Update from Konami 2008/04/05

Three new cards added today :

Also new profiles have been created for upcoming npcs.

Yami Marik

Yami Marik is the dark persona of Marik Ishtar who is usually sealed by the powers of Odion Ishtar. He is the owner of the “Millenium Rod” and as head of the “Ghouls” organization, involved in organized crime. Nothing will give Yami Marik more pleasure than inflicting pain and suffering on others as he is unlike his true persona, a ruthless and sadistic thug.
His deck is known as the “Immortality Deck” including the Egyptian God Card “The Winged Dragon of Ra”

Aster Phoenix [Edo Phoenix in JPN]

A child protégé that seeks to find the one who kidnapped his father.
He was a professional duelist of the highest calibre, but in accordance with the predictions of Sartorius enrolled himself at the Duel Academy.
He was in many ways seen as an anti-hero to Jaden as due to his unorthodox and vigilante like attitude, but later changes his ways as he starts to see the way Jaden genuinely enjoys duels.
His deck is a hero deck with many “Destiny-Hero” cards which were a legacy of his missing father.

Also some new deck recipes are coming, there looks like at least three each for the incoming npcs:

Marik ?:

The coming of darkness : A Darkness deck with potent Field Magic cards such as “Mystic Plasma Zone” designed to bring the best out of the many Darkness Monsters included in the deck.
The key to this deck is the monster card “Legendary Fiend”. Make use of cards such as “Soul Exchange” and “Metal Reflect Slime” to summon it! Once on the field, it’s time to activate “Mystic Plasma Zone” and raise its attack!! “Nightmare’s Wheel” is a great defensive card too.
An offering to the shadows : Much like Marik’s “The coming of darkness” deck, this deck contains defensive cards such as the “Metal Reflect Slime” and “Nightmare’s Steelcage” which are both perfect for repelling monster attacks. Once they are on the field, use “Malice Doll of Demise”, “Lava Golem” and “Ectoplasmer” to eat away at the opponent’s life points and then… feed him/her to the shadows.
The Lord of all Winged Dragons : ??

Elemental Heroes Not?! : This deck contains many Hero Monsters.
The key card is the “Elemental Hero Shining Phoenix Enforcer” which powers up in accordance to the number of Elemental Heroes in the graveyard as well as being indestructable in battle.
The Destiny of Time : A deck built around the Destiny Heroes set. The key strategy with this deck would be to draw Destiny Heroes using the effects of cards such as “Destiny Draw” and “Destiny Hero – Disk Commander”. Once they have been sent to the graveyard, it is time to summon the powerful “Destiny Hero – Dreadmaster” using the effect of “Clock Tower Prison”.
Ultimate Destiny Hero : Use the effects of cards such as “Destiny Hero – Dasher” which can’t be destroyed in battle as well as “Scapegoat” to make up the necessary numbers to special summon “Destiny Hero Plasma”. Once on the field, use its powerful effects to take control of the duel!!

??? :
The Forbidden Summon : The aim of this deck is to special summon high level monsters using the effect of “Reasoning” and “Monster Gate” to quickly cease control of the field. These key cards can then be reclaimed when summoning the “Dark magician of Chaos” so that the player can then do the same thing all over again.
Lumis and Umbra : A deck full of Masked monsters with ritual cards such as “Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands” included for the purpose of summoning “The Masked Beast”. It’s high ATK makes it a potent threat to any opponent!
Masked monsters that get sent to the graveyard can also be used to tribute summon Sky Scourge monsters.
Infinite plains : A deck designed with the purpose of powering up the “Muka Muka” using support cards such as “Infinite Cards” while also protecting it using “Level Limit – Area B”.
Gadget cards as well as “Des Lacooda” have been included so that the player can quickly build up the hand. Use the effect of “Spiritual Earth Art – Kurogane” if “Muka Muka” is sent to the graveyard or “Release from Stone” if removed.

17 Responses to Update from Konami 2008/04/05

  1. Some1 says:

    how do u see this things ?

  2. annonymous says:

    awhile ago i said something of aster and marik coming soon in the new duel disk topic. and i told you before, they are in the data now.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i cant wait to see what cards will be given and to get my hands on asters garms

  4. M0S0X says:

    i think Hero kid – Edge hammer will be in jaden 4th deck 😉

  5. thechris123 says:

    i wonder then these 2 NPC’s will be released and the odds are there probably will be a friendship level 4 and jaden probably wont use those because he will probably use evil heroes but i wonder why ancient gear workshop was added and what for the odds are that those 3 cards are for the card shop

  6. Lance Vance says:

    youre doing great work with this site

  7. source0 says:

    The extra deck recipes are from lower npcs (lumis and umbra) you have to beat before you can duel marik. Similiar to kaiba and alexis not duelling you straight away.
    “Hehehe… I heard you took good care of my Ghouls gang… Yes, I am Marik. I believe I need no introduction… Well, since you took such good care of my minions, I thought it would only be right of me to return the favour. I shall grant you the privilege of taking part in the darkest game of all. Yes, the Shadow Games… Welcome to the heart of darkness… ”

    You will also win mariks garms and asters garms once you get to third level friendship with them.

  8. Kevin2003 says:

    well 7 april today looking forward to seeing the new site online soon

  9. source0 says:

    kevin: the new site will be opened when spirit decides he is ready.

    Ive looked through the cards in the recipes given above, the bottom three are fully functional and i could list the cards if anyone was desperate.
    Asters d-heros are missing some card supports and some of the decks look alot like a DDT deck.
    Mariks darkness decks are there, but lord of winged dragons deck hasnt been defined yet.

    So it might be a little while yet to go for konami testing unfortunately ….

  10. airbuddylake says:

    you should all know that konami always gives stupid cards from npcs except for Zane Duelist and Joey Wheeler but my guess just Lame Cards to me seriously they dont give us anything from NPCs probably my guess is LAME cards from those except for the Structure Decks from NPCS and sometimes Suits

  11. airbuddylake says:

    but i ment hell Kaiser instead of Zane Truesdale but who cares since its Really Zane anyway LOL

  12. Yami Scott says:

    Actually it’s Hell Kaiser, well in Japan neway, which is what I go on. 4Kids ruined YGO. I mean Slifer?! How dare he? He thinks he’s an Egyptian Deity?

    Cheers for the info, I hope they stick some ghouls in and don’t just have standard NPC ppl , I want to see the ghouls.

    Asters friend cards should be handy, i bet it’s Disc commander and plasma. Not sure about Malik though, prob steal cage and reflect slime or something.

  13. James113 says:

    When will pack 47 come out and when will the new NPCS come out

  14. DarkSpiritBakura says:

    Yami no Malik is in the game now?! o_O

  15. Anonymous says:

    hahahha go shitya self

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