From V-Jump 5/2008

March 20, 2008

Credit Scan From Janime’s Team

3/28/2008-3/30/2008 New Duelist Trial begin

4/4/2008-4/6/2008 New Gunslinger begin

4/11/2008-4/13/2008 New Evolution Match begin

4/13/2008 Spring 2008 Final Tournament begin Winner Card is Dark Paladin Alternate Art [Limited Edition Art] I already mention it on previous V-Jump

No Card mention on it but we all know when event finish they will start an event again with new cards DT-GS-Evolution Match and then DT-GS-Evolution Match again.

As I said on Side Bar nothing new just Main Event and YOC Spring 2008 Schedule, Normally V-Jump always have 1 or 2 Pages for YU-GI-Oh Online to show Online News such as YOC Prize [They always shows it before the result come out in every season], New Pack Schedule, Duel Pass Card List etc… but sometimes news from V-Jump are too late Player already known it from Mainsite beside V-Jump there are no Magazine that put an information about YU-GI-OH Online No Strategy Guide, Guide Book etc…

New Duel disks – Update from Konami 2008/03/13

March 14, 2008

This update extends the existing 18 duel disks to a new total of 29 disks.
(Note: These image files have existed in the data for some time, but they are only fully defined now.)

Academy Red 2 : A new and customized version of the Duel Academy Model Duel disk.
Kitted out in the same colours and specs as Jaden’s.

Academy Yellow 2 : A new and customized version of the Duel Academy Model Duel disk. As used by Tyranno Hassleberry

Academy Blue 2 : A new and customized version of the Duel Academy Model Duel disk. As used by Chazz Princeton.

Blade : A new type of Duel disk where the name perfectly reflects its design. The Duel disk has a luminous edge which makes it look like a razor sharp blade!! Are your dueling skills as sharp as this Duel disk?


Blade Gold : A prize for the duelist with the honour of being crowned the world’s finest duelist. To own one is a privilege limited to very few.


Blade Silver : A special edition of the Blade Dueldisk. The silver colour adds to its sharpness!! A prize for those who showed great sharpness and tenacity in coming through the tough PRELIMINARY events.

Blade Black : The Blade Duel disk in black!! An exclusive for the top TP rankers, it’s a great item to show just how good a duelist you are!!

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Battle City ß : The much improved version of the best selling Battle City a model Duel disk. It’s new lightweight frame makes it a very desirable Duel Disk. Especially in long gruelling duels.

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Battle City ß Gold : The all new winner’s prize for the CHAMPIONSHIP!! A Duel disk fit for the world’s greatest duelist!! Wear it with pride and honour!!

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Battle City ß Silver : This Silver model is a prize for all winners of PRELIMINARY TOURNAMENTS in the CHAMPIONSHIP. Now that you have qualified, all you need to do now is to win the FINAL TOURNAMENT!!

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Battle City ß Black : A special version of the Battle City ß model. Exclusive to those who make the grade in the TP Rankings. It’s a must have item for accomplished duelists!!

March Event Schedule

March 7, 2008
Friday 7-9 DT Machiners again Start for second time

Wednesday 12 Championship Spring 2008 1st round begin

For other Preliminert Round Date and Time you can see it on Main Site

http://www.yugioh-online.net/top/english/event/cs-spring2008/pre.html, http://www.yugioh-online.net/top/japanese/event/cs-spring2008/pre.html

Friday 14-16 GS Puppet King and Machiners Force Start again for second time

Friday 21-23 Evolution Match Green Baboon Start for second time