This Blog is a Fansite Focusing on YU-GI-OH Online News and Update.I don’t mind if you will posting something in this blog at other website/webboard/ but please give a credit as well.if you find something wrong or not correct in this blog please comment and told me I will edit it.Thank you for visiting and comment in this little blog.


85 Responses to About

  1. Kevin2003 says:

    nice to see the site finnaly was translated. im sure lots of people be comming here soon to read all about this game from its history till its future. this is great info

  2. spiritofsword says:

    I will put an old information later when I have a Time but for Latest News and Update will come in normally at Categories Latest News and Update.It will take a lot of time to complete information like I did with Thai Blog because I’m doing this all alone and Thai Blog creat since 2007-01-10 I don’t think I can make it like Thai blog in a few weeks.I will put an old information when there is nothing new and when I have a time.

  3. ALMIR says:

    is i can some there download yugioh online old version because i like more this new but and this old is sweet

  4. spiritofsword says:

    Since it’s update to YU-GI-OH Online Duel Evolution you can’t go back to play old YU-GI-OH Online.Konami also remove download link of previous YU-GI-OH Online.

  5. ALMIR says:

    ok thanks spirit of sword do you hae e-mail adress and do ou play yugioh pnline 2 tell me

  6. ALMIR says:

    but when i was download 32 MB update i was have a very much bugs do you thinks is now game ok??

  7. spiritofsword says:

    not much bug like before they fix it every week.

  8. SonicSmart says:

    Yeah, I know what it’s like to do things alone… v_v

  9. ndbre says:

    nadir fvgdvh fgyfgft vfgtyhd xz,epokf feurfbsedfrfrgrtgrtgrtgrtg gregjregrtgrtgrgrjgrtgrtTGRTGL/VDFB%Bdfmobfbfbnfgbfgb

  10. michael says:

    how to sigh up

  11. spiritofsword says:

    What sign up do you mean You can comment without signup.

  12. TakeTheBluePill says:

    I just found this site..Lot of great info on it..

  13. karlosthejackal says:

    This is an excellent site great info thanks :}

  14. yugizhong says:

    wow cant wait to change my avatar

  15. chilli says:

    How accurate is all this information? Particularly the information about the structured decks. Thanks for the work on this website. It is a treat.

  16. obeliske6 says:

    i wanna know how can we get god cards or these new cards ? and wat can we get after 20+ duels from npc ??

  17. Airbuddylake says:

    I was wandering this Question

    has anyone seen the God Cards in Hand in any NPC i was just wandering ?

  18. elliottj says:

    how the heck do i reach level 2 i mean ive won 39 duels

  19. cpkonami says:


    Keeps Dueling Click Vertecles under the Yugioh ONline Link

    that will say Pionts lv that how many but i know about 15 wins-30 wins to get to Lv2

    but Lv2 are easy but then it s hard to get to

    to next too many since you be facing alot of higher opponents lv

  20. mattwo says:


  21. MarcelAndre says:

    I´m from Germany and i know that also many of the Germans are reading this site.^^ It´s realy a great site with a lot of infos. Thank you!^^

  22. jeroc says:

    wen will this be on?

  23. spiritofsword says:

    If you mean Card Shop It’s available now.

  24. alice says:

    who offer registriet to yoc in 30 nowember???

  25. Ryan says:

    how do i sign up for this game?

  26. Milan says:

    This site looks great! keep up the good work:D!
    But I do not fully understand where or when to download the game… is it yet to come? can’t wait to play this game.. is it for free or do we have to work with a duellpass?

  27. source0 says:


    Yugioh online has been around for awhile now, its free to download, and you get 10 free duels when you first start playing. After that you buy duelpasses to play (cheap)

    I suggest you visit the official website, its listed on the right hand side of every page under “YU-GI-OH Online Main Site ENG”

    Also watching some of the episodes of the tv series the game is based on is kinda fun and might give you some ideas too, try youtube uk.

  28. jon says:

    whats the point?

  29. dark11king says:

    how can i level up on yu-gi-oh online 2

  30. dark11king says:

    how can i trade?
    on yu-gi-oh online 2

  31. Awesome site with good content and great help.

  32. Kemet says:

    Hiii!!…I haven’t found out yet what are mp cards!!!….does anybody tell me please?….thanx!!!

  33. Sirion says:


    MP Cards are Cards, you can buy in the Card Shop by using your Mileage Points (MP) as virtual money.

  34. red monkey 14 says:

    so exactly how do i download it because this game seems really cool

  35. pain says:

    how can i regeistred?

  36. Tobias says:

    how do i get this game????
    Please email me at: colossus106@hotmail.com
    if you email me with the info i couldnt extend my gratitude enough, thanks

  37. kj says:

    tjujhyjtiht6mgkh tmhjth, g___________________________________ _+ _ _ – _ __ _ __ __ – – – n vjgn h ib yyniy hi yh

  38. Cup Ramen says:

    Well i tried playing the game but when i log in and everything the screen just stays black, anyone know how to fix this?

  39. Alex says:

    how do i get the game?

  40. Harrison lobel says:

    can you sell any of these duel disks?!

  41. YUGIBABY says:

    I DON’T KNOW WHY?????????????????????????????????????????????????

  42. randybad11 says:

    im trying to play the game but i cant

  43. Atticus Rhodes says:

    I was just lookin for a pic of an obelisk blue uniform for a duelist card than… I FOUND THIS PLACE

  44. andrew says:

    can some one help me if so contact me at anderw_minch24@yahoo.com

    A little screen pops up after i login that my version is not up to date. Im pretty sure i have the up to date version so im kinda laughing about this. But who knows, can someone help me?

  45. kevinalmighty says:

    Could some1 help? I cant seem 2 down the game

  46. dalton says:

    i want to duel some one

  47. dalton says:

    how do i sign in

  48. Dan says:

    how do u sign up

  49. Anonymous says:

    h0w to i banned some one?

  50. baby293111 says:

    h0w do we banned ppl

  51. baby293111 says:

    i need to know h0w to banned some one bUT this place is a post up place not that good for talking at the moment

  52. sonic says:

    how do i play this game can some1 tell me how to get on here?

  53. yugioh says:

    wr is the download link

  54. Anonymous says:

    how to sign up on this

  55. Anonymous says:

    hey, iv never played this game before, if you beat people do u get duel points?

  56. chelsea pipe says:

    hi my name is chelsea i love yugioh and dueling

  57. jaime varela says:

    please let me win me and my best friends are your bigest fans

  58. jaime varela says:

    if i was a bugure in Mr.yu gi’s nose i would beat up all bugures just to be the first

  59. jaime varela says:

    Mr.Y is cooler than ice in the middle of winter

  60. jaime varela says:

    yu gi dance yu gi dance yu gi dance yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaance

  61. jaime varela says:

    Mr.Y& me eguels the coolest man in the world

  62. jaime varela says:

    great gob with menelium eye,puzzle and ring

  63. jaime varela says:

    im the biggest fan in yu gi oh

  64. jaime varela says:

    bionicls can’t match yu gi oh

  65. the king says:

    i am the best

  66. Another Anonymous says:

    i want to make my real life deck, but I can’t buy DP. is there another way

  67. paja900 says:

    when i frst pley dis game…its coll.

  68. Anonymous says:

    how do i sign up

  69. كيف العب اللعبة

  70. KATA says:


  71. silasman says:

    where do you find this game I NEED TO PLAY IT!

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