New Duel disks – Update from Konami 2008/03/13

This update extends the existing 18 duel disks to a new total of 29 disks.
(Note: These image files have existed in the data for some time, but they are only fully defined now.)

Academy Red 2 : A new and customized version of the Duel Academy Model Duel disk.
Kitted out in the same colours and specs as Jaden’s.

Academy Yellow 2 : A new and customized version of the Duel Academy Model Duel disk. As used by Tyranno Hassleberry

Academy Blue 2 : A new and customized version of the Duel Academy Model Duel disk. As used by Chazz Princeton.

Blade : A new type of Duel disk where the name perfectly reflects its design. The Duel disk has a luminous edge which makes it look like a razor sharp blade!! Are your dueling skills as sharp as this Duel disk?


Blade Gold : A prize for the duelist with the honour of being crowned the world’s finest duelist. To own one is a privilege limited to very few.


Blade Silver : A special edition of the Blade Dueldisk. The silver colour adds to its sharpness!! A prize for those who showed great sharpness and tenacity in coming through the tough PRELIMINARY events.

Blade Black : The Blade Duel disk in black!! An exclusive for the top TP rankers, it’s a great item to show just how good a duelist you are!!

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Battle City ß : The much improved version of the best selling Battle City a model Duel disk. It’s new lightweight frame makes it a very desirable Duel Disk. Especially in long gruelling duels.

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Battle City ß Gold : The all new winner’s prize for the CHAMPIONSHIP!! A Duel disk fit for the world’s greatest duelist!! Wear it with pride and honour!!

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Battle City ß Silver : This Silver model is a prize for all winners of PRELIMINARY TOURNAMENTS in the CHAMPIONSHIP. Now that you have qualified, all you need to do now is to win the FINAL TOURNAMENT!!

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Battle City ß Black : A special version of the Battle City ß model. Exclusive to those who make the grade in the TP Rankings. It’s a must have item for accomplished duelists!!

51 Responses to New Duel disks – Update from Konami 2008/03/13

  1. spiritofsword says:

    All Duel Disk look like the upgrade version of the old disk, receive condition are the same maybe you will get it after you got the old one and reach condition again.

    I didn’t play YOC but I check from a lot of place it seem like you will get Blue Duel Disk [The Same Disk you got when you compete in Championship Summer 2007] if you already get it from CS Summer 2007 you got nothing? No New Duel Disk in Championship Spring 2008?

  2. source0 says:

    The gold, silver and black variants are pretty obvious rewards for yoc and tp; it will be interesting to see how the others are going to be awarded.

    I was surprised that yoc is starting to recycle participation disks. Maybe they will just rotate through the sets: red, blue, yellow, blue, red ?

    P.S. Thanks for cleaning up the presentation of the above article spirit 🙂

  3. Sirion says:

    Maybe the three new academy discs will be awarded by the NPCs, after all Konami is using their names in the discs’ description. The blade and battle city beta discs look like they are newer versions of the basic academy and domino discs, so maybe we see them in the shops in the future.

  4. anonymous. says:

    the new duel disk like academy red 2 through academy blue 2 are all going to be added in the card shop, i dont think it will be that much worth mps for the new accessories. also, tyranno hassleberry + Aster phoenix will be added to npc after yoc including marik ishtar and mai valentine. how i got this info? lets just say i talked to a friend who is working for konami

  5. Sirion says:

    If it’s true, that would be great, I’m waiting for Marik and his garms. Also a good news that Konami will add more NPC like hassleberry. Let’s just hope for more.

  6. greek2 says:

    battle city β black and blade black will be awarded with 500 tp at the end of the season?????????????

  7. Sirion says:

    Sure, as you can see on the description.

  8. >? says:

    when will the duel disk’s be avilble in YGO2 ?

  9. snakhi says:

    the season ended and we didnt get no black blade
    are you sure that this info r right ?

  10. Интересно и позновательно, а будет еще что-то по этой теме?

  11. source0 says:

    fyi, the above post translates to:

    Is interesting [poznovatelno], and there will be still something on this theme

  12. Прелесть! Я тоже мечтаю) Возьму – и сделаю… У меня получится. Спасибо, очень глубокая и позитивная статья.

  13. source0 says:

    Translation: Charm! I also dream) I will take – and I will make… In me it will come out. Thanks, very deep and positive article.

    Джентльмен: Вы. Но вы должны посетить обновленную страницу на

  14. humberto says:

    vamos jogar agora com migo

  15. joker943 says:

    HI just joined hehe!

  16. ss5 says:

    Are those real? Cause if they are then how do I get them besides tournaments?

  17. KYRONE says:

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  18. Спасибо было интересно читать.

  19. CZ says:

    The standard Blade Duel Disk image is not working correctly; it won’t show up when I save it.

  20. Не думал, что найду это здесь.

  21. Очень ценное замечание. Обязательно запишу это.

  22. MotoRaserSev says:

    Не сразу понял, в чем дело. Но перечитав, все стало понятно. )

  23. И где вы тут видите смысл? Абсурд какой-то…

  24. MisterCifra says:

    Спасибо. Пригодится. )

  25. vibechel says:

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  26. procarchik says:

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  27. miroschek says:

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  28. Спасибо автору за проделанный труд:)

  29. Kamenkacity says:

    Отлично! Поддерживаю автора. )

  30. AnnaGentich says:

    Прочитал, понравилось. Биг сенкс)

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  38. Кирилл says:

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  39. telemasterok says:

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  40. crerzella says:

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  41. yugialex93 says:

    Will Konami make a hologram duel disk? Everyone is waiting for it! Everyone wants a hologram duel disk just like in the anime show..

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  44. Oh 5 legendary gods cards are alsome you shod git up and make 5 legendary gods cards so people can have the alsome 5 legendary gods cards

  45. Anonymous says:

    Hi konami are you working on the holagram duel disk

  46. Austen Steele says:

    When will the Arc V duel disk be released I’m obsessed with pendulum and must have a compatible duel disk.

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