February Event Schedule

January 30, 2008

Friday 1-3 First Evolution Match begin Prize Cards is Dragonic Knight and Dandylion

Friday 8-10 Evolution Match start again for Second Time

Friday 15-17 Duelist Trial Start Cards in this Event is Machiners Soldier and Commander Covington

Friday 22-24 Gunslinger Start Cards in This Event is Puppet King and Machiner Force

Friday 29-2 March Second Evolution Match Start Prize Cards is Machiners Defender and Forest Guard Green Baboon

Duelist Trial and Gunslinger still available, From Now On YU-GI-Oh Online have 4 Main Event 1.Championship 2.Duelist Trial 3.Gunslinger 4.Evolution Match

Since “Evolution Match” was added as a Main Event It’s mean Konami can release more Promo in Event Now. We can get Promo quicker than before.

Last 2 Week only Bug Fixed nothing was added

This Month V-Jump OCG New Ban/Restrict List March 2008 will come, We can see it as a Guideline for Next Online Ban/Restrict List, I will post it on 18 because 16-17 I have a Test and I am sure info from This V-Jump will coming fast.

New Event “Evolution Match”

January 29, 2008

Evolution Match is a New YU-GI-OH Online Event and It’s a Second Event using Match Duel (First Event using Match Duel is Championship Final).

* “EVOLUTION MATCH” is a 5 hour long event where players aim to collect as many stars as possible.The total number of stars collected over the course of the event will determine which prize card you win.
* The “Evolution Match” like other weekend events are held 6 times over a 3 day period. The stars you collect from each event will remain valid for the period the event is on.
* You will be awarded 30TP for every match duel won.
* Like any match duel, you can draw 3 cards from current packs after the duel regardless of the result.

Same like Duelist Trial You can enter Event If you are L.V.2 or over

“EVOLUTION MATCH” is held in the DUEL ACADEMY server (red door in your room). All duels will be match duels with opponent matching set to automatic.


* Unlike normal Lobbies, you will not see the name of your opponent when being matched up.
* There will be a 60 minute buffer time to accommodate duels which are still incomplete at the time the event finishes. Duels finishing within the 60 extra minutes will count and you will be charged DUELPASS points and awarded cards accordingly. Duels that are still incomplete after the extra time has elapsed will be a non result. You will neither be charged for the duel or have cards awarded.
* In “EVOLUTION MATCH”, DUELPASS points are required in the same way as any other Duel. You will not be able to Duel unless you have sufficient DUELPASS points.
* If you were in any way disconnected before claiming your card after the duel, you can get it when you login again.
* What happens if duel ends by disconnection? In this case, the player who disconnected will be given a loss

From http://www.yugioh-online.net/top/english/event/evolution/index.html

This Event is Collect Star Event not Winning Streak Event

This is a New YU-GI-OH Online Event from now on YU-GI-OH Online will have 3 Main Event [I didn’t count YOC] DT-GS-Evolution Match when it’s over they will repeat again with DT-GS-Evolution Match.  

You can open only Current Pack, No Discontinued Pack.

Patch From Konami on 25 January 2008

January 25, 2008

Add Evolution Match TV Screen

Add New NPC and Uniform (Not Release yet)

Edo Phoenix

Hell Kaiser




Rare Hunter’s Suit?

A Lot of Duel Disk was added

*NPC Johan and Johnouchi are available now, Friendship Level 3 was added. Now you can get Character Cloth when your Friendship LV reach L.V. 3 and God Card are in game now It’s in Yugi and Kaiba Third Deck Recipe “Osiris Thunder” and “Obelisk descend from the sky”.

You can also check NPC Item given out [Latest Update] at http://yowiki.yugioh-portal.net/?CPU and http://www.ygo-academy.com/mybbprod/showthread.php?tid=854&page=1

For Someone who want to see Online God Card Summon you can see it at

Osiris Summon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LpaP7IhX98&

Obelisk Summon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLjQud1tSfQ

Credit : loto11

Avatar Part Afro LV 4

January 24, 2008
Avatar Part Afro LV 4 was added since 11 January 2008 https://duelevolution.wordpress.com/2008/01/11/update-from-konami-11-jan-2008/ but at that time I didn’t see anyone wear it, Today I found a lot of JPN blog talking about it.It seem like you will get Afro LV 4 after you wear Afro LV3 and duel 150-200.

Hairstyle Afro LV4 already out in game now here some screenshot

Credit : Command Knight, Hanma Baki, BOHBONO5, Nobuo3622 Blog

Afro LV 1
= Got it from NPC dancer and missbomb

Afro LV2 = wear Afro LV1 after 10 duel you will get it

Afro LV3 = wear Afro LV2 after 20 duel you will get it

Afro LV4 = wear Afro LV3 after 150-200 duel you will get it.

*I don’t know how much exactly duel you need to get Afro LV4 but it seem like you will get it after 150-200 duel while you wear Afro LV3.

Patch From Konami on 18 January 2008

January 18, 2008

New Card was added

2 Expansion Packs for Duel Pass Legend Ojamaster and Dinosaur’s Roar are now available.

Legend Ojamaster Expantion Pack

Monster (5)

Ojama Yellow
Ojama Green
Ojama Black
Armed Dragon L.V.7
The Dark Hex-Sealed Fusion

Spell (4)
Card Trader
Stamping Destruction
Dragon’s Mirror
Fusion Gate

Trap (1)
Dragon’s Rage

Dinosaur’s Roar Expantion Pack

Monster (4)
Water Dragon
Element Saurus

Spell (4)
Enemy Controller
Ultra Evolution Pill
Bonding – H20
Fairy Meteor Crush

Trap (2)

New MP Cards on The Shop. Grandmaster of The Six Samurai, Volcanic Rocket and Cards from Duel Pass Dinosaur’s Roar are available.

New System introduce “Team Sytem” you can read about it at http://www.yugioh-online.net/top/english-gb/team/index.html

Look like 3 Crystal Cards above will release with Duel Pass Rainbow’s Explosion so it’s same with Duelist Pack 7 in real life, “Team System” for now only good for “Team Chat” you can talk directly to people from your team there maybe in the future they will add more thing. Nothing about Evolution Match but since they introduce it on V-Jump it will release soon.